Are you already in the Christmas spirit? The Christmas decorations are right, the menu is almost clarified and the chic dress is already in the closet? Then it looks pretty good with the most beautiful party of the year! If, in addition to the right make-up, the right hairstyle is mastered for the party, then you have done everything well. Speaking of Christmas hairstyles! You have quite a lot of choice here and feel free to experiment with different hair styles whether you have long, medium or shorter hair. Lots of things go down well at Christmas.

You can go for glamorous curls or throw in some casual waves in your hair. Braided and pinned up hairstyles are also an absolute classic here. While half-open hair, buns and ponytails of all kinds can be staged into festive hair creations with a little attention to detail. Of course, velvety hair bows, lots of hair bands with rhinestones or pearls, glittering hair clips and hairpins and much more also help.

Let your beautiful mane shine for Christmas!

half-open christmas hairstyles with stars

Just find the perfect Christmas hairstyle for you and feel like an elegant fairy tale exuding festive spirit and magical charm! We help you with the following ideas for Christmas hairstyles that you can copy yourself or with the help of your hair stylist.

Low bun as a Christmas classic

Nothing can beat the classic low bun.



It’s just a perfect chic look for so many occasions. The hairstyle is not only relatively easy to replicate, but also fairly quick to master. So, the best hairstyle when you need to rush around Christmas morning. Simply pull your hair back and secure it in a low bun at the nape of your neck. Let out some small strands of hair to elegantly frame your face and add a festive hair accessory to the bun to complete the look. It can be pretty much anything – a glittery star, a pearl hair clip, a velvet bow, etc.

Christmas hairstyles don’t have to be complicated

hairstyles for christmas bun with star


A slightly twisted and braided bun looks very effective

red hair christmas hairstyles updo

Decorate the crown braid for Christmas

This hairstyle is always a beautiful choice when it comes to looking romantic and elegant. So, an absolute hit for the festive season! The easiest way to do a crown braid is to part your hair at the side, start braiding across the top and continue until you reach the back.

Simply braid the end of the braid and pin it where you started braiding until it forms a full circle. Pull out small strands of the braid for a slightly messy look, or keep it nice and tight for a more elegant look. Finish off the crown braid with the desired hair accessory. Small beads and hearts, for example, are a delightful, Christmas-themed option.

A magnificent crown braid also looks incredibly sophisticated on gray hair

Christmas hairstyles gray hair peasant braid



Spice up a wavy crown with a velvet bow

This is one of the easiest looks to achieve, but one of the most effective at the same time. All you should do is curl your hair into soft waves and run a comb or your fingers through them to loosen them up. Then spritz your hair with a touch of hairspray to hold it in place. Take two strands of hair from each side of your head and twist them into each other to form a spiral braid. Then tie it at the back of your head with a hair tie and add a velvety hair bow to tastefully round off your beautiful Christmas hairstyle.

The color of the hair bow is matched to the festive outfit according to taste

updo christmas hairstyles with bow

The slightly different ponytail

Probably the simplest hairstyle in the world is styled here in a skilful and creative way and transformed into a unique eye-catcher. So if you do want to wear a ponytail at Christmas, you also have a lot of options to choose from. For example, you can braid a loose Dutch or French braid in the top section of your hair and then simply tie it with a hair tie or a strand of hair further down.

It also works without braids. You can twist a few strands of hair into each other at the back of your head and let them transition into a herringbone braid further down. And if you don’t have time at all for Christmas hairstyles, then quickly tie your hair in a low or high ponytail and tie it with a nice hair bow. Finished!

An intricate hair creation to fall in love with

elegant christmas hairstyles for long hair

The perfect combination of a ponytail and a loose peasant braid

elegant ponytail with a peasant braid

Even a simple ponytail looks festive enough with the matching hair bow

ponytail with red bow hairstyle for christmas

Half-open Christmas hairstyles

Worn half open, female hair looks extremely soft and seductive at the same time. Depending on your taste and the length of your hair, you can create a few waves or curls in your hair and braid the top section of your hair into one or more braids. These can be herringbone braids or styled French or rustic. Large hair clips or tiny stars on hairpins provide the finishing touch and really show off your great Christmas hairstyle.

Half-open Christmas hairstyles really have something magical about them

braided hairstyles for christmas long hair

It depends on the right hair accessories

french braids christmas hairstyles half open

With great attention to detail, your festive mane will look incredibly classy

hairstyles for christmas with a loose braid

If it has to be faster, even the simplest hair bow in white, red or green will help

sweet christmas hairstyles with a bow

Christmas braids

Braids are not just braids! Braiding your hair is a great way to let off steam creatively. Many of the braided hairstyles require professional help, but there are also some that are relatively easy to achieve. When it comes to party or Christmas hairstyles, you can turn any braid into a real work of art with the help of fabric ribbons, shiny beads, glitter powder and even little balls of Christmas ornaments. Give it a try, or show your hair expert the following Christmas braids and, if you wish, have them replicate them for you.

Side peasant braid with red fabric ribbon

braided christmas hairstyles with ribbon

A fabulous braid reminiscent of a Christmas garland

braided luxury christmas hairstyles

updo christmas hairstyles with braid and bun

And how about a spectacular Christmas tree at the back of your head?

extravagant christmas hairstyles with christmas tree decorations

Christmas hairstyles are just amazing! So versatile and effective. Find the perfect one for yourself and complete your stylish, festive look. We wish you a merry and contemplative Christmas!

Tiny hair pearls look like real snow crystals, especially on dark hair

Christmas hairstyles with pearls for long hair

Weave Christmas garlands into your braids

Christmas hairstyles braided hair

Side mermaid braids are also among the most popular Christmas hairstyles

side braid with bow christmas hairstyles

bow christmas hairstyles for long hair

half open braided christmas hairstyles

elegant updo with waves

christmas hairstyles long hair

fancy christmas hairstyles

wavy ponytail with white bow

wintry bridal hairstyles with curls

magical herringbone hairstyle for christmas