Your own garden is not really a private place without the right privacy screen. That is why it is usually very important when planning the garden. The garden hedge really enjoys great popularity among garden owners. That’s why today we’re going to talk about how to create a beautiful and reliable hedge that will make you feel good in your own outdoor space. The mixed hedge is the focus today!

Create a colorful mixed hedge

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The garden hedge as a reliable privacy screen

The garden hedge is a great option for any garden for many reasons. It can be designed very differently. In most cases, a green garden hedge is used. As a rule, these are designed by the same hedge plants, because this way the garden looks neat and well-groomed.



Depending on the needs and preferences of the garden owners, the garden hedge is evergreen or deciduous. Sometimes, however, such a hedge is a bit monotonous and therefore makes the outdoor area look somehow boring. So you could easily combine different shrubs and trees with each other to create a very exciting garden hedge! Such a privacy screen is called a mixed hedge.

The right choice of plants makes the whole garden look interesting

Mixed hedge colored garden hedge ideas


What are the advantages of a mixed hedge?

In fact, the mixed hedge is a very advantageous solution for outdoor use. The mixed hedge is a beautiful colorful eye-catcher in the garden. It brings variety and dynamism to the overall picture of the garden. At the same time, it is also a retreat for many insects. Especially if you choose flowering garden shrubs, then you do bees good, for example, because they find a great source of food there. Mixed hedges are not only attractive to insects, but also to hedgehogs and voles, for example.

A big advantage of the mixed garden hedge is that you can be very creative in designing it. You don’t have to limit yourself to just making a hedge from only evergreen or only deciduous shrubs. On the other hand, you can pair evergreen and deciduous plants together to create a privacy screen that looks beautiful all year round. This in turn brings with it another plus: you have a privacy screen that combines both opaque and translucent areas. Some garden owners find it strange that some of the plants in such mixed hedges lose their leaves and others do not. It’s a matter of taste, isn’t it?

A variety of species can be seen in the mixed hedge

Mixed hedges create cool garden ideas

Creating a mixed hedge in the garden – what do you have to remember?

A mixed hedge fulfills the same functions as a uniform garden hedge, but looks much livelier. You have the opportunity to give your garden more individuality with such a privacy screen. But you should remember a few things so that a beautiful garden hedge is created.

Above all, the plant species should be used very thoughtfully so that the whole thing looks harmonious and therefore aesthetic. For this reason, the erection of a mixed hedge is considered to be laborious. Here one logically asks the question: Which plants are suitable for a mixed garden hedge?

  • First of all, it is important not to use more than 5 different types of plants. For example, if the hedge is 4 to 5 meters long, it is advisable not to use more than four species. Then you have to plant them in the same order so that you don’t create disturbances in the garden.
  • Also, choose plants that reach the same height.
  • Make sure that the plants you choose have the same needs in terms of location and soil.

Create a strange natural plant wall yourself

mixed hedge ideas colored garden ideas be creative



You can use plants of the same variety or completely different types of plants. The mixed hedge can be fragrant, with showy flowers or foliage. Gardeners really have no limits and the combinations are indeed endless.

For example, the following plants would go very well together:

  • Summer spar and cinquefoil
  • Cornelian cherry and black elderberry
  • Philadelphus, forsythia and weigela
  • Privet, barberry and viburnum

We hope that our tips and ideas will help you to create a beautiful concept for your garden hedge. Have fun and good luck!

A mixed hedge enriches the garden and the summer spar writes great in it

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Attract a variety of birds with a well-designed hedge

mixed hedge which combine plants

Choose plants that can serve as a food source for the insects

mixed hedge bee friendly plants garden ideas

Yellow flowering cinquefoil spices up the garden hedge wonderfully!

mixed hedge finger shrub garden design

The mixed garden hedge can be designed very elegantly

mixed hedge forsynthia other plants

You could also pair flowering and evergreen shrubs

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