Will you visit the Oktoberfest? If your answer is yes, then you should know these things. The dirndl is a traditional garment of Bavarian culture and not just what all women like to wear at the Oktoberfest. But pay attention to which side you tie your dirndl on, because it reveals your status in life! One part of the dirndl is the apron, which is tied around the woman’s waist with a ribbon or knot. Attaching the ribbon to the waist of the dirndl has a special meaning. Thus, one can easily determine whether a woman is single and committed, in a relationship, married, or even widowed. Where do you wear your bow? Don’t worry if you don’t know how to tie your festive bow. Here we have put together the most important information, tricks and tips on how to tie your dirndl bow.

What does the bow on the dirndl mean?

how are you wearing your bow this year everything you need to know

The time will soon come when you can put on your beautiful dirndl. You can’t wait, can’t you? We are sure that you have been preparing for this beautiful festival called Oktoberfest for months. You will look fantastic – with a special dirndl hairstyle, the right necklace, the perfect blouse and the beautiful bow! But the most important thing to prepare and know for your special traditional Oktoberfest outfit is where the dirndl bow should sit and what it symbolizes.

Which side is the bow on the dirndl?

how do you wear your bow this year 2022

What does the dirndl bow say?

The apron can be tied in many different ways. Each species is unique and signals a different thing. The side on which the dirndl apron is tied indicates the marital status of the woman.

Dirndl loops meaning

that's what the dirndl bow says about the relationship statusFor most Munich residents, it goes without saying that a woman’s clothing is based on her marital status. In recent years, however, there has been a trend that tourists also like to wear dirndls. That is why it is good to convey the tradition correctly so that there are no misunderstandings, unwanted flirts or embarrassing moments. Because only a few know that women use the bow on the dirndl apron to indicate their marital status.

# Loop on the left side of the dirndl

If the ribbon of the apron is tied in front, on the left side, it means that the woman is free.

You should note that

Oktoberfest 2022 tips and tricks you should know

#Bow on the right side of the dirndl

However, if the apron string is tied on the right side, it means that the woman is married or in a relationship.

That is how it goes

we run the secret dirndl bow meaning

#Bow tied in the middle

A bow tied in the middle of the dirndl means that the lady is in a complicated relationship. It can mean that the lady has recently ended a serious relationship or that the state of the relationship is none of your business.

How to properly tie your dirndl bow?

Find out here where you can wear a bow

#Bow on the back

The bow tied in the center back of the apron is for widows, waitresses or children.

Tie the perfect dirndl bow

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How to tie the perfect dirndl bow

Here we show you how to tie the perfect dirndl ribbon and how to make sure you tie it perfectly every time, whether you are tying it for yourself or someone else.

Tie a dirndl bow

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  1. Cross the ribbons in front. It will be better to go left over right, but honestly it doesn’t make a difference.
  2. Start a knot. Take the top loop and place it under the other one like the beginning of a knot.
  3. Here’s the trick. Start forming the band at the bottom – the part of the band that naturally hangs down.
  4. Use the bottom ribbon to create a loop.
  5. Take the top band and cross it over the loop you just made with the bottom band.
  6. Pull a folded piece of the top loop through the small hole you made through the loop above the bottom loop and voilà!

It’s that easy

dirndl bow on which side do you wear it

Binding rule or nice tradition?

you will find out the answer to the question where do you wear your bow tie

meaning and guidance

dirndl bow and relationship status you can find out more here

This is how you can tie the dirndl bow correctly

How to tie a dirndl bow Find out here

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