Napoleon cakes and tarts show us how complex and elegant-looking pastries can actually be quite easy to make. This type of cake can be prepared in at least 3 ways. As usual, we have selected great videos with recipes for you. The text aims to give you an insight into the many possibilities for preparing Napoleon cakes. We would also like to take away your fear of it. Because the Napoleon cake is something that is pretty easy and quick to make.

The Napoleon cake works easily, but can be appropriate for different occasions

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What is a must with the Napoleon cake?

The Napoloen cake is simple and the obligatory ingredients are actually not that many. There is no way you can skip the dough and cream when making Napoleon cakes. You could buy these ready-made or make them yourself.



Of course, that makes a big difference in how long it takes to finish this cake. It is also about the decoration of the Napoleon cake. Gladly one covers this with grated almonds. You could also decorate the cake with fruit. Sometimes there is chocolate icing on top as well.

Decorating with almonds and strawberries is considered a classic!

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Fine and crunchy variant

The simpler variant for the Napoleon cake is made with puff pastry. This is mainly because you could buy it ready-made from the store. Instead, however, you could prepare the different layers between the cream yourself with a little flour and baking powder. The first variant is much finer, gentler and melts in the mouth. The second one is crunchier and this one suits the taste of many people much better. The baking time of this variant of the Napoleon cake is of course a little longer. You can actually make the puff pastry yourself. More on that soon…

Depending on whether you use puff pastry or make the different layers of the Napoleon cake yourself with flour and baking powder, it will be finer or crunchy!

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Healthier options always work

Anyone who is interested in healthy eating knows that there is almost no cake left that cannot be prepared in a healthy way. It is not necessarily more difficult, but sometimes even easier. You can now buy the soft dough in whole grain or gluten-free versions. Find out here how to make puff pastry yourself! We did some research on this topic and chose this blog article for you. Incidentally, you can also bake the puff pastry without an egg.More about this here.

Can the Napoleon cake be vegan and healthy? Yes, definitely!

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Classic and healthier, as well as vegan cream for Napoleon cakes

For the original recipe you need sweetened condensed milk. Do you have an intolerance to milk or are you vegan? Would you simply like to avoid milk because it is fatty and not particularly healthy? As promised in the title and at the beginning of the article, we refer you to different variants that are vegan and in line with the latest health trends, among others. Firstly, you could replace the usual milk with vegan ones. This is a good idea, especially for people who want to eat animal-free. You could also use a yoghurt cream or skyr instead of the usual ones. This takes you a bit away from the usual taste of Napoleon cakes or tarts. But on the other hand, this makes it much more airy, healthier and lighter.

So, did we convince you that Napoleon cakes and tarts can be prepared in different ways? The healthy and vegan variants are also popular because they taste a little different. We always enjoy variety, don’t we? Maybe some of you would try both the classic and all the other recipes? So you can always use something different for different occasions.

For a change, you can use the classic recipe or a different one

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The good thing about this type of cake is that you can easily vary the size. You decide how much puff pastry and how much cream there is in it!

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Sometimes the recipe works much easier with ready-made cream and is healthier

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Would you rather take the crunchy or the softer version of the Napoleon cake?

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You can make a Napoleon cake with wholemeal flour and it will be healthier as a result

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For which occasion would you like to prepare the Napoleon cake?

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