The first month of the new year is already over. What a beautiful year awaits us? Everyone asks this question. At this moment we don’t know the right answer yet. But what we could improve on is transforming our look. Choosing the latest hairstyle will really help with that. Do you wish always on trend hair that would catch everyone’s eyes? Today is your lucky day because we have good news for you. In our article, we are going to look at the unexpected – shoulder grazing bob.

Discover the most beautiful ideas for shoulder length hairstyles that are becoming increasingly fashionable in 2023

Stylize shoulder grazing bob hairstyle with thick bangs

Shoulder Grazing Bob: What is the latest hair fashion?

What characterizes this hairstyle and how should you wear your hair in the most elegant way? We are happy to answer these and many other questions in the following lines.

Find out what kind of hairstyle this is

shoulder grazing bob and hairstyles for ladies with shoulder length hair

What is shoulder grazing bob?

You probably heard this word for the first time in a few minutes. The truth is that we have known this hairstyle since winter 2022. During this period of time, the longer version of the hairstyle became very popular among women. January 2023 the shoulder length bob hairstyle is gaining more and more popular and recognized. The shape of the hair caresses the face in a gentle way that adds softness to the look. This makes the shoulder grazing bob a potential trend hairstyle.

We have known these haircuts since 2022, but in 2023 they will be more and more trendy

shoulder length hairstyles and medium length hair for women

#How should you properly wear this hairstyle?

What are the most important details? Due to the shoulder countries of the trend hairstyle, you have the opportunity to opt for numerous variants. A nice idea would be to combine the haircuts with a blunt cut. We recommend that you wear the ends cropped straight. This will give the hairstyle a voluminous look that will make it shine.

The best part is that this hairstyle is versatile to wear

what is shoulder grazing bob hairstyle and how to style it

#How to elegantly stylize Shoulder Grazing Bob Hairstyle

The hairstyle will bring diversity to your look because it is not only combinable, but also versatile. To look different and extraordinary every day. What kind of woman doesn’t want that? First of all, we recommend that you blow dry the ends of your hair well inwards. This will give you a classic look. A not bad option would be to straighten the medium length hair, especially if you want a longer effect. By styling the hair with curly waves, you will achieve a casual look that is not to be underestimated at all. With flat irons or curling irons, you could take the opportunity to make your waves as natural as possible.

In this way you will style your hair ideally

bob hairstyles for short hair that will be popular in 2023

#Shoulder-length ombré look

The good color combination is of great importance when it comes to the best hairstyle. Nowadays, the blonde looks are becoming more and more popular. In a mixture with light brown or just brown you could make your whole look shine. The word “ombré” comes from French and means different shades that blend into each other, from light to dark. In the end we get a whole new shade of color that looks stunning. For this reason, we recommend you to go for an ombre look.

The look is becoming increasingly popular among younger women

shoulder grazing bob hairstyle and an ombre look

How Could You Wear Shoulder Grazing Bob?

How do you imagine the best hairstyle? What accessories should you wear and how to mix them with hair type? You can easily create these unusual looks. The side parting is the right tool to achieve this goal.

The hairstyle can be combined with all accessories

shoulder grazing bob and bob hairstyles for ladies

#With thick bangs

If your face shape is heart or diamond shaped, go for this medium length hairstyle with beautiful caramel color bangs. With such a face, the haircut looks a little softer. Since this increasingly trending hairstyle includes fringes, it is best suited for ladies with unique eye colors.

The thick bangs are a fancy way to wear your hairstyle

shoulder grazing bob hairstyle with thin bangs

#With side parting

If you want an eye-catching look and always want to make an impression, we recommend wearing your hair on one side. The side parting is the ideal tool for this goal. The asymmetrical silhouette will give your face a cute refresh.

Wearing your hair on one side will never go out of style

wear shoulder length hairstyles with side parting and bob hairstyles for women

#With braid

The braids will always look casual and beautiful. In fact, they will never go out of fashion. That is why you will not make a mistake by opting for braid. Either for an everyday look, or for a more official evening, the hairdo suits you in a sophisticated way.

The braids look really feminine and add soft touches to the face

bob hairstyles and shoulder length hairstyles with braid for women

#With thin bangs

The short, thin bangs are ideal for thin hair. Also, they don’t require much effort because they are easy to style and long-term care.

Bangs would always be the right choice – either shorter, or longer…either dense, or thin

shoulder length hairstyles for women and bob hairstyles for medium length hair