Especially as a beginner you are spoiled for choice. There are countless different bits made of different materials on the market. The attachments for nail cutters consist of a wide variety of materials such as hard metal, stone, ceramics, diamond or titanium.

Here we have a short video for you with important tips for working with a nail cutter and information about the right bits to start with.

Milling cutter attachments – which bit is suitable for what?

These bits or nail cutter attachments are particularly suitable for beginners.

Diamond Bits are there to prepare the natural nail. They are there to remove cuticles. For example, excess or unwanted calluses can be removed with these bits. In addition, diamond bits are also suitable for roughening and working on the natural nail before nail modeling.

There are also bits on which you can put sanding sleeves of different strengths. These sanding sleeves are very handy because you can use them for almost anything. Be it the preparation of the natural nail, the roughening of the gel lacquer modeling in order to then remove it with acetone remover, the removal of the old modeling or the smoothing of the build-up. A corresponding attachment, which is also called a mandrel, is required for the use of such grinding belts. This is where the abrasive sleeves are put on. The sanding belts are generally available in different strengths. It is important to know that the lower the degree of grit, the coarser the filing result, the higher the finer the result.

Carbide nail cutter bits are only suitable for modeling. Areas of application for milling cutter attachments made of metal are thinning files or thinning out the underside of the nail, thinning out areas on the nail that have become too thick, filing the tip transition or shortening the nails. Carbide cutter heads are important for acrylic nails because they are much harder than gel nails.

How to use cutter attachments for nail modelling:

First remove the cuticles with a diamond bit at low speed. It is important that you move quickly along the edge of the nail without applying pressure.

High-quality grinding caps, also known as grinding sleeves or arbor belts, make work easier. Whether filing or thinning, the abrasive sleeves help to save time for the perfect nail design.

When the coarsest material is gone, a carbide bit is used to remove the material. To do this, turn the nail cutter to a higher speed and always pull the cutter from the edge of the nail to the free end of the nail. Preferably from one side of the nail to the other so that you don’t stay in one place for too long.

When about 90 percent of the old model has been removed, you should stop and continue with a fine hand file. A thin layer should be kept on the natural nail so as not to injure it! This layer will then grow out.

We recommend the following nail cutter bits to get started

As a beginner, you should definitely pay attention to the grit and only use medium-strong bits.

These bits are among the classics among the attachments. These are ideally suited for efficiently removing the cuticles on the nail plate and on the edge of the nail and for finishing nails. Excess calluses can also be removed particularly well with these bits. Thanks to the standardized shank diameter, the bits fit into all commercially available cutters.

Nail Cutter Bits Set – 99N-NDB-6

The cone shape is very suitable for milling off the gel. Due to the curvature, the gel can be easily removed and there is not so much heat. The tip of the cutter bit is good because not too much can be removed from the cuticle or natural nail. Thanks to the standardized shank diameter, the bits fit into all commercially available cutters.

Premium nail cutter bit Rainbow Flame 2 – 99N-PBIT-R6

Premium Nail Milling Bit Rainbow Flame – 99N-PBIT-R3

The straight side is suitable for filing the gel nail. Also very suitable for stencil extensions – the gel that has “run down” can be easily removed through the tip. Thanks to the standardized shank diameter, the bits fit into all commercially available cutters.

Premium Nail Milling Bit Black Large Cone – 99N-PBIT-S6

Still not sure which bit is right for your work? Many nail cutters come with attachments to get you started. After testing, you can decide for yourself which shape you like best.