A beautiful home is unthinkable without the right decorative accessories. With the help of small decorative items or large eye-catchers you can create a great homely atmosphere. Pillows are undoubtedly one of the most popular accessories that can be used to spice up an ambience. With the right decorative cushions, you can refine the room, make it more comfortable or give it an exotic touch. So today we are talking about how to combine pillows correctly. We’ll provide you with some useful tips and a rich source of inspiration to help you create a welcoming, bespoke home.

Combine pillows correctly – this is how it works!

combine pillows correctly bedroom decoration ideas

Pillows as a modern element in interior design

Anyone who decorates with cushions combines the practical with the decorative. Because pillows make the stay on the armchair or on the bed much more comfortable and they also bring a fresh touch to the interior design.



And arranging cushions on the living room sofa is a classic idea that is used in almost every living space today. Large floor cushions on the carpet are also a great option for a cozy home.

Throw pillows can also be used to create a certain mood in the room. If you choose these according to the season, you bring a piece of the atmosphere of the respective season into the house.

You should follow some rules. Not only the selection of the right decorative cushions plays a role, but also their arrangement.

Pillows have a huge impact on the look of a room

Combine pillows correctly design fresh decoration ideas living room


Combine pillows correctly – What options are available?

When it comes to pillow decorations, you have an infinite number of options to choose from. You can be particularly creative and express your individuality through the choice of color and the arrangement of the cushions. The basic rule for the arrangement applies: you start from the outside to the inside when you combine different sizes with each other. Today, however, the cushions do not necessarily have to be arranged symmetrically. You could also arrange them a bit chaotically, because that looks very modern.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing pillows for your home:

What number do the pillows have to be?

The cushions give your own four walls that certain something. So they are an important part of any interior. In this sense, it is very important to combine them in the right number.

Be careful not to just scatter pillows here and there as it creates a sense of unrest. It makes much more sense to have fewer throw pillows that are skilfully staged. It is advisable to choose an odd number of pillows and not an even number. This makes the room look a little livelier and not boring. An even number of pillows, on the other hand, works better in a traditional room.

The sofa looks much more comfortable with the right throw pillows

Combine cushions correctly Bright living room Combine subtle colors

Which colors and patterns must the decorative cushions have?

Choosing the right color can be a difficult task, but when done successfully, a beautiful interior is the result. Therefore, take enough time to select the right colors and patterns.

It is recommended to mix different colors and patterns to create dynamism in the room. But don’t overdo it with the combinations! A good practice is to match the colors of the cushions to the basic colors in the room, which should be from one color family. On the other hand, you can also set contrasts with the cushions and thus breathe more life into the room. You should limit yourself to three different colors. Otherwise the room could seem a bit restless.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, then choose colors that are particularly trendy at the moment. How to design a modern home. Or maybe you want to choose the color according to the appropriate season? Then opt for delicate pastel shades in spring and warm colors in autumn. An atmospheric ambience is simply guaranteed!

An important tip: The sofa and armchair look much better if you choose cushions whose color contrasts with these pieces of furniture.

Mix and match cushions – neutral tones and different patterns look great together!

the right way to combine cushions neutral colors cozy mood



What size and shape do the pillows have to be?

If you combine different sizes, you create a playful interior. It is very effective if you mix larger cushions in neutral colors with smaller cushions in intensive colors. And if the cushions come in different shapes, they add even more variety to the room.

Combine pillows correctly – just be creative!

Combine cushions properly Make armchairs comfortable

Which material is best for the decorative cushions?

Many materials are suitable for the decorative cushions. The choice depends to a large extent on the furnishing style of the room. You can easily combine different textures with each other. Even if you put pillows with very different textures next to each other on the sofa or bed, you can still create a very harmonious home, which also looks very modern. Unless you have selected them to match! Wool, velvet, linen, fur…everything is possible.

The different cushions must work together harmoniously

combine pillows in the right way unusual decoration ideas elegant living room

We hope you got enough inspiration on how to decorate your home with pillows! Check out the examples below and get to work for a beautiful and cozy home!

Combine pillows correctly and give the room freshness and coziness

combine pillows correctly boho style living room design

If you are aiming for a monochrome pillow decoration, then simply combine different textures

pillows correctly combine bright colors different patterns

The bed as a stage for beautiful pillow decorations!

combine pillows correctly light bedroom deco ideas

Experiment with combining different throw pillows

combine pillows correctly living room fresh deco ideas

A symmetrical arrangement looks very elegant

Combine cushions in the right way. Elegant living area. Fresh colours

Set accents with the pillows in the bright bedroom

combine pillows correctly bedroom comfortable design ideas

Freshen up the sofa in style with colorful throw pillows

combine cushions correctly few cushions fresh accent

It is important not to lose track when combining the cushions

How to combine cushions important tips fresh ideas

Sometimes you choose cushions in the same color as the sofa itself

combine pillows correctly design living room in one colour

Mix subtle colors and classic patterns

combine pillows correctly decorate bedroom bed

A Scandinavian living room cannot look good without the typical throw pillows

combine pillows correctly living room scandinavian flair

Give the living room a little update

combine pillows correctly living room set colorful accents

Combine eye-catching patterns and create a cheerful atmosphere

combine cushions correctly different colors pattern colorful cheerful mood