The bathrobe is the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear at home in winter. Imagine getting up early in the morning and looking for something to put on your back before going to the bathroom. At such moments, you always wish you had a soft bathrobe at hand, right? If you don’t already have one, stock up now. And Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. You already know what gift you want when your partner asks you!

Bathrobe for cozy winter days: Pleasant feeling on the skin

cozy fleece bathrobe

Which bathrobe material suits you?

The bathrobe is usually made of absorbent material such as towel or cotton. But if you are looking for more than that, namely a piece of casual clothing made from a soft and skin-friendly fabric, you have several options to choose from.


Why a fleece bathrobe? Of course, when it comes to winter, everyone would be happy to wear fleece. The fleece fabric is a 100% synthetic fabric, although the name translated from English means fleece, meaning sheep’s wool.

A fleece bathrobe is extremely light, soft, breathable and warm, making it an excellent choice for winter. With such a bathrobe you will feel very light, because the fabric has high hygroscopicity. The fabric absorbs water vapor and directs it to the outside, creating a comfortable microclimate for the skin.

These bathrobes are good companions in the spa when you need to warm up after a massage and in the bathroom to keep you cool. If you prefer to wear it at home, we recommend a model with a hood and pockets for greater comfort. Fleece is very pleasant on the skin and many prefer such pajamas in winter. The Hunkemöller bathrobe can also be washed in the washing machine and dries super quickly afterwards.

A soft robe with wrap closure and side pockets

Hanging bathrobe in the white room

satin bathrobe

The satin bathrobe will definitely make you feel like a main character in a movie. Romantic, very light and soft on the skin, this material is suitable for warm-hearted women who don’t need the warmth of a turtleneck. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re wondering what to get your mum, girlfriend or sister, the Hunkemöller bathrobe is a great gift idea.

What do you think about the combination of satin and fleece?

satin bathrobe with fleece lining

Tip for men: If so, we can tell you a secret: the satin bathrobe is the gift every woman dreams of. The dressing gown is a dream come true. It is easy to transport (in luggage), takes up little space and is easy to carry. So slip it on over a dress and put on your make-up without worrying about soiling your garment.

Gentle robe for special moments

make-up dressing gown made of satin at home


The main advantage of the velor bathrobe is its soft and plush texture, which makes it comfortable to wear and touch.

If you’re a fan of suede, you already know that it’s pretty gentle on your skin. It is easy to clean and dries quickly. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to wash it in the washing machine often, you can wipe it with a slightly damp cotton cloth.

You can take it to the sauna. The fabric is very durable, making it a good choice for a garment as commonly used as a dressing gown.

The ideal gift for women or men in winter is a high-quality bathrobe

bathrobe made of hunkemoller velor