Summer recedes, but late summer brings with it a rich color palette. Autumn bouquets of flowers look out of the windows of the flower shops and the weekly markets also offer a colorful selection. Even if you ride your bike through the field yourself, you will be mesmerized by the splendor of the autumn flowers. The garden colonies also bloom in Indian summer and the mood is different from the gloomy one usually associates with autumn. Why is that and what important role the floral decorations and bouquets play, we would like to discuss below.

For this purpose we help ourselves with inspirational image material, which may also gently prepare you, our readers, for the transition to autumn.

Autumn bouquets – an encounter with nature that is full of insights

autumn bouquets of flowers thorn

Autumn bouquets and why are they so important for our decoration ideas?

Flowers surround us so naturally that we often perceive them as an ordinary occurrence. As a result, we humans are gradually forgetting to enjoy the beauty that nature offers us completely freely and free of charge. We admit that the distractions of media and brightly colored images are powerful and aggressive.



That’s why we thought – the late summer is so wonderful and magnificent that we can write a whole article about it. So we would like to draw your attention to autumn bouquets, delicate and natural, like the flowers themselves.

Spending more time in nature always brings benefits. If you don’t have time, you can simply enjoy a delicious coffee at the weekly market and be sure to buy a fresh bunch of seasonal flowers or have them put together. Unbelievable, but true – the dried flowers can also represent a magnificent and quite natural bouquet.

Once you start observing nature intensively, especially in late summer, you will be able to put together new and magnificent bouquets of autumn flowers every day

autumn bouquets of flowers heather


Just getting on a bike and riding through the fields can be a great and very personal late autumn gift

autumn bouquets of flowers wonderful

Floristic ideas that combine nature and culture result in magically beautiful and quite autumnal bouquets

autumn bouquets of flowers



Regardless of the occasion, autumn bouquets should be bought or made yourself

Which flowers are suitable for which occasion? If you just look around, you will be amazed to find that the flowers are blooming in full splendor for us personally, for no reason or reason. Why do we always need a reason to give away beauty or to be able to experience it? Weddings, birthdays, but also dates can be combined with wonderful bouquets of flowers. If you want to attract attention or stand out, then give autumn bouquets of flowers! Whether you pick them yourself in the garden or in the field or have them elegantly arranged by the florist on the corner, always try to keep the Indian Summer mood. Nature always vibrates in the finest harmony, especially when it comes to colors and shapes.

So make an imaginative arrangement with flowers and leaves that catch your eye and use them to decorate your home! You will be amazed at the change that just a few flowers can bring to the room.

The late summer and fall color palette includes the colors and even the moments to be experienced throughout the year

autumn bouquets wild with raspberry leaf herbs

Even dried, the autumn bouquets are a magnificent bouquet

autumn bouquets wildflowers

We can enjoy and admire magenta, violet, orange, sunny yellow and everything in rich and full color nuances in autumn

autumn bouquets of flowers wedding bridal bouquet autumn decoration selebr make

The wilder and more unusual the autumn bouquets of flowers, the closer you are to the great work of the artist called nature

autumn bouquets rural autumn flowers

All arrangements are conceivable, because autumn offers an inexhaustible supply of great shapes, colors and possibilities

autumnal bouquets of flowers wedding bridal bouquet pumpkin

Deep insights are possible through autumn bouquets of flowers

Autumn bouquets and decorations for weddings or outdoor celebrations in October are particularly romantic. The golden autumn is also particularly popular for photographers who want to capture all the color nuances of autumn and immortalize them in pictures. So ripe and so bountiful is nature in autumn, when there are many lasting flowers and fruits.

Although autumn is associated with bad weather and melancholy, one should keep one’s senses awake, also for the glorious moments in one and the same season. Before winter finally sets in, nature puts on a grandiose spectacle for us. We are to slow down just for a moment and accept the great gift. The quickest and shortest way to grasp the miracle of life is actually through autumn bouquets of flowers. The wilder and more unusual the bouquets of flowers, the closer we are to the work of the greatest artist of all.

Many nature lovers advise that you shouldn’t pick flowers and give them away alive in pots. When we’re so close to Thanksgiving, we’d rather say that one should gratefully embrace the beauty and fill the senses with perfect colors and shapes for the harsh and dreary time of winter.

Enjoy every moment and every season, because these are unique and one-off affairs!

Especially at the wedding you can surprise the bride with autumn bouquets

autumn bouquets of flowers wedding bridal bouquet

autumn bouquets of flowers red orange

autumn bouquets magical

autumn bouquets of flowers field

autumnal bouquets rural autumn flowers october

bouquet of autumn flowers red

autumn bouquets of flowers field september

autumn bouquets of flowers field dry

autumn bouquets rural autumn flowers