Anyone who has a garden with plants or even just a few flower pots in the house and on the terrace knows how much care and attention they need. In addition to watering and fertilizing, timely cutting plays a key role in the growth and flowering of the plant. Proper pruning makes the tree or bed winter-proof and ensures flowering in spring. In this article we will tell you more about which fruit trees to prune in late summer and autumn and how to do it properly.

How and when you prune the fruit trees affects harvest and flowering

Cut fruit trees in late summer Best time to cut plum trees Cut thin branches with sharp pruning shears

In general, the right time to prune fruit trees depends on the variety. For most fruit trees, the pruning time is between June and the end of August. However, there are types of trees that should only be pruned in late summer or autumn.

#Pruning apple trees in late summer and fall

Such are the apples. You can still cut the short shoots on the top in June. In summer you can also have the already longer fruit branches cut off directly above the arranged leaves. Longer young shoots that are not yet lignified can also be cut out in one go.

It is best to cut apple trees during their rest period from autumn to the end of winter

pruning fruit trees in autumn pruning young fruit trees man cutting branches without leaves

Always use sharp tools to reduce damage

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Caution: If the apple varieties ripen late (such as Berlepsch, Golden Delicious and Boskoop), the fruit shoots should not be shortened because the fruit will ripen more slowly or not sufficiently.

#Pruning plums in late summer and autumn

In this case we are not just talking about the right plum trees, but about Mirabelle plums, plums and greengage. According to experts and experienced gardeners, mid-summer (between July and August) is the best time to prune the plum tree. A pruning in autumn or late autumn is also good. For the first cut, however, you should wait until the following spring. The right pruning measures are crucial for the further flowering and growth of the plant tree.

Timely pruning ensures a bountiful harvest

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The pruning of plum trees is similar to that of apples. Before you reach for the secateurs, take a look at the structure of the scaffolding. As with apple trees, the plum tree has a central shoot with around four to six side shoots arranged around it, which are arranged as evenly as possible. The side shoots will later become main branches and will bear several side shoots with the fruit themselves. When pruning fruit trees, you should make sure that you support the crown of the tree symmetrically. You should shorten the lateral leading branches by about a third to the bud pointing outwards.

Late August to mid-September is the excellent period for one education cut of a plum tree. You should prune the excess side shoots. This way you guarantee that a balanced crown develops. Allow up to eight strong side shoots to grow per lead load. You can support the rest.

Such pruning wounds make the tree susceptible to infection and should be sealed

cut fruit trees in autumn fruit tree cut fruit tree branch cut correctly cut wound on fruit tree

@derpflanzenarzt You can do the fruit tree pruning in summer between June and mid-August. Choose dry, rather cool days and do not cut in the midday heat. It is important to know that summer pruning slows down the growth of the tree. So in summer you can cut if young trees are growing too much #plant doctor #apple tree #plant love #garden #plant power #plant love

#Pruning a pear tree

The timely and correct pear tree pruning ensures a sufficient harvest. Since these fruits do not like dense shadows, the crown should remain beautifully translucent and airy. If you prune these fruit trees, the foliage will dry faster, which will significantly prevent the appearance of fungal diseases.

Pruning in summer to early autumn can slow down growth slightly, which is good for pears on vigorous rootstock. If you do not prune the pears, the tree will not be able to produce new fruiting wood, the branches will slowly rot and later bend towards the ground. This later has a negative effect on flowering and the harvest. To avoid something like this, cut off the old fruit wood again.

The old fruit wood of fruit trees should definitely be cut in autumn

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Fruit trees are usually pruned between June and August and in late winter. However, a summer cut just before the end of the season is also recommended. With fruit trees such as sour cherries, you are welcome to take such a summer step by completely removing the bare and hanging shoots at the point of attachment.

The actual pruning of the pear and apple trees tends to take place in the summer between June and August. However, a correct incision in autumn is very important in order to avoid rotten spots and so that all wounds can grow sufficiently.

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When pruning fruit trees, you should always keep some rules of thumb in mind. Watch out for crossing or inward growing branches that will make others more difficult to grow. Branches that bear fruit for years weaken at one point and need pruning. Branches nibbled by animals or insects and pests such as aphids and dead wood should also be cut off to prevent diseases and dehydration.

If we are talking about young fruit trees, they should not be too branched. At best you should grow a straight center shoot with up to four or five leading shoots pointing outwards. Just shorten the leading shoots so that they can group around the central main shoot.

Find a bud that is pointing outwards and cut just above it

pruning trees in autumn when is it allowed to pruning fruit trees in june pruning the leading shoots at the bottom

You should not only cut the fruit trees every year for aesthetic reasons. Trees (and beds) that are not pruned on time each year usually wither and produce inferior or sometimes no crops or flowers. The cut fruit trees are also cold-resistant and survive winter cold and low temperatures more easily. Unpruned fruit trees have a harder time bearing a strong harvest. This can often lead to the branches breaking off.

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