Over time, wrinkles begin to form on the forehead, and ladies begin to think about which hairstyle has the strongest anti-aging effect. The fashion consensus holds that a skillfully chosen haircut with bangs actually makes a lady look younger. But is that really true? In this article, we give valuable tips on whether you need to choose a hairstyle with bangs. Here are some things to consider regarding age and hair type. Bangs – yes, or no? These haircuts with bangs make you look older.

Which bangs make you look older?

with or without bangs

Is there an age limit for the right fringe hairstyle? Many women with (medium) long hair, even if they have not worn bangs, opt for a haircut with bangs to hide the wrinkles on their forehead. It is true that this is one of the advantages of the bangs. Ladies who love the timeless pixie cut also enjoy great styled and chic looking pony variants. But if you’ve picked the wrong bangs or don’t have the skill to show off the fringes, the bangs can quickly turn into a fashion disaster.

Bangs – yes, or no? What you need to consider

Any kind of nonsensical components in your mane will make you appear unkempt and “exhausted”. This has the immediate effect of making you look older than you are.

The fringe should harmonize well with the hairstyle and the shape of the face

Before you get a bangs cut, you should consider these four essential points:

  • What is your face type (round, square, heart-shaped or oval)?
  • What is your hair texture (thin, straight, thick or curly)?
  • What is your current haircut and will bangs flatter the face shape and enhance the hairstyle?
  • What bangs are in fashion right now (because you don’t want to look dated)?

Wedge cut with bangs

wedge cut with bangs bangs yes or no

What does a pony do to the face?

A hairstyle with bangs can completely redefine your face. Bangs – yes, or no? Consider the shape of the face to answer the question.

Bangs hairstyles for older ladies

bright mirren bob with fringed bangs

  • at round faces it is advisable to create a certain asymmetry. Too precisely cut and long forehead fringes or those with a center part can distort the face further.
  • Heart Shaped Faces don’t look good with micro bangs. It’s all about small bangs that end in the middle of the forehead. Such pony hairstyles make the face look rather elongated.
  • Square Faces: Stay away from wide or sharp bangs, as well as blunt bobs that end at the length of the jawline. Both variants would overemphasize the sharp corners of this face shape and make the face appear wider.
  • Oval Faces: Most fringe hairstyles go well! Layered fringes are ideal.

Pony hairstyle for thin hair

fringe hairstyles yes or no bixie with bangs

Layered, soft fringes flatter oval faces

Bangs that make you look older

If you are a lady over 50, you should avoid the following bangs styles that make you look unnecessarily older. These hairstyles have no anti-aging effect.

The fake bangs look whimsical

kendall jenner bad bangs hairstyle

#whispy bangs

The feathery fringe is a very subtle type of fringe that uses a razor to reduce the bulk of the hair. The bangs look breezy and don’t do the job of effectively covering the forehead. As hair thins with age, these bangs make hair look even more tired and brittle. Bangs are also capricious when it comes to styling: they have to be kept voluminous by blow-drying, and if they stick to the forehead due to sweat, they look whimsical and unkempt.

Wispy bangs make you look older

whispy bangs which hairstyle makes you age

#Oily unshaped bangs

If you have thin hair, the bangs may not be able to accumulate enough texture to add aesthetic value. With some layering, the bangs fall in streaks on the forehead, which doesn’t look good.

Shapeless bangs make you look older

thin and unstyled what is not modern

Unstyled XXL side bangs, which you might wear with an updo, also look too severe and don’t necessarily have an anti-aging effect.

The long, conservative bangs make you look older

long bangs with an updo

#Blunt and round

Sharp cut bangs with rounded edges are dated and will make you look inadequate, especially if you have an oval face shape and very straight hair.

Old fashioned bangs make you look older

blunt and round which bangs age