Soon it will be “O’zapft is!” again. Is your planning complete with the right dirndl outfit, mood and spectacular Oktoberfest hairstyle? If you are now looking for inspiration on how to style your long hair for the best Oktoberfest look, we present our ideas for beautifully braided dirndl hairstyles in the following article – half-open and with style.

Gretchen hairstyle for the Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest dirndl hairstyles half open

The popular tradition of tapping the first beer keg at Oktoberfest is about to happen again! It’s time to celebrate and impress with a simple, beautiful hairstyle alongside your traditional dirndl outfit.

After a break due to Covid, the Oktoberfest will soon take place again

Oktoberfest in Bavaria attractions

Parades, beer wagons, fun rides and dances are just a small part of the repertoire. But before they enjoy delicious sausages and pretzels, the women think about their hair. We show how to make braided dirndl hairstyles – half open and in the spirit of the Oktoberfest.

Braided hairstyle for a dirndl

Twisted Dutch braids for medium length hair

You can create this hairstyle regardless of your hair length. When you braid a dutch braid, you usually cross sections of hair under each other. It is all about a three part braided section of hair that looks incredibly beautiful.

Big overlapping Dutch braids

dirndl hairstyles with braids n

In this hairstyle, you make delicate zigzag segmentation that only looks confusing at first glance. To complete this parting, don’t make a clean parting of the hair at the back of the head when dividing the hair into two sections.

Here’s how it works:

  • Part the hair at the top of your head and divide it into two sections while leaving the bottom part of the hair loose.
  • Take 3 strands of hair and start braiding by crossing the strands under each other.
  • After each step, start adding new small strands of hair.
  • Also add small segments from the other side of the parting for a textured zigzag and overlap effect.
  • For a voluminous effect, loosen your braids a bit.
  • Twist the two braids as they reach the nape of the neck.
  • Secure with an invisible hair tie and add a pretty flower hair clip.
  • Curl the loose hair with the wave iron or curling iron.

Braid wreath for long hair

half-open braided dirndl

Dirndl hairstyles with curls

This awesome dirndl hairstyle for curly hair features two very simple three-part braids that end half-up and are rolled into a loose bun. You can make the basic braid by gradually crossing the right and left strands of hair over the middle one.

Dirndl hairstyles for curly hair

Here’s how it works:

  • First, comb your long hair thoroughly and divide it into two sections down the middle.
  • Separate the sections that you are going to braid from the rest of your loose hair.
  • Start braiding backwards and stop at the center of the back of the head to complete the half-open braid.
  • Twist the two braids together and secure them with a flower hair clip.
  • Apply spray for stability.

Very impressive with highlights

hairstyles oktoberfest long hair with curls

Braided dirndl hairstyles, half-open and with two peasant braids

This hairstyle is a version of the above variant, with the difference that it features traditional alpine peasant braids and encloses the entire hair. Peasant braids will be easier if your hair isn’t freshly washed.

Half-open Oktoberfest hairstyle with peasant braids

  • Start by dividing your hair into sections and braiding it backwards from the forehead.
  • Cross right and left over the middle section of hair and braid down taking more sections of hair left and right.
  • End at the nape of the neck and leave the rest of the hair loose.

Simple costume hairstyles with a wreath of flowers

Braided dirndl hairstyles half open and with small herringbone braids

This great hairstyle combines traditional and modern elements due to the small baby braids. It is essentially a beautiful semi-open Gretchen braid crown that you braid loosely and secure with a bobby pin. These include cute, minimalist herringbone braids. The herringbone braid is a very sophisticated and stylish braid that is an integral part of Oktoberfest fashion.

Half-open Gretchen plait, with small herringbone plaits and a wreath of flowers

The beautiful look is achieved by weaving in several narrow side strands in each phase. This braid is ideal for fine and sleek textures as it is braided very tightly. In this version, the small fishtail braids are just a small addition to the overall Oktoberfest hairstyle. The main accents are the semi-open Gretchen braid in the middle, which is accessorized with flowers. O’zapft is!