While some garments and trends are only popular for a season or a few months, others remain popular for a longer period of time. One piece of clothing that isn’t really new but is making a real comeback this year is the baggy jean. And that’s not without reason. They just scream comfort and freedom. If you yourself have a pair of baggy jeans in your wardrobe that you want to wear now, here we have the best ideas and suggestions on how to combine baggy jeans in fall 2022 to look modern and chic!

Combine the baggy jeans with a belt like Bella Hadid

are baggy jeans still in baggy jeans combine autumn 2022 dark gray baggy jeans with denim jacket and white shirt gigi hadid

Are baggy jeans still IN?

The short answer to this question is: Absolutely! In recent months we have seen a comeback of jeans and wide-leg pants. More and more women and men are replacing the slim jeans, which have been popular for years but not necessarily comfortable, with a casual alternative. A perfect choice for everyday wear or a night out with friends, they can be paired with countless tops and accessories.

The casual pants from the 90s are hit again!

fashion trends fall 2022 women's manequins with baggy jeans and short denim top

For men, baggy jeans are IN again in autumn!

Combine baggy jeans for men in autumn 2022 with dark blue baggy jeans and a striped shirt

If you prefer wider pants or jeans yourself, grab a pair of baggy jeans immediately. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they can also be combined in different variants without much effort.

Who can wear baggy jeans?

Except for a long straight pant leg, the baggy jeans differ with a wide waist. They’re also quite loose at the hips. Depending on your style and taste, you can of course combine baggy jeans or pants with a large sweater or sweatshirt. Women have quite a wide range of choices. Some women wear baggy jeans with short blouses or T-shirts or crop tops as well as with long, wide cardigans or blazers. In one case, you create an everyday, more sporty look or a more elegant, stylish outfit that is also suitable for the office.

Baggy jeans combine with classic black leather jacket in fall 2022

baggy jeans combine autumn 2022 woman with baggy jeans with cut out elements blazer and converse

Who can actually wear baggy jeans? In short: everyone! This model suits slim, tall women as well as women with curvy figures. Because the trouser legs are wide and straight here, the model is suitable for every figure and height. If the trouser legs are too long for you, combine the jeans with stilettos or boots with higher heels. For a more sporty look in everyday life, choose comfortable sports shoes or Converse sneakers.

Baggy jeans not only make you feel comfortable, but also sexy

fashion trends autumn 2022 women combine baggy jeans in autumn 2022 curvy women

Combine baggy jeans in autumn 2022: Which jacket goes with baggy jeans?

As already mentioned, the model can be worn with numerous tops and jackets. As far as the jackets are concerned, complete the jeans with either a long cardigan or a cozy, warm down jacket. For an elegant, feminine look you need an oversized blazer, which itself is an absolute hit for autumn 2022! Delicate blouses made of light fabrics or unusual designs bring more elegance to your style. Ladies who like to wear denim jackets can easily combine them with baggy jeans in fall 2022. Designers and experts agree that denim jackets and baggy jeans will be best friends again next fall!

An elegant variant with baggy jeans in creamy with blue-grey blaser

what can you combine with baggy jeans curvy woman with light baggy jeans blue blazer bustier

For those of you who also wear cargo pants, we have good news. Jeans with wide legs and cargo elements on top can be enjoyed with a simple t-shirt and sports shoes.

If you want a sexy style for the weekend, then don a bustier top or an off-the-shoulder blouse and choose baggy jeans with cut-out elements. You’ll show off a little more skin while looking feminine and cool. Complete the outfit either with cowboy boots or pointed models. The Chelsea boots can also be perfectly combined with baggy jeans and are the perfect choice for rainy autumn days.

All denim look with grass green bucket hat

Pants fall 2022 women's baggy jeans with denim jacket green hat and bag

If you’re hesitant to swap your skinny jeans for a roomier baggy model, know that this new obsession isn’t just about aesthetics. Loose-fitting jeans are usually more comfortable to wear. It’s time to let your legs breathe! And if you need to layer up in fall and winter, there’s plenty of room under your baggy jeans for a base layer.
For the colder autumn days: baggy jeans and a long fur coat with a leopard print
Baggy jeans combine autumn 2022 which tops go with baggy jeans woman with light jeans black blouse rock coat beige
Look stylish with a black coat and light baggy jeans
baggy jeans trend 2022 baggy jeans combine autumn 2022 light baggy jeans with a black coat and boots
In addition to denim jackets or blazers, designers suggest pairing baggy jeans with a long coat or trench coat in a popular color. For the cooler autumn days, choose a soft, long cardigan or poncho.
Gigi Hadid shows how you can wear baggy jeans with cargo elements
which jeans in autumn 2022 gigi hadid wears white baggy jeans with cargo elements and a short black t-shirt
Experiment with the colors and style
which jeans do you wear in 2022 which jacket with baggy jeans woman with baggy jeans and beige yellow trench coat
Hailey Bieber wears her extremely long baggy jeans with a long leather coat
how long should baggy jeans be hailey bieber baggy jeans leather coat
Elegant and stylish: white baggy jeans with a blue and white shirt and beautiful accessories
how to wear baggy jeans baggy jeans in white with a light blue shirt and white shoes