Many women with thin hair feel that their options for presenting a varied and effective look are limited. In reality, thin hair is a blessing: it’s easy to style and maintaining a cohesive look is pretty simple. If you are looking for a practical hairstyle for thin hair, then you should remember the following styling. In this article we show easy hairstyles for thin hair.

Thin hair texture is a blessing

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How to style thin hair easily and quickly?

The real problem with thin hair in most cases is the lack of natural volume and making it look “tired”. Luckily, there are some tricks and tips that are really effective and you can use them to quickly turn the situation to your advantage… Take extra inspiration from the list of the best hairstyles for thin and damaged hair.

Sleek bob for thin hair

hairstyles for thin hair

These are our tips on how to optimally style and care for thin hair:

  • Use volumizing shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for thin hair.
  • Do not use oily or moisturizing care products that destroy your volume.
  • Blow dry your hair more often and learn different techniques for doing so.
  • Use drying sprays.
  • Experiment with center or side parting.
  • Comb your hair gently.
  • Add curls to your mane.
  • Ask your stylist for a layered cut.

Easy hairstyles for thin hair

We’ll show you what options you have to style thin hair faster with class and elegance.


This hairstyle is based on wet hair aesthetics and is mostly associated with styling a fake wet effect. Some products give thin hair character and style in this way.

Wet hair is trendy

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Publicized by Eileen Hochstein (@eileenhochstein)

Depending on your hair length, you can experiment, style with or without a parting, or wear it semi-wet on top of your head.

The semi-wet look is super chic and gel should only be applied to the top of the head


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This look goes perfectly with an evening dress or as an office hairstyle.

#Updo a la Kim Kardashian

While the natural look is all the rage this season, hairstyles inspired by a casual look get all the applause. Most recently, this was the case for Kim Kardashian, who styled a hybrid bun ponytail and it looked incredibly casual.

The natural look is totally IN

long thin hair hairstyle kim kardashian bun ponytail easy hairstyle for thin hair

The look also pairs perfectly with darker hairlines for an extra natural appearance, which is very flattering for women looking to take a break from hair coloring. Coloring can make thin hair extra thin.

#Half-open long bob

Another way to easily style thinning hair is, of course, the half-updo. This hairstyle is incredibly easy to maintain. The good news is that there are many ways to complete and customize the hairstyle.

Long bob semi-open and youthful

long hairstyles for thin hair easy and uncomplicated

One variation favored by women in their 20s and 30s is the one with a knot.

#Rope Braids à la Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid presented this styling and it is a super easy hairstyle to do. It’s about a rope-like ponytail. The styling suits long-haired women perfectly and remains the hairstyle of choice for fans of the sleek look.

Gigi Hadid with rope braids

easy hairstyles for thin hair

The ponytail is divided into two sections that cross over and are secured with a thin hair tie.

Easy hairstyles for thin hair over 50

And since thin hair becomes more of a problem with age, here are the options women over 50 have.

#Pixie Cut

Among the short haircuts, the pixie cut is one of the most easy-care hairstyles. Freshly cut or grown out, the pixie always looks charming and can be styled with a lesser range of grooming products.

The classic pixie with a pompadour effect

slicked back pixie

#Asymmetric Bob à la Naomi Watts

And since asymmetries often give extra volume to thin hair, the asymmetrical bob is the best choice and takes place 1 among the easy hairstyles for thin hair. You can define your curls with extra volume spray and bring out the asymmetry even more intensively.

Asymmetrical bob for more volume

naomi watts asymmetrical bob

#Italian bob with light bangs

The Italian Bob is relatively short, which means it is perfect as an easy-care and practical hairstyle for thin hair. The length hits the chin and will flatter your face perfectly. The lightness of the bangs is formed by the interplay of shorter and longer fringes, which provide ephemeral airiness and more volume.

Bob with Whispy Bangs

italian bob whispy bangs