The thermal jugs were a real sensation many years ago. Today you can see them in every kitchen and you would definitely not want to do without them. Do you actually know that you should clean a thermos flask? In a previous article, we reported extensively on the damage that limestone can cause. Limescale deposits not only damage the device itself. The small particles of limestone get into our bodies through the water and that’s really not healthy. So that we don’t pollute the groundwater with the many chemicals, we will again resort to household remedies today. We can generally recommend the home remedies as universal cleaners.

They clean and leave a totally fresh scent behind. Especially in the kitchen, we would always prefer household products as cleaners. We drink fresh water from the water can and it would be good if the water was clean too.

Cleaning the thermal jug – extending the life of the kettle and thinking about your own health early on

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Cleaning the thermos – what should you always pay attention to?

Everyone now relies on sustainable kitchenware and appliances that make our lives and kitchen work easier every day. A stainless steel kettle looks great when you unpack it and put it in the kitchen corner.



Even new devices have a tough layer of limestone when they are purchased, which should be removed immediately. Unfortunately, our tap water contains a large amount of limestone. Over time, the material builds up in the pipe and also on the bottom of your kettle. They simply want to boil water for tea and are horrified to discover that strange particles are floating in the boiling water. It’s not appetizing at all, so you should clean your thermos in this case.

Especially in residential areas where people drink or eat, the use of toxic chemicals would be prohibited

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Regular cleaning of the thermal jug with citric acid protects the stainless steel and gives you a fresh and clean feeling when drinking tea, for example

How to clean the thermos

Clean the thermal jug quickly and cheaply

Many people think that cleaning kitchen utensils and appliances involves strong chemistry. The pleasant smell from the colorful bottles is deceptive and we offer you the following 4 home remedies with which you can clean your thermal jug quickly, cheaply and without toxins.

Anyone who visits our website regularly knows that we are always looking for inexpensive and environmentally friendly solutions to problems. We have already covered the benefits of baking soda in some of the previous articles. Our first home remedy, with which we want to clean the thermos, is exactly the baking powder.

If you are preparing homemade lemonade, you can use the leftovers from the lemon to clean your thermos

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Together with the baking powder, the citric acid is a reliable and environmentally friendly cleaning agent, which is also very cheap

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vinegar/lemon and baking powder

The application of the first home remedy is very simple. All you need is a pack of baking soda and about 50ml lemon juice or vinegar. We always recommend diluting the vinegar with hot water. Pour the packet of baking soda directly onto the empty bottom of the pitcher. Pour the warm and diluted vinegar over and let the mixture foam properly and all over. Then rinse with plenty of water.

Take care of your thermal jug and only drink water from a cleaned kettle, because your body also needs special care

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Lemon or dissolved citric acid

If you have leftover lemons and don’t know what to do with them, do something good – descale your kettle with them. Boil 300ml of water in the pot and squeeze half a lemon into the boiling water. You can leave the kettle overnight and remove the remaining dirt the next morning with a clean cloth.

If the deposit is stubborn, combine vinegar and baking soda and let it effervesce

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A clean pot works perfectly and the water poured out of it is not only drinkable, but also healthy

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Diluted vinegar or vinegar essence

Just like with the lemon or the dissolved citric acid, you can clean your kettle or thermos. Bring the water to the boil and fill up with 50-100 ml of vinegar. Mix and leave overnight.

Asperin or denture cleanser

Expired tablets in particular can be used to clean the kettle. Again, you can bring the water to a boil and add some tablets to the water.

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What happens if you don’t remove the limestone?

The limestone must not get into our body. That’s why there are many ways to filter the tap water or to clean the taps regularly with suitable agents. You can also clean your thermal jug with the same means. If you postpone cleaning the kettle, the following will happen: First, your appliance will start to use more electricity because the limescale will affect the brewing of the water.

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In addition, the limescale will damage the coating of the kettle and if you continue to refuse to clean the kettle, you can soon say goodbye to your good appliance. Last but not least, the water from an uncleaned kettle is hardly drinkable.

We can recommend that you always have a pack of baking soda and some citric acid in the house. This protects your device and your body will thank you for it.

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