If you want to decorate a ball vase in a modern way, it’s easy! If you want to make a nice interior decoration with it – the same. Below you will find tips and information on both topics. Seamless and minimalist decoration ideas are very trendy in combination with natural elements. In such a form we find this type of decoration suitable for all possible seasons. The spherical shape looks very harmonious and modern in itself. It achieves originality, among other things, thanks to the combination with other shapes and execution in different colors. The following 20+ great ideas for decorating with ball vases actually speak for themselves. But as always, they are accompanied by some more detailed tips. At the end of the article you will find some videos that will show you how to decorate spherical or other types of vases yourself according to the usual rules, i.e. how to appropriately arrange the flowers in these vessels.

If you use a spherical vase to decorate the room, you can consider it an object of applied art

decorate blue ball vase - very modern flair

See the ball vases as applied art!

Consider the ball vases as a kind of applied art. Combine with other objects of related character. A number of examples in our pictures serve as inspiration. In the above example you can see how to decorate in this way with ball and other vases.



For this purpose, differently curved forms were paired with each other. Corners and edges have been avoided for perfect harmony. If you keep arranging the flowers in different ways, this type of decoration will have a slightly different character each time.

Transparency is trendy when decorating with and from spherical vases

blue ball vases - transparent ideas


Say hello to transparency for artistic effect

You can achieve a particularly modern effect if you decorate your home with a transparent spherical vase. For an upscale effect, these objects should either be made of uncolored thick glass or they should have a very subtle nuance. The flowers must not be too bright. As you can see from our examples, people like to use either plants in different shades of green or plants in white or other very light colors.

Green and white dominate the natural elements of the ball vase decoration

decoration ideas for the summer

Black, white and grey

The black and white color palette has been replaced with a gray and white one in recent years. What is also particularly up-to-date is the gentle transition from one color combo to the other. Decorating with ball vases gives you a unique opportunity to experiment with them. To that end, you could also go beyond these types of objects themselves. Check out the beautiful illustration below. The same shapes and colors were chosen in black and white. So that they come into their own as best as possible, they have been positioned in a room in front of a gray background. The shelf made of solid wood gives the whole thing a particularly elegant effect.

Enrich the classic black and white palette with gray and wood nuances

decoration - great modern ideas - summery flair



Be festive!

Now let’s rave a bit about trendy color combinations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Last year, the blue and gold combo was particularly modern. Artistic objects shaded in this way are actually well received all year round. For a mercilessly modern effect, you should choose current variants of these shades. A light blue spherical vase with gilded ornaments like this one below would introduce a touch of modern festivity to your interior design.

Blue and gold is one of the most modern festive color combinations in recent years. You are welcome to introduce them with beautiful spherical vases

ceramic ball vase with gold accents

Popular vintage themes

While decorating a spherical vase, you have a unique opportunity to cleverly pick up on popular romantic vintage themes. Our next example visualizes a classic. The decorative Eiffel Tower goes perfectly with the beautiful flowers in the glass ball. We find the decision to twist the vase a bit so that the opening is vertical and not looking up is particularly successful. Once again, choose a neutral, classic or modern background for this type of decoration. In this case, the first option was chosen.

When decorating a spherical vase, classic vintage themes are particularly appropriate

ball vase eifel tower great ideas trends

mirror effects

The mirror effects have become a modern classic in decoration. They increase the space and are therefore perfect for the upcoming autumn season. In winter, they could even complement your festive decorations beautifully. You should preferably decorate them similar to the transparent ones with plants, white flowers and sticks, or leaves in rich green.

Mirror effects are always welcome. They unfold particularly strongly through spherical objects.

modern ball vase - tendencies - trends and ideas

Spherical vases for table design

At present, ball vases are very popular for table design. Most of the time, a monochrome effect is achieved. In terms of originality, one likes to benefit from the different shapes and textures. The next example serves as a great rustic inspiration.

Be sure to watch the videos on “ball vase decorating”!

Consider the table design with spherical vases

Ball vases decorate a subtle modern table design

Here you can see another great example of decorating with transparent ball vases and white flowers – a combination that is always a lie

decorate clear ball vase

This example looks pretty modern, but it was so beautiful we couldn’t omit it!

decorate ball vase - great modern ideas

decorate ball vase - great trendy ideas - tendencies for the summer

decorate ball vases - modern plants great ideas

decorate the ball vase and spread summer flair

The variety of neutral colors in the ball vases is great! Try to take advantage of these as much as possible.

several great modern spherical vases

monochrome table design - decorate ball vases - great summer ideas

red ball vase decoration ideas

black ideas trends - decorate oval vases ball vase

The mirror effects are always welcome in a modern space. Their effect unfolds particularly strongly through round vases.

mirror effect when decorating - decorate with spherical vases

The oval vase can be enriched with reliefs on its surface. It looks mesmerizingly beautiful, doesn’t it?

super modern ideas for the ball vases decoration

great ball vases - modern trendy ideas

decorate white ball vase - great idea