Blog Simply Creative Rock ShapesThere is a suitable skirt for every occasion! Whether tight and figure-flattering or wide and airy. All skirt shapes allow you to create the perfect outfit to wear either for a festive celebration or for a vacation day. I will introduce you to some of the well-known rock types and show you what makes them special.

The skirt with godet

The skirt with godets is one of the more rarely encountered skirt forms. Godets are wedge-shaped pieces of fabric that are inserted vertically into the skirt. Due to the additional width, the skirt swings elegantly. At first glance, sewing in the fabric wedges seems to be difficult, but it is not! With a little instinct, they are quickly sewn and conjure up a great effect when cut from different colored fabric! Be it walking or turning, the godets blink out with every movement, just like our model from Simply Kreativ sewing fashion special sewn by yourself! 02/2017! Thanks to the shaped waistband, the skirt sits casually on the hips and the godets can swing elegantly with it.

Skirt shapes_Godetrock-ME8-7295

The maxi skirt

With this skirt, the name is crucial: the skirt length extends to the maximum length, usually to the floor! Optionally, ankle-length skirts can also be mentioned as maxi lengths. Due to the length, the skirts are particularly impressive and even glamorous! In addition, they visually stretch the legs and help to make small women look taller. With maxi skirts, it doesn’t matter pro forma whether it has a narrow or wide cut – the main thing is that the skirt is floor-length. If you want to sew a long skirt, there is the beautiful model from Simply Kreativ sewing fashion special sewn by yourself! 01/2017 with decorative stripes on the sides and a slit at the center back for more freedom of movement.

Skirt shapes_MaxiRock-ME8-4988

The pencil skirt

With this piece, the figure is the be-all and end-all, because here a tight fit is essential to call the skirt a pencil skirt. The cut is close to the body, usually ends at the knee and the waistband is usually at waist height. The small skirt width can lead to restricted freedom of movement. Therefore, a slit is often worked at the center back, at the side seam or at the front over a thigh. The design, i.e. tight-fitting and slit, belongs to the “sexy” skirts, as it emphasizes the woman’s curves. Because pencil skirts are evergreens and never go out of style, you should definitely have a self-sewn example in your closet! Sewed it yourself with the instructions from Simply Kreativ sewing fashion special! 01/2017 you sew step by step a classic design with sophisticated seam positioning or decide on the casual model made of jeans with a front button placket from your sewing school part 3.

The circle skirt

Circle skirts are exactly the opposite of the pencil skirt! While both versions are typically knee-length, instead of being fitted close to the body, the skirt quickly expands in this shape! The hem can easily be 5-6 meters in circumference. The name and the immense skirt circumference come from the fact that the cut part looks flat like a plate. With a sweeping twist, it can fly up to the waist – this was used especially in the early days of rock ‘n’ roll dances. There are also other shapes for circle skirts: from full to three-quarter to quarter circle skirts, everything is possible. The appearance of the garment naturally changes depending on the hem circumference. With the Simply Creative Sewing Bible compact 08/2020 you will learn how to tailor a full circle skirt – starting with the theory of the different skirt versions, through creating the pattern with a perfect fit, to the sewing finish!


The skirt with a high-low cut

The high-low cut, also known as the mullet style, was the summer hit par excellence a few years ago. Skirts with a shorter front and longer back could be bought in every store, and the difference can be as little as a few centimeters up to thigh-length versus floor-length. The difference in height between the center front and center back conjures up a great silhouette and presents the wearer’s legs from their best side. Therefore, you will also find this cut in cocktail or party dresses. Our title model from Simply Sewing 04/2017 is such a high-low skirt that is a cool eye-catcher thanks to its graphic fabrics!

Skirt Shapes_High-Low-SSM29-060317

The layered skirt

As the name suggests, this skirt consists of several layers that are placed on top of each other. The different lengths of the individual layers create an interesting look. The layers can be shaped in many ways: ruffled, smooth, straight, made of different fabrics, short or floor-length, etc. Depending on the combination, either an elegant or a wildly romantic garment can be created. So this skirt type is the most versatile of the list. The example from Simply Sewing 03/2017 is sewn from light chiffon, which allows the flounce layers to shimmer through. This creates a particularly airy and delicate appearance.

Skirt Shapes_Stepped Skirt-ME8-6893

Which skirt shape is your favorite and which one would you want to sew first?