Dresses make a woman’s look charming. That’s why they are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of the season. In autumn 2022, however, some cuts are considered old-fashioned, while others are very trendy. We’re about to show you the trendiest autumn dresses for 2022. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration for a new look?

Autumn dresses 2022 – You will experience a variety of colors and cuts

fall dresses 2022 business dresses blazer dress

The dress will remain very popular in autumn 2022!

The dresses are items of clothing that make everyday life easier. The reason is that you only need shoes and some accessories to complete your outfit. So it doesn’t take much time to come up with a suitable combination of clothes.



In addition, dresses are universal items of clothing that are suitable for a special occasion as well as for everyday life and the office. But some styles are trendier than others. That’s exactly what we’re talking about today: Which models do you like to wear in autumn 2022?

Long models are well suited for cooler autumn days

fall dresses 2022 dark shades fashion trends


Autumn dresses 2022 – You have these models to choose from!

The variety of autumn dresses is great and everyone can find something for themselves. What unites all trendy models is comfort. So this is what you should bet on in the fall:

midi dresses

The midi dresses have gained many fans in recent months. These are made in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so that you can avoid the dull autumn mood. Floral prints are of course reminiscent of summer and make everyday life more colourful. Some models focus on the waist because they have a tie belt. The midi dress can be combined very stylishly with a leather jacket and knee-high boots.

Be sure to stock up on a midi dress for your fall wardrobe

fall dresses 2022 trends models midi dress

Knit and rib knit dresses

Knitted dresses are a popular choice for the cold months because they are warm and also look fantastic. The rib knit will be very popular in autumn 2022. This is a finely knitted material that is actually very functional because it looks both elegant and casual.

You can also choose from numerous colors and quickly find what you are looking for for the respective occasion. So you don’t have to do without the bright colors of summer, because models in bright colors are very trendy. In this case, however, it is not about light linen and cotton dresses, but about cozy fabrics.

Knitted dresses are all the rage in golden autumn

autumn dresses 2022 which trends are announced



The bodycon dress

If you want to be dressed in a very modern way in autumn, then you choose dresses that emphasize the figure. These are called bodycon dresses. However, they are by no means uncomfortable, on the contrary, because they are made of stretchy knit fabric or elastic cotton. Here, too, one experiences a large variety of models. Those with puff sleeves, for example, are real eye-catchers. Other models have a turtleneck. They are very practical, because then you can do without the scarf.

Fall Dresses 2022 – Bodycon dresses are a hit this fall

fall dresses 2022 rib knit dress modern look

Maxi and denim dresses

Mini dresses are already in the past. In the summer you like to wear them, but in the fall you look for clothes that won’t make you feel cold outside. The longer the dresses, the more trendy they are in autumn 2022. That is why maxi dresses are particularly popular this autumn. The designers use different fabrics for these models. Both wool and knit fabrics make the maxi dresses feel very good on the body. In addition, nobody can deny that they are also very comfortable because of their cut.

The so-called denim dresses are also very trendy at the moment. These look very elegant with a light wool coat or a trench coat. Add cowboy boots as well, then achieve a complete, classic vision!

A long, comfortable denim dress is perfect for a nice fall walk

autumn dresses 2022 denim dress modern look

Chic business dresses

The so-called blazer dress is a very trendy alternative to office wear this fall. Such clothing provides a very elegant business look and also makes its wearer look very charming.

You can choose from different colors and patterns

fall dresses 2022 elegant business dress

Dresses characterized by the pattern or some elements

Even among the patterns, some come to the fore, while others are no longer so trendy. So dresses with graphic patterns are very modern. So the clothes have to have a twist to make them look modern. Basic dresses are no longer the hit of the season. Clothes that have something special about them are much more modern. This can be details such as cut-outs that give the dress a special individual touch.

We hope that you have collected enough ideas for your beautiful autumn look. Take a look at the other photo examples below and let yourself be inspired!

Autumn dresses 2022 – the midi dress is more in demand than ever!

fall dresses 2022 fresh prints satin dress

Many women with thin hair feel that their options for presenting a varied and effective look are limited. In reality, thin hair is a blessing: it’s easy to style and maintaining a cohesive look is pretty simple. If you are looking for a practical hairstyle for thin hair, then you should remember the following styling. In this article we show easy hairstyles for thin hair.

Thin hair texture is a blessing

hairstyles shoulder length fine hair sleek look thin hair zendaya

How to style thin hair easily and quickly?

The real problem with thin hair in most cases is the lack of natural volume and making it look “tired”. Luckily, there are some tricks and tips that are really effective and you can use them to quickly turn the situation to your advantage… Take extra inspiration from the list of the best hairstyles for thin and damaged hair.

Sleek bob for thin hair

hairstyles for thin hair

These are our tips on how to optimally style and care for thin hair:

  • Use volumizing shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for thin hair.
  • Do not use oily or moisturizing care products that destroy your volume.
  • Blow dry your hair more often and learn different techniques for doing so.
  • Use drying sprays.
  • Experiment with center or side parting.
  • Comb your hair gently.
  • Add curls to your mane.
  • Ask your stylist for a layered cut.

Easy hairstyles for thin hair

We’ll show you what options you have to style thin hair faster with class and elegance.


This hairstyle is based on wet hair aesthetics and is mostly associated with styling a fake wet effect. Some products give thin hair character and style in this way.

Wet hair is trendy

Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Publicized by Eileen Hochstein (@eileenhochstein)

Depending on your hair length, you can experiment, style with or without a parting, or wear it semi-wet on top of your head.

The semi-wet look is super chic and gel should only be applied to the top of the head


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Публикация, споделена от Caroline Daur (@carodaur)

This look goes perfectly with an evening dress or as an office hairstyle.

#Updo a la Kim Kardashian

While the natural look is all the rage this season, hairstyles inspired by a casual look get all the applause. Most recently, this was the case for Kim Kardashian, who styled a hybrid bun ponytail and it looked incredibly casual.

The natural look is totally IN

long thin hair hairstyle kim kardashian bun ponytail easy hairstyle for thin hair

The look also pairs perfectly with darker hairlines for an extra natural appearance, which is very flattering for women looking to take a break from hair coloring. Coloring can make thin hair extra thin.

#Half-open long bob

Another way to easily style thinning hair is, of course, the half-updo. This hairstyle is incredibly easy to maintain. The good news is that there are many ways to complete and customize the hairstyle.

Long bob semi-open and youthful

long hairstyles for thin hair easy and uncomplicated

One variation favored by women in their 20s and 30s is the one with a knot.

#Rope Braids à la Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid presented this styling and it is a super easy hairstyle to do. It’s about a rope-like ponytail. The styling suits long-haired women perfectly and remains the hairstyle of choice for fans of the sleek look.

Gigi Hadid with rope braids

easy hairstyles for thin hair

The ponytail is divided into two sections that cross over and are secured with a thin hair tie.

Easy hairstyles for thin hair over 50

And since thin hair becomes more of a problem with age, here are the options women over 50 have.

#Pixie Cut

Among the short haircuts, the pixie cut is one of the most easy-care hairstyles. Freshly cut or grown out, the pixie always looks charming and can be styled with a lesser range of grooming products.

The classic pixie with a pompadour effect

slicked back pixie

#Asymmetric Bob à la Naomi Watts

And since asymmetries often give extra volume to thin hair, the asymmetrical bob is the best choice and takes place 1 among the easy hairstyles for thin hair. You can define your curls with extra volume spray and bring out the asymmetry even more intensively.

Asymmetrical bob for more volume

naomi watts asymmetrical bob

#Italian bob with light bangs

The Italian Bob is relatively short, which means it is perfect as an easy-care and practical hairstyle for thin hair. The length hits the chin and will flatter your face perfectly. The lightness of the bangs is formed by the interplay of shorter and longer fringes, which provide ephemeral airiness and more volume.

Bob with Whispy Bangs

italian bob whispy bangs


The most awaited holiday – the Oktoberfest – is already in the starting blocks. Oktoberfest is a real treat as ladies have the opportunity to wear dirndls, have fun, go out and enjoy food, drinks and good times with their friends and family! We all know how much fun you are having at this festival and how much you are looking forward to it. But the not so pleasant part is figuring out how to wash your dirndl after wearing it. Here are our top tips for cleaning your dirndl so you can wear it again and again without damaging the colors of the dirndl.

Can you wash a dirndl?

How can you wash dirndls properly

The Oktoberfest is in full swing. And we are sure that you are perfectly prepared for the party with our quick and easy Dirndl hairstyles. But when the Oktoberfest is over, every lady wants to keep her dirndl and accessories safe. But first you have to take care of the cleanliness of the dirndl. We all know how special this costume is. That’s why we’ve put together the most important tips and tricks for washing dirndls.

This is how Dirndl gets clean again

you can find out how to wash a dirndl here

Sometimes mustard or beer stains are left on the dirndl and you need to wash it quickly so that the dirndl colors are not lost. However, washing dirndls can be difficult because a dirndl is not an ordinary dress and common washing techniques can do more harm than good. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to wash a dirndl. All you need is a basic knowledge of fabrics and how to treat them when washing. After all, you don’t want to ruin the colors of your dirndl dress, because they make it unmistakable. That’s why we look at how you can safely wash your dirndl without damaging the color and structure of the fabric.

Dirndl in the washing machine

so your dress will be clean again find out how

Important: The following recommendations are helpful, but not every dirndl, every blouse and every apron corresponds to our washing instructions. We recommend that you follow the instructions on the garment label. If in doubt, ask us or contact the cleaning company!

How is a dirndl washed?

Dirndl cut in one color from high-quality and common dirndl fabrics can be washed in a washing machine for synthetics with a mild detergent. A bespoke dirndl may contain embellishments, non-standard materials or cuts where hand washing is preferable. Contact the tailor who made the dirndl. In this case, it is important to follow the recommendations for choosing the washing method and detergent.

It’s that easy

Can you wash a dirndl in the washing machine?

Can you iron a dirndl?

You can and should iron a dirndl. To do this, you should provide the iron with a non-stick coating or a special pad on the plate. For synthetic fabrics, choose a setting with two heat levels. Tulle, organza, beaded chiffon and satin dirndls are best muted. However, make sure that no drops of water get onto the dirndl, as it leaves stains when it dries and must be completely wet to remove it.

This way your costume will be wrinkle-free

Can I wash my dirndl or not?

How can you transport and store a dirndl?

To transport and store the dirndl you need a special bag, which is also available in traditional costume shops. These bags are made of water-repellent material, have practical shoulder straps, a long zip on the edge and can be extended downwards so that a dirndl can also fit in without any problems. So you can store and transport dirndl without worrying about the condition of the dirndl and without investing a lot of time and effort.

Everything to do with the dirndl

this way you can wash dirndls properly

After the most exciting celebration of 2022, it is advisable to wash the dirndl and store it in a closed box for a long time. In this way, the dirndl is protected from sunlight and its colors do not fade. If it is not possible to wash the dress immediately, it should at least be dried and aired. We hope that our tips on how to wash and store dirndls after Oktoberfest 2022 have been helpful to you.

How do you wash a dirndl?

our top tips will help you to wash your dirndl

The best tips to make it happen

this is how to wash a dirndl really easy

Proper cleaning is here

Find out everything about the right care for dirndl here

Simply wash the dirndl

dirndl washing tips for proper care

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Even in autumn we can’t escape the “What am I going to wear tomorrow?” question. On my fashion blog, I am therefore presenting you with 3 simple but stylish outfits for autumn today. Classic basic casual looks that work for a wide range of everyday activities.

There are three outfits for autumn on the fashion blog today. Basic casual looks for every day!

3 everyday outfits for autumn

Especially in the transitional period it is often not so easy to find the perfect look. Nevertheless, I really like this time of year because we can slowly say goodbye to summer with our outfits and welcome autumn. I styled the following outfits for autumn without any frills – comfortable, timeless, casual was the motto!

Outfit 1: wide high jeans and oversized blouse

Look number 1 is an autumn outfit with wide high jeans, New Balance 327 sneakers and an oversized blouse. The jeans are high-waisted and wide-legged – and they fit incredibly well. I’m wearing my currently favorite sneaker model and an oversized striped blouse. Incidentally, the latter can also be worn openly as a kind of blazer/cardigan substitute.

Wide high jeans, New Balance 327 sneakers, oversized blouse, Chanel wallet on chain, big sunglasses

An autumn outfit with wide high jeans, New Balance 327 sneakers and an oversized blouse. An autumn outfit with wide high jeans, New Balance 327 sneakers and an oversized blouse. An autumn outfit with wide high jeans, New Balance 327 sneakers and an oversized blouse.

Outfit 2: Marlene pants and a pink knit sweater

I really like an autumn outfit for the transitional period with beige Marlene trousers, white sneakers and a pink oversized knit sweater. You too? I like color and especially on rainy, dark days, splashes of color in my outfit put me in a good mood. I wear a straw bag with it, which I’ve already enjoyed wearing in the summer. A few pieces from the warm season can also be worn really well in autumn.


Marlene trousers in beige, pink knit sweater, white sneakers, shoulder bag, cream-colored belt, oversized sunglasses

An autumn outfit for the transitional period with beige Marlene trousers, white sneakers, and an oversized pink knit sweater. In addition a straw bag, which I have already gladly carried in the summer. An autumn outfit for the transitional period with beige Marlene trousers, white sneakers, and an oversized pink knit sweater. In addition a straw bag, which I have already gladly carried in the summer. An autumn outfit for the transitional period with beige Marlene trousers, white sneakers, and an oversized pink knit sweater. In addition a straw bag, which I have already gladly carried in the summer.

Outfit 3: skinny jeans, combat boots and trench coat

The last styling of my little lookbook is a classic basic-casual autumn outfit. I combine black combat boots, a knit sweater and a nice beige trench coat with skinny jeans. This trench coat is pretty much perfect – great length, great color, comfortable material!


Gray Skinny Jeans, Brown Cable Sweater, Tan Trench Coat, Black Combat Boots, Chanel Wallet on Chain, Oversized Sunglasses

A classic basic casual autumn outfit. I combine black combat boots, a knit sweater and a nice beige trench coat with skinny jeans. A classic basic casual autumn outfit. I combine black combat boots, a knit sweater and a nice beige trench coat with skinny jeans. A classic basic casual autumn outfit. I combine black combat boots, a knit sweater and a nice beige trench coat with skinny jeans.

The post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I will receive a commission. The purchase price itself does not change for you, it is just a small appreciation for my work.


While we’re still enjoying the summer sun, it’s not too early to start thinking about the footwear trends for Fall 2022. The good news is that there really is something for everyone – from oversized rain boots to ballet shoes…

Fall is a time when fashion meets functionality. Your closet needs to be prepared for everything from unexpected heat waves to snow and rain.

Shoe trends in autumn 2022

Shoe trends autumn 2022 What's trendy

We’ve looked at the latest runway collections to find the key footwear trends for Fall 2022 you need to know about. There’s something for everyone in this list of 2022 footwear trends, whether you can’t live without your trusty flats or want to experiment with metallic shoes.



So just scroll down to find the most suitable fall trend for you!

These are the 8 hottest shoe trends for fall 2022

Shoe trends for fall 2022 Vivaia square ballerinas

What are the hottest shoe trends in fall 2022?

  1. Mary Janes

A shoe trend that is omnipresent on the Fall/Winter 2022 catwalk is called Mary Janes, or more precisely the shoe model that is known by this name around the world. These aren’t the Mary Janes you wore in the ’90s. No, these Mary Janes shoes keep up with the latest shoe trends. So Fall 2022 Mary Janes take things a step further, from oversized platforms to buckle detailing and wedge heels.

These Mary Janes are guaranteed to be the center of attention. From Prada to Versace to Bottega Veneta, all the major fashion houses had these shoes in their Fall/Winter 2022 collections.

Shoe trends in autumn 2022: are these the shoes your feet dream of?

Versace Medusa Aevitas Shoe Trends for Fall 2022

  1. Flat ballet shoes

Ballerina flats are the comeback kid among fall footwear trends for 2022. It’s time to emulate Parisian style by discovering your love for classic ballet shoes.

With the Balletcore aesthetic going viral across the internet, it’s no surprise these versatile shoes have made their way back onto the runway. While high heels are making a comeback post-pandemic, we’re not ready to ditch our trusty flats just yet.

Convenience and elegance in one

Shoe trends for fall 2022 Miu Miu satin ballet flats



  1. Leather motorcycle boots

Channel your inner misfit with these masculine motorcycle boots. No wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of fall boots. This season we are into leather motorcycle boots.

The fall 2022 motorcycle boots have a vintage look with a modern touch, complemented by stiletto heels and additional tassels. It’s no surprise that Balenciaga is pushing this footwear trend for Fall 2022 with the resurgence of its classic motorcycle-inspired handbags.

These boots are pretty cool, aren’t they?

Balenciaga Cagole leather ankle boots shoe trends for fall 2022

  1. “Wader” shoes

One type of shoe that has graced the runways of brands as diverse as ACNE Studios, Bottega Veneta and Chanel are the “Wader” shoes. These distinctive tall boots aren’t your usual over-the-knee boots.

What makes the wader boots special is that they have a wide silhouette that hits mid-thigh.

Unlike traditional boots that are worn with sweater dresses and maxi skirts, the so-called wader boots are a shoe model to go with when you want to go out on the town in a mini skirt and a tweet jacket.

A new shoe trend has conquered the catwalk!

Shoe Trends for Fall 2022 Burberry Porthole Wader Boots

  1. fur shoes

Fluffy textures are making a comeback in fall 2022. While faux fur is a staple on the runway, the fluffy pieces are popping up in the collections of almost every major designer.

Khaite is one of the designers helping us rediscover our love for faux fur.

These faux fur trend shoes will add a playful look to your Fall 2022 wardrobe, whether you like platform loafers or casual clogs with cozy faux fur.

Fluffy is hardly possible!

UGG fur shoes 2022 shoe trends in autumn

  1. metallic shoes

We fell head over heels in love with metallic shoes. From metallic mules to ABBA-style knee-high boots, metallic shoes are everywhere in Fall 2022.

With this shoe trend, you can refine your style in no time without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. Wear these shoes with a floral midi dress for a winter wedding or with a tailored pant suit.

The metallic look is a classic

Shoe trends for fall 2022 Prada metallic slingback pumps

  1. Knee high boots

Boots are an indispensable part of the autumn wardrobe. Autumn 2022 is all about creating the illusion of a second skin with narrow over-the-knee boots. These boots fit like a glove, elongating your legs and slimming your silhouette.

Our favorite fashion houses, from Burberry to Balenciaga, have embraced this fall 2022 footwear trend.

These second skin boots are the perfect way to style a leather maxi skirt or take a little black dress to the next level.

And this shoe trend has been close to the hearts of many women around the world for several decades

Shoe Trends for Fall 2022 Michael Costello x Revolve Marian Boots

  1. wedge heels

Another nostalgia trend that will celebrate a comeback in autumn 2022 is called wedge heels.

Fashion houses like Bottega Veneta and Tom Ford take up this trend and give it a modern look in the form of slingbacks, sandals and pumps.

Wedge heels are feminine and practical at the same time. That’s exactly what we women want, isn’t it?

Shoe Trends for Fall 2022 Moncler-W-Short-shearling-lined-suede-wedge-ankle-boots


The footwear trends for fall 2022 are all about rediscovering classic silhouettes and giving them a modern twist. The nine must-have shoes for the coming autumn 2022 are all models that combine fashion with functionality.

Be inspired by the following photo examples…

Fall shoes trends 2022 Mary Janes Mary Janes shoes fall trend 2022 Shoe Trends for Fall 2022 Proenza-Schouler-Stretch-leather-over-the-knee-boots Shoe trends for fall 2022 Raye bikini wedge sandals Shoe Trends for Fall 2022 Reformation Adina Chain Loafers Shoe trends for fall 2022 Kurt Geiger Stoop crystal biker boots Shoe Trends for Fall 2022 Saint Laurent Army DerbiesCELINE fur shoes Shoe trends in autumn 2022 Shoe trends fall 2022 examples Shoe trends autumn 2022 fur shoes Shoe trends fall 2022 flat shoes Shoe trends fall 2022 rubber boots Shoe trends autumn 2022 motorcycle boots Shoe trends autumn 2022 overknee Shoe trends fall 2022 sneakers

You’ve probably noticed that I often link the IVY OAK brand in my outfits. This doesn’t happen without a reason. When I was looking for the perfect dress for our civil wedding, I found what I was looking for at IVY OAK, for example. Since then, the label counts one of my favorite brands. I particularly liked them high-quality knitwear and coats!

Timeless fashion piecesthat can be combined in many ways – that’s how I like it. I now attach great importance to sustainable and, above all, long-lasting fashion. Fast fashion may be trendy and always up to date, but it is also more expensive in the long run compared to high quality, because you feel like you have to constantly buy the latest pieces to keep up with trends.

With simple evergreens in the box you can style yourself to match all year round instead. With one or the other accessory you set the necessary accents and bring color into your look. Similar to the article about the sustainable fashion brand ARMEDANGELS, I would like to share this article with you here on my fashion blog the fashion brand IVY OAK bring closer.

At IVY OAK you will find timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits. A new Brandlove post is online on the fashion blog

Minimalist and timeless: fashionable evergreens at IVY OAK

Minimalism is more relevant than ever, and this is exactly where the young Berlin label comes into play sustainable and above all timeless styles on. IVY OAK relies on durable yet contemporary aesthetics. If you’re looking for fast fashion, you’ve come to the wrong place. The young company’s vision is to to revolutionize the fashion industry and to question both consumer behavior and the industry behind it. Good this way!

Durable, fair and transparent – that’s what IVY OAK stands for

The founder of the label IVY OAK said in an interview: “We create fashion that outlives temporary trends and that cannot be pinned down to an age.” This describes the concept behind the fashion label exactly. It’s about outlasting short-lived trends and producing fashion that’s up-to-date at every age and every season.

The focus is not on the trend, but on personal style. The finest fabrics, fair production, at transparent and reasonable prices – that is what is important to IVY OAK. That’s why Caroline Gentz, the woman behind IVY OAK, designs high-quality clothing at reasonable prices.

Especially the bridal line is her heart project. It is important to her that wedding dresses can not only be worn one day, but can also be worn beyond that. With the idea of ​​designing wedding dresses in a fair and high-quality way for an average budget, Caroline Gentz ​​was able to successfully close a gap in the market. As previously mentioned my wedding dress for the civil marriage also by IVY OAK – a wonderful dress without a lot of frills, which was just perfect.

High-quality and affordable wedding dresses from IVY OAK

behind the scenes: Who is behind the label IVY OAK?

The IVY OAK label was founded in Berlin in 2016 by fashion designer Caroline Gentz. It is particularly important to her to create fashion consciously in order to also consume it consciously. Before she took the step into self-employment, she worked for Zalando as a designer for many years.

caroline is important fashion for eternity to create. Whether relaxed leisure fashion, casual business looks or special moments in life such as a wedding dress or maternity wear – her styles adapt to everyday life as well as to the special moments in life.

This thought is also reflected in the label itself. Ivy (IVY) stands for permanence and growth. The oak (OAK) forms the contrast and stands for stability and strength. The young entrepreneur also attaches great importance to transparency. in the IVY OAK online shop the price calculation for selected products is clearly visible.

What can you buy at IVY OAK?

You can find IVY OAK products either directly in the IVA OAK online shop or in various other online shops such as or Breuninger. When it comes to materials, IVY OAK is mainly based on natural fabrics with pleasant skin feeling like Tencel, wool or viscose – all from predominantly European suppliers.

Sophisticated but not aloof styles inspired by the label home of Berlin in a minimalist style with classic cuts are ideal for festive occasions. In addition to chic evening wear, the fashion brand also offers high quality and beautiful wedding dresses at that not only are suitable for civil marriages.

You will also find a huge selection of timeless office looks, Outfits for everyday life such as casual styles for on the go. The strong colors of the Berlin label ensure a strong appearance and no longer need any accessories: this ensures a modern and tidy look.

Feminine dresses, simple and chic coats, timeless knitwear, elegant skirts, stylish blouses as well as hip cocktail dresses and elegant jumpsuits – the IVY OAK online shop leaves hardly any (fashion) wishes unfulfilled. The right accessories, such as a warm hat for the winter, are also available.

At IVY OAK you will find timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits. A new Brandlove post is online on the fashion blog

How sustainable is IVY & OAK?

IVY OAK produces 80% of the collection in Europe, offsetting all CO₂ emissions and regularly investing in climate protection. Making conscious decisions is one of the values ​​the Berlin label stands for. In addition to using organic cotton and recycled cardboard, the company also puts on sustainable and responsible business practices. By a conscious production the fashion label wants to reduce the ecological footprint and achieve maximum social impact.

Caroline Gentz ​​believes that transparency is essential for positive change in fashion. It is therefore particularly important to her to openly present the footprint of their fashion label – so that customers can understand the sales prices exactly.

Fast Fashion vs Sustainable Capsule Collection

Luxury quality does not have to be expensive. By eliminating traditional commercial masses, unnecessary middlemen and the associated costs, IVY OAK affordable and above all timeless fashion at fair prices to offer.

sustainability is for IVY OAK timeless and not a trend. That’s why the label combines sustainable, recyclable materials with fair production and short transport routes. Conscious design is a basic requirement for every collection. This is exactly why maternity wear can also be worn when you are not pregnant. There is now a separate kids’ collection! Especially the oversized knit sweaters are so cute on the little ones.

Customer opinion is particularly valuable to the label. That is why the exchange with customers is particularly important, because the fashion brand is not only interested in being accepted because of the styles, but also as a holistic concept. The lifespan of a garment is already determined when it is designed. The IVY OAK label is focused on no longer designing fashion seasonally, but designing them wearable all year round close.

Exclusive fashion for women – my IVY OAK experiences

I think my enthusiasm for this label speaks for itself. In addition, the IVY OAK experiences in my circle of friends are consistently positive. At first glance, a high quality, stylish and timeless wardrobe may seem a bit expensive. However, if you extrapolate the parts over the years and compare this expenditure with trendy fast fashion it-pieces, you will be amazed at the serious price difference. That’s all I’m saying, quality over quantity!

Quality pays off – in every respect. With the necessary basics and matching accessories, you can fulfill any dress code! Whether for the office, at brunch with your best friend or for the next party – with timeless classics you are always dressed stylishly and fashionably.

Do you already have one or two pieces from IVY OAK hanging in your closet?

At IVY OAK you will find timeless pieces for beautiful everyday outfits. A new Brandlove post is online on the fashion blog


This fall we dream of feeling casual, comfortable but also sexy and elegant. No garment can make us feel better than jeans. That’s why today we have put together the most beautiful combinations in the style of the French woman. Elegant European women have their own tricks for gently and naturally combining denim with other items of clothing. We present you some examples from Instagram and Tiktok and some incredibly easy styling ideas for every day. Make fall 2022 your fashion season!

Which jeans are trendy in autumn 2022?

jeans fall 2022 currently a girl le louvre

French Tuck: The best French styling trick

jeans fall 2022 women mom jeans and flair

The fashion trend in autumn 2022 offers us diversity! Especially in the denim world. Now more and more women wear jeans for special occasions or in everyday life and in the office. If you’re looking for a sophisticated outfit, opt for a satin shirt and oversized blazer with blue denim. This will keep you comfortable and comfortable at work all day long!

Flaired jeans with a white t-shirt

Would you like to wear something simple, casual and yet unisex? Smart casual dress code for women: An oversized white t-shirt tucked into a pair of jeans is the perfect everyday choice. Whether you’re going to the neighborhood market or to a coffee with friends, put on these clothes, put on your sneakers or rubber boots and throw on a cardigan. If you want to add a touch of French style to your hairstyle, tie your hair up with a hair tie. Gold-colored jewelery makes a top accessory for fall 2022. What are you still missing? A basket wheel and a bandana. Bon voyage!

Jeans fall 2022: styling ideas from French women

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70s style – elegant autumn outfit

The style of the 70’s is back: elegant jackets in the style of Jackie Kennedy, but not with an elegant, formal knee-length skirt, but with jeans! A cropped blazer goes well with shorter jeans that hit above the ankle. The shoes should be unconventional but stylish, e.g. B. classic loafers or chunky loafers.

Wide-leg jeans and bootcut jeans are totally IN now

jeans fall 2022 bootcut

Jeans with vest and coat for the cold days

The street style of French women often includes a blouse with a cardigan or vest without sleeves and a coat of cream and beige tones. This season, it’s a good idea to opt for ocher wool jackets and coats. They go perfectly with jeans of any color.

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Oversized checked blazer with jeans

Voluminous blazers are also a hit this fall! Hurry up and stock at least one of these clothes in your wardrobe – if it’s checked, it goes even better with the autumn outfit and the rainy mood.

Marlene jeans with bustier

Do you want to be instantly more attractive? Bustiers are super trendy in 2022. They add elegance and femininity to your figure and are great to combine with jeans of a contrasting color. Like the Marlene jeans, for example! Now all you have to do is think about bustiers that will make you look even more glamorous. And which bag will you choose – small or large? Imagine you are a French girl!


Jeans trends 2022 are really fascinating and they are a reason to look forward to autumn. It was really fun looking at all the tendencies to give you a piece of this one. They are really practical and suitable for different body types. Casual, but at the same time super stylish and yet they give us scope for emphasizing our own individuality. These are the jeans trends for this year, which will now be picked up again in autumn. Surely you will find something for yourself, which you will also combine with other tendencies.

Jeans that accentuate the waistline are super trendy

prada jeans trends 2022

Jeans trends 2022 for an elegant retro look

Very long jeans in a straight line are super trendy this year. They spread a certain retro flair on the fashion podiums. This now spreads to the streets in autumn. With these models, the variety of colors and textures is very striking.



One likes to carry out the jeans in saturated nuances. Tight, asymmetrical tops, also off the shoulder if you like, go wonderfully with it.

Some 2022 jeans trends are inspired by great artisan looks

great jeans trends great ideas


artisan style

We just invented this term, but it ideally describes the next trend that we will come to. There are many jeans models with many different pockets. They remind us a bit of the craftsman trousers. In some cases very much so. However, the provocation of this type of jeans trends 2022 is that it manages to combine this rough type of design with incredible elegance. It is best to pair such trousers with tops with few details. This way you avoid mistakes in your fall look. However, sometimes you could experiment with the opposite. The tops could also show eccentric details and accessories. Make sure that the decorative elements of the two garments harmonize well with each other.

Do you like wearing denim skirts? In 2022 they are super topical!

elegant modern tendencies trends ideas

Emphasize the waist in your own way

Emphasis on the waist has been a major theme in fashion for the past few seasons. But it took a while before this trend was integrated into denim fashion. This year, the models with a very high waist are up to date. This can sometimes be emphasized with an interesting belt shape or original pockets underneath. Such jeans models are often preferred by creative and self-confident women in their thirties and forties. Hip jeans, also known as baggy jeans, have a low waist and are wide. They are ideal for really slim ladies in their 20s and also for teenagers. Model-looking women of all ages could benefit as well. Which of the two variants would you prefer?

Two great trends are combined here – the high waist line and the jeans in a straight line

straight jeans 2022 - interesting ideas



Fancy a denim skirt?

It’s felt in recent years that denim skirts are something for people from the last century. We hardly found them on the fashion podiums anymore. Hardly anyone dared to wear them on the street. But jeans trends 2022 bring them back. There even seems to be a kind of revenge. We find denim skirts in a wide variety of lengths. However, what is particularly striking is that they also have attractive side slits.

Many retro looks were revived this year

models great ideas jeans trends 2022

The matching jeans accessories!

Yes, we also deal with a large variety of jeans accessories! What is striking is that these are consistent with the second trend shown. They are just a bit coarser and in the craftsman style. We found it particularly provocative that many denim jackets have shoulder pads. Although such models are not suitable for every figure, they are often ideal in combination with tight dresses and pants. So give it a try! There are great bags, as well as denim hats!

Wide and with pockets – such jeans models are also super in!

summer trends ideas jeans trends 2022


The 2022 jeans trends also confirm something that applies to fashion in general – timelessness. You can wear anything, so to speak. Adhering to a certain current fashion line is not as urgent as it used to be. A current look works well when you combine classic denim pants, skirts or accessories with good-looking modern clothes!

Our videos and pictures will give you even more inspiration on this exciting topic.

You don’t necessarily have to follow current trends! You can also combine them with other modern ideas!
wide jeans with elegant shoes

Rediscover the variety of denim skirts in 2022

jeans skirt jeans trends 2022

The jeans are ideal for the transition from summer to autumn! There are so many great models this year!

combination of fashionable jeans and great accessories

Combining modern creative and traditional elements is up to date

modern jeans outfoit trends ideas

Combine saturated and bright colors in your trendy jeans look

retro saturated colors trends 2022

Stay seductively beautiful in autumn with great trendy jeans

great jeans great trends

Do you find the current jeans trends for 2022 just as great and exciting as we do?

great jeans trends 2022


When it gets cooler, it’s about time that we sew a neck sock. Have you never done this before? Or is it? In the first case, you probably thought that this was way too complicated. Actually, making a DIY sock is pretty easy. Modern as well! First, sewing a neck sock is trendy because we are dealing with an upcycling idea. Secondly, you could use it to make a minimalist and seamless outfit stand out with a simple current accent. These are just two of the fashion tips for sewing a neck sock that we will discuss in more detail. It is our concern that your neck socks look modern in terms of fabric, size and the way they are worn. After that, it will probably be easier for you to orient yourself as to which of the wonderful instructions for sewing the neck sock is right for you. At the end of the article you will find three DIY videos on the subject that we have selected for you.

Choose modern patterns and colors for a contemporary look

blue neck sock with dots

Choose the right fabric and sew a neck sock

If you sew a neck sock yourself, you will realize a charming upcycling idea. Whether it also looks modern is another question. That largely depends on the fabric you choose. Check out your clothes for fall.



What kind of textiles dominate in it? The neck sock you choose should match.

You can set a retro accent with the neck sock

great blue neck sock do it yourself diy neck sock


A multifunctional neck sock

Multifunctionality is clearly trendy and can easily be achieved even when sewing a neck sock. If you want to sew a neck sock yourself, you have several options in this regard. Here are some of them:

  • A neck sock with two different sides;
  • An elastic neck sock that can also be used as a hair band;
  • A neck sock made of matching natural fabric that can also be used as a bracelet – for jewelry or to prevent sweating during sports.

With monochrome outfits, the neck sock could become a great accent

make an elegant scarf yourself sew a neck sock

Be creative with the width and size of the neck sock!

The modern look of accessories in recent seasons often comes from the original size. You can sew a neck sock that is slightly wider or narrower than usual. This applies to both the edge and the loop. Very tight neck socks are particularly popular with women because they go very well with elegant tight outfits. The broader ones, in turn, can sometimes be developed twice. In some cases you can tie an additional small bow.

Among the old clothes you can find a lot of great fabrics that become the vintage accessory of the art neck sock

glamorous design a neck sock



Choose colors and patterns of the season!

This tip is probably obvious and logical, but we must not omit it. Find out what the trend colors and patterns of the season are. In this way, the neck sock helps you to experiment with them. So not sure if a certain shade or fashion pattern really suits you? Then use this preferably for a neck sock! This way you can see whether the new trends impress you without investing a lot of money in new clothes. If the current colors and patterns look good on you, you can still buy clothes in them until the end of the season. In this case, of course, there is less talk of upcycling. In the interest of the very modern colors and patterns, you will probably have to buy some fabric. But sometimes the new is simply the well-forgotten old. So, maybe you will also find clothes that look very modern among old clothes that are suitable for upcycling.

Autumn is coming soon. These colors here would be in tune with this season

neck sock current trends and ideas

Sew a neck sock and set a retro accent

Let’s get back to the topic of upcycling! The retro accents are an ongoing trend in both fashion and design. You can easily set one by making a neck sock yourself from the fabric of old clothes.

Asymmetrical accent as a neck sock

Among other things, you could use asymmetrical sewing patterns when sewing a neck sock. If you don’t find any, you can change the usual models a bit. Furthermore, you could adjust the finished neck sock a little asymmetrically when you put it on. This is how you achieve the desired effect! Asymmetric accessories are definitely trendy at the moment! This is a wonderful opportunity to experiment with it!

You can get creative with adjusting the size and width of the scarf

Sew autumn colored scarf neck sock

Combine holster socks with a scarf

You could sew a neck sock and use it to complement the scarf. This solution would be practical and very modern for late autumn and winter. In principle, this accessory is used to protect the neck from cold and to remain elegant at the same time. In contrast to the scarf, the neck sock is simply hidden under the jacket. However, with some modern outfits you can also achieve the opposite effect. An elegant winter look with tight-fitting dresses and coats can benefit greatly from combining a neck sock with a wider scarf.

What do you think of our fashion tips for wearing a slip cloth? It can become quite a trendy accessory, right? So would you like to sew a neck sock? Hopefully the following videos will be of help to you!

You can combine a neck sock with a scarf
great trendy neck socks - modern ideas and trends

You can style the neck sock somewhat asymmetrically

neck sock sewing diy tips and tricks

Stay stylish and healthy in autumn and winter!

scarf for winter and autumn


I seem to hear women who are still concerned about their looks hairstyles for women over 60 that make you younger care, or are you one of those who want to make a new style change but can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, the works you see in the images below will lead you to a different look and a younger age. Yes, ladies, we want a little courage and a little nobility. I think you precious women always deserve good looks and the best of everything.

Women 60+ inspire us all with their cool style choices. From glamorous to casual and everything in between, today’s hottest hairstyles for older women show they can nail any trend perfectly. After all, they shouldn’t let their age stop them from looking and feeling their best! From long hairstyles to short hairstyles and everything in between, this hairstyle list will show you some of the most popular hairstyles for mature women.

Many people think that hairstyles for older women should be less glamorous and more practical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and appealing. In fact, there are several flattering ones Hairstyles for women over 60that make you look younger. There are many ways to take care of your hair and keep it looking young.

Confident women: hairstyles for women over 60 that make younger

If you’re over 60, chances are you’ve forgotten how to choose a hairstyle that makes you look younger. Some women over 60 feel that they should wear their hair long and straight because they feel their age or because it’s an easy way to look good. But that’s one of the worst ideas you can have. The problem with long hairstyles for older women is that they often require frequent haircuts and treatments to keep them looking their best. In addition, longer hairstyles usually hide skin changes and make the face appear older than it actually is.

Finding the perfect haircut is a real team effort. It can be difficult to decide what you want to look like when you’re no longer wondering what your favorite movie star looked like in his heyday. Getting a haircut can be a complicated process, especially when so many of us are used to long hair. If you’re feeling dated, these hairstyles for women over 60 are a great way to feel younger and bolder than ever. We have the most beautiful hairstyles for women over 60 that make you youngerthat make you look younger and prettier.


There are so many beautiful hairstyles for women over 60 that it can be difficult to choose. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites to help you find the perfect look that suits your face shape and personality.

Hairstyles for women over 60 aren’t easy, but these amazing looks prove that it’s possible to look good with less effort.