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These are the most beautiful quilted vests for winter!

This year I bought less than ever for myself. This is mainly due to my pregnancy and the birth of our son. For the upcoming ones cold days However, I

Cihan Cihan

Bathrobe for cozy winter days

The bathrobe is the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear at home in winter. Imagine getting up early in the morning and looking for something to put on your

Cihan Cihan

5 casual outfits with blazer and sweater/hoodie

A well-fitting blazer belongs in every wardrobe and may appear there more often. Why not, after all, this piece of clothing can be combined in many different ways. And that's

Cihan Cihan

Bob hairstyles according to your hair type

The success of the bob hairstyle being one of the hair trends to try this year is no coincidence. If you want to give your hair a breather and get

Cihan Cihan

diet pancakes

We all love them - we like to eat fluffy pancakes for breakfast in the morning or as a light yet filling fitness meal in between meals. You can combine

Cihan Cihan

Top hairstyles that will rejuvenate your look!

Hair discoloration is not only unhealthy, it is also costly. But the truth is that more and more women over 50 are opting for this variant. They want to look

Cihan Cihan