While it may seem that ’90s fashion has reigned supreme throughout the year, as it’s ending, we’re witnessing the wild comeback of a fabulous ’80s hair trend: disco curls. Do you want to celebrate the best look at the New Year’s Eve party by styling your lion mane disco style? Here’s how you do it and get the applause.

Maximalist hair with disco curls

disco curls hairstyle curly hair

Remember Whitney Houston’s hair in the ’80s hit I Wanna Dance With Somebody? These are the exemplary disco curls of the decade, which were worn by numerous style icons at the time: e.g. B. Queen of Disco Donna Summer and actresses Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hairstyles for curly hair: 1980s-style XXL curls

whitney houston 1980 hairstyles curly hair

It’s about the ultimate in curls – voluminous, energetic hair that emerges from the mane like a fountain of joie de vivre. The goal is to create larger than life fluffy and flirty curls with a dry, ephemeral texture.

Are you looking for hair inspiration for the New Year’s Eve party?

We last saw the look with hungry eyes at Tom Ford’s fashion show on Gigi Hadid and other models. The glamorous tresses were paired with gaudy, shimmering sequined outfits and bold, colorful jewellery. One wonders whether this year’s New Year’s Eve party shouldn’t take place on the dance floor like a storm of flashing cameras in disco splendor.

Glamorous disco curls

Which women do disco curls suit?

Though reminiscent of the Afro hair that became a trademark in the ’60s and ’70s, disco curls are loved by women around the world. Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Zendaya and Beyoncé have sported cascades of curly hair and paid tribute to the look.

Hairstyles for long hair: endless curls

hairstyles curly hair disco curls

Disco curls can be worn by any woman, regardless of skin color, face shape, or age.

Suitable for brunettes and blondes

You just have to be guided by the principle of volume: maximalism is everything with this look. It doesn’t really matter whether your hair is naturally curly or not: you can style the aesthetic without necessarily resorting to a perm.

Upgrade with the right makeup

Half open, with bangs and teased backwards like Whitney’s, the hairstyle impresses with bouffant-like grandiosity. Even shorter lengths can be spiced up to great effect with headbands and other accessories.

The look suits all hair lengths

whitney houston hairstyles curly hair hairstyle medium length curls

However, you can also part in the middle and style from the height of the eyebrows or ears with the curlers, as with the trendy low waves.

Hairstyle trend winter 2022/23

How to style disco curls correctly (instructions and tips)

To get the voluminous 80s lion mane, you need a squad of little helpers. In the first place, you can get the fluffiness through the good old hair dryer diffusers, papillae and curlers.

Party hairstyle for New Year’s Eve

Of course, the proven curling iron can also come to the rescue, no question. But if you want to skip the heat, pack your hair strand by strand in the curlers and sleep like that overnight.

Simply outstanding with low waves

hairstyles for natural curls

Disco hairstyle: How to do it step by step:

  1. Massage mousse into freshly washed and still damp hair.
  2. Preheat the rollers and segment the sections of hair with a center parting.
  3. Wrap each strand and secure with long bobby pins.
  4. Dry under heat.

Hairstyles for curly hair – medium length and gorgeous

whyred hairstyle curly hair medium length

If you decide to sleep with the curlers on instead, don’t comb your hair through the next morning. Spritz on some salt spray for added texture. Classically, disco curls are most effectively achieved with Velcro rollers, and you can enhance the effect with daily use of a volumizing shampoo.

Just one word: volume

1986 sarah jessica parker hairstyles for naturally curly hair