Dresses make a woman’s look charming. That’s why they are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of the season. In autumn 2022, however, some cuts are considered old-fashioned, while others are very trendy. We’re about to show you the trendiest autumn dresses for 2022. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration for a new look?

Autumn dresses 2022 – You will experience a variety of colors and cuts

fall dresses 2022 business dresses blazer dress

The dress will remain very popular in autumn 2022!

The dresses are items of clothing that make everyday life easier. The reason is that you only need shoes and some accessories to complete your outfit. So it doesn’t take much time to come up with a suitable combination of clothes.



In addition, dresses are universal items of clothing that are suitable for a special occasion as well as for everyday life and the office. But some styles are trendier than others. That’s exactly what we’re talking about today: Which models do you like to wear in autumn 2022?

Long models are well suited for cooler autumn days

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Autumn dresses 2022 – You have these models to choose from!

The variety of autumn dresses is great and everyone can find something for themselves. What unites all trendy models is comfort. So this is what you should bet on in the fall:

midi dresses

The midi dresses have gained many fans in recent months. These are made in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so that you can avoid the dull autumn mood. Floral prints are of course reminiscent of summer and make everyday life more colourful. Some models focus on the waist because they have a tie belt. The midi dress can be combined very stylishly with a leather jacket and knee-high boots.

Be sure to stock up on a midi dress for your fall wardrobe

fall dresses 2022 trends models midi dress

Knit and rib knit dresses

Knitted dresses are a popular choice for the cold months because they are warm and also look fantastic. The rib knit will be very popular in autumn 2022. This is a finely knitted material that is actually very functional because it looks both elegant and casual.

You can also choose from numerous colors and quickly find what you are looking for for the respective occasion. So you don’t have to do without the bright colors of summer, because models in bright colors are very trendy. In this case, however, it is not about light linen and cotton dresses, but about cozy fabrics.

Knitted dresses are all the rage in golden autumn

autumn dresses 2022 which trends are announced



The bodycon dress

If you want to be dressed in a very modern way in autumn, then you choose dresses that emphasize the figure. These are called bodycon dresses. However, they are by no means uncomfortable, on the contrary, because they are made of stretchy knit fabric or elastic cotton. Here, too, one experiences a large variety of models. Those with puff sleeves, for example, are real eye-catchers. Other models have a turtleneck. They are very practical, because then you can do without the scarf.

Fall Dresses 2022 – Bodycon dresses are a hit this fall

fall dresses 2022 rib knit dress modern look

Maxi and denim dresses

Mini dresses are already in the past. In the summer you like to wear them, but in the fall you look for clothes that won’t make you feel cold outside. The longer the dresses, the more trendy they are in autumn 2022. That is why maxi dresses are particularly popular this autumn. The designers use different fabrics for these models. Both wool and knit fabrics make the maxi dresses feel very good on the body. In addition, nobody can deny that they are also very comfortable because of their cut.

The so-called denim dresses are also very trendy at the moment. These look very elegant with a light wool coat or a trench coat. Add cowboy boots as well, then achieve a complete, classic vision!

A long, comfortable denim dress is perfect for a nice fall walk

autumn dresses 2022 denim dress modern look

Chic business dresses

The so-called blazer dress is a very trendy alternative to office wear this fall. Such clothing provides a very elegant business look and also makes its wearer look very charming.

You can choose from different colors and patterns

fall dresses 2022 elegant business dress

Dresses characterized by the pattern or some elements

Even among the patterns, some come to the fore, while others are no longer so trendy. So dresses with graphic patterns are very modern. So the clothes have to have a twist to make them look modern. Basic dresses are no longer the hit of the season. Clothes that have something special about them are much more modern. This can be details such as cut-outs that give the dress a special individual touch.

We hope that you have collected enough ideas for your beautiful autumn look. Take a look at the other photo examples below and let yourself be inspired!

Autumn dresses 2022 – the midi dress is more in demand than ever!

fall dresses 2022 fresh prints satin dress