We tend to spend a lot of time in the bathroom in the morning. Women in particular feel good if they could take their time in the bathroom. At this place they have the opportunity to beautify their appearance and to better prepare for their everyday life. Of course, makeup and styling are a key part of being high in self-confidence. If you are also one of these women and your bathroom defines your personality, you should definitely check out our article today. We’d love to show you how to turn your bathroom into your very own concert hall. With a few tips and tricks, your old bathroom can become your dream place. We would be happy to advise you today on how you could redesign your bathroom.

In today’s article you will learn the most important thing about how you could redesign your old bathroom

place plants in the bathroom and beautiful ideas.jfif

Redesign the bathroom: 6 tips for showcasing your bathroom

The bathroom should be designed to reflect our inner energy and balance. You will renovate your small bathroom with our stylish furnishing recommendations. Just let yourself be inspired.

These simple tricks guarantee living comfort in your bathroom

white bathroom and furnishing ideas how to redesign the bathroom

#Expand your bathroom

Everyone knows that the larger squares give us a sense of freedom and breadth. For this reason, we recommend that you create more space in your bathroom. This will make you feel freer and calmer. Especially when you are in the shower and stumble over your bathroom accessories and bottles or wall shelves more and more often, the time has come to give your bathroom an update. More order will not hurt you at all, but do you a favor.

By following our tips, you will look forward to refreshing your bathroom

modern bathroom ideas and beautiful inspirations

#Storage of the small accessories

Make your life easier by carefully organizing your products. This way you will properly store your toiletries and beauty products. The familiar chaos will no longer rule. If you are a fan of the Scandinavian furnishing style, the small design boxes are perfect for your practical storage of nail polish and cotton pads. In white, they look really beautiful and calming. In addition, white is a sign of cleanliness.

Don’t forget to store your accessories properly

redesign the bathroom and plan the space correctly

#No more drilling, but gluing

Don’t be afraid to start over. Attaching the new bathing details might sound difficult, but in fact it isn’t. A simple rule applies here – glue instead of drilling. Sticking will do a lot more good than harm. The most important thing is that you will not damage the walls. Consider that the bathroom accessories should be more durable. In order to achieve this goal, we recommend that you prepare the surface beforehand with the enclosed primer cloth.

Don’t damage your walls anymore, apply sticking

the bathroom no longer drills but glues

#Add new details

In addition to all the worries about creating space, the search for new towels and small design elements should not be missed. These range from high-quality toothbrush cups to toilet brushes. Don’t forget these little essentials because they would bring a change in the boring toilet. Our fashion recommendation for your bathroom is to combine different furnishing styles and experiment more and more.

The small fashionable details work wonderfully and enchant the area

bathroom redesign and modern bathroom ideas and inspiration

#Mix design and colors

Mix up designs and try contrasting colors. In 2022, metal colors and matt black will be in trend. The more colorful, the happier. Additionally, white and gray work really well together because they bring calmness and breadth.

Experiment with colors and interior styles

furnishing ideas and bathroom ideas and inspiration bathroom redesign

Create #plant atmosphere

The plants bring a cosiness and a sense of well-being. The hanging indoor plants and the flower pots are perfect for the high edges of your renovated bathroom. By using different textiles, your bathroom will get a whole new look. With this in mind, the bright colors are an ideal way of setting provocative accents in your bathroom. Light colors are recommended for smaller rooms. Choose plain-colored curtains to make the space look wider. By inserting metal rings or a boho rug, your bathroom gets a convincing final look.

The plants in the bathroom create the green and calm atmosphere by turning your bathroom into an oasis

Place plants in the bathroom and renovate a small bathroom

#Stimulate the positive mood

Normally we don’t think of wall decorations and artworks when it comes to our bathroom. The creative wall decoration could add mood to your bathroom and influence you positively. With a creatively designed mirror, your wall will look more luxurious. A metal lamp also ensures the harmonious atmosphere of your bathroom.

Encourage the best mood by taking care of creativity in the bathroom

a woman in the bathroom who is happy and has positive vibes.jfif

#must haves

A scented soap combined with soft towels are must-have bathroom details to achieve better comfort. If possible, you could install a nice music box. It will help stimulate your best mood. With the box you could connect your mobile phone and enjoy listening to music while showering. No wonder good music could solve any problem. The soft toilet paper is also not to be underestimated. It adds warmth to the bath and helps you really relax and enjoy the bath.

The soap is one of the best must-haves

must haves accessories for a bathroom and bathroom remodel

We have summarized the latest trends in bathroom design ideas in a nutshell. Follow the 2022 beautiful trends and give your bathroom a dream refreshment. Only then will you enjoy your time in the bath and truly relax in your tub. Don’t forget that the outside atmosphere has an impact on your inner world. Therefore, you should pay attention to the furnishings in your apartment. Create space and feel freedom! Good luck and see you soon!


With the party hairstyle at night you shine like a star. Don’t you wanna be the prettiest girl of the night? Nowadays people compete with each other in search of different combination even for party. Hairstyles have the power to make an ordinary woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable. So if you don’t try many hairstyles, some attractive hairstyles can give you an appealing look and for the girls who always love to style their hair with some new and trendy hairstyles, the adorable and unique hairstyles can make you alluring and charming looks like never before. party hairstyle can make your precious moments unforgettable.

If you are a party lover looking for a unique and trendy hairstyle for the next occasion, you have come to the right place. We have some amazing ones party hairstyles for you that will give you a different and appealing appeal. So next time you go to a party, try these attractive party hairstyles to have a new chic look for every party that will always make you stand out from the crowd.

Here is the easiest party hairstyles for you

We’ll help you find it Party hairstyles and help you make the right decisions. We look forward to welcoming you back to say thank you when you return from the night of partying. The images and hairstyles you see below have been researched and studied by a professional team. Come on girls, let’s find out which hairstyle suits you at the party to leave your rivals behind!


High ponytail

This look works best if you straighten your hair before styling. It is best to use heat spray to protect the structure. Wrap a thick section of hair around the high ponytail and secure with bobby pins in your hair color.

Braided crown

This style is another simple one, but it looks like you put a lot of effort into it. This type of crown braid only uses sections from the sides of your head and leaves the rest of your hair open. The first thing you should do is take a brush comb to make sure you don’t have any knots or tangles.

If you want to make a smaller braid and leave the rest of your hair out, take a small section of hair behind your ear and braid it however you like. A simple three-strand braid is obviously easier, but you can adjust it however you like.

When you are done with your braids, secure them with an elastic band. Wrap the braid around the back of your head and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat the same on the other side with another small section of hair and secure it with another elastic band and pin.

For a looser look, remove the elastics once secured with bobby pins and gently tug on the braids to make them look fuller and taller. You can leave the hair under the braids as is or style it however you like!

micro bob

Micro bob haircut. This is one of our most popular Bob haircut styles. The front hair ends somewhere at your jawline while the back hair hits right at the nape of your neck. The front can be divided as desired.

Half Ponytail

If you can’t decide between loose and updo hair, then a combo of the two is perfect. You can simply gather your top hair into a small ponytail or messy bun – the half bun is done. For a severe look, simply pull back your entire top hair, for a toned-down version, let your bangs fall in the front of your face.

Braided front

Is your hair not long enough for a proper herringbone or elaborate braiding? This is not even necessary for a cool party look. In fact, even simple braids in the front are enough. A little tip: so that you can do without a hair tie, work hairspray into the affected areas.

Medium length wavy bob

Currently trendy bob haircuts are moving away from the classic stiff shape to blunt-cut straight lines that hang just above the shoulders. These styles are much fuller and suitable for thin hair.

Short tight curls on natural hair

Make the most of your natural hair and showcase it by growing out the short and tight curls on top in a sort of Afro way. Make them stand out by coloring or highlighting the hair on top in a different, contrasting color.

You can get help by sharing the hairstyles in the images below with your barber.


Autumn is a wonderful season. While the temperatures outside are gradually falling and it gets really cool in the mornings and evenings, the chrysanthemums in the garden show us their colorful blossoms. They surprise us with the size and colors of their flowers. Depending on the type of chrysanthemum, they are colored red, yellow, orange, purple or white, one more beautiful than the other. Every flower lover is enthusiastic about this natural beauty in delicate shades. In fact, the garden chrysanthemums are considered easy-care perennials. However, there are some common chrysanthemum care mistakes that you are likely to make as well. That’s why we want to explain them today. There are such care mistakes that the beautiful autumn bloomers will not forgive you. But if you are better informed about the beautiful garden plants, you can consciously avoid the mistakes described here when caring for chrysanthemums. So you can enjoy the beautiful flowers in the garden longer, namely from late autumn until the first frost!

Better be on your guard and avoid typical mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums!

Mistakes with chrysanthemums Care in the garden a sea of ​​blossoms in pink natural charm



Choose a sunny spot outside for these garden beauties!

Mistakes in chrysanthemum care need a sunny spot outside in the garden


1. Mistakes in chrysanthemum care – not knowing or not correctly identifying the chrysanthemum species

Chrysanthemums are not just chrysanthemums. Basically you have to distinguish between the garden chrysanthemums and those in the pot. The garden chrysanthemums are hardy and can survive outside even in sub-zero temperatures. They don’t really mind the cold. If you buy these beauties from the garden center, then you need to plant them outdoors in late summer or early fall. This gives the garden plants enough time to establish roots before it gets cold and the ground freezes. However, do not confuse garden chrysanthemums with those in pots. These inspire us with their beautiful flowers in strong colors. You can buy potted chrysanthemums in the houseplant section of your local grocery store. But be careful, they are not intended for transplanting in the garden at all! Unlike garden chrysanthemums, these are meant to be grown indoors as pot plants as they are not hardy. That means they only have decorative tasks and bring the magical flair of autumn into your four walls!

Potted or tub chrysanthemums can be kept outside until late fall, but then they will need to be brought indoors.

Errors in chrysanthemums Care in pots or tubs outdoors until late autumn, then bring indoors

Potted chrysanthemums are often an eye-catcher on patios and verandas.

Mistakes with chrysanthemums care in the pot yellow flowers an eye-catcher on terraces verandas



2. Mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums – your autumn bloomers are in the shade!

The location of the garden chrysanthemums must be chosen correctly. The rule here is: the more sun these garden flowers get, the more beautiful their blossoms are! So they love the sun and prefer a sunny location. This not only promotes their flowering, but also the growth and resilience of the plants. A little shade would only do them good on very hot summer days. Only in late summer, when they get less daylight, do the garden chrysanthemums begin to form flowers. During this period they grow in height and width and can fill the flower bed. Therefore, give them more free space when planting, because they develop a strong root system that actually spreads out more.

Only in late summer do these beautiful garden plants begin to bloom….

Errors in chrysanthemum care in the garden only bloom from late summer Eye-catcher outside

….. and fill your outdoor area with color!

Errors in chrysanthemums care flowering time late summer much pink color

3. Mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums – the flowers don’t get enough water!

Florists claim one of the biggest mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums is not watering them enough. The beautiful autumn bloomers need water! When the days get cooler and the sun no longer shines intensely, you have to water the garden flowers again. However, they will continue to require water until the ground freezes. Watering is therefore essential in summer and autumn. While you may need to water daily in the summer, in the fall only water when the top layer of soil in the flower bed feels dry to the touch after the weather has cooled. Do the same for your potted chrysanthemums too! You will thank your with magnificent blooms!

With garden chrysanthemums, regular watering must be stopped in winter!

Mistakes with chrysanthemums Caring for beautiful flowers Stop watering in winter

4. Mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums – you over-fertilize your plants!

As we mentioned above, chrysanthemums are not demanding garden flowers and can survive in any soil. However, it is recommended by flower experts that you fertilize them regularly. These fall bloomers prefer a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Start fertilizing in the spring, when the garden flowers are putting out their first leaves and new stems after winter. Give the plants a fertilizer every two weeks and they will appreciate it! A fertilizer high in phosphorus can encourage root development. But always be careful not to over-fertilize your chrysanthemums! Too much fertilizer leads to burned leaves! Also, you must stop fertilizing when the flowers are in bud!

A common mistake when caring for chrysanthemums is that you over-fertilize the autumn bloomers!

Mistakes in chrysanthemum care do not over-fertilize use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer

5. Typical mistakes when pruning and pinching chrysanthemums

Many hobby gardeners do not prune or pinch the tops of garden chrysanthemums at all. This is a care mistake with these garden flowers. In order to have a stable plant, you need to pinch 2-3 cm from the branch tips during the growing season. Do this in good time, no later than mid-June, or in other words about 3 months before flowering. Pinching off the tips promotes branching of the plants and leads to more stability of the garden chrysanthemum.

In the fall you need to remove withered leaves and trim the stems. The plants can only be cut back before the ice-cold season arrives. Cut the stems back to about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above the ground. This allows the chrysanthemums to overwinter until new growth appears next spring.

If you don’t make any mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums, you will be delighted with their magnificent blooms for a long time!

Mistakes with chrysanthemum care enjoy a splendor of flowers outside for a long time

6. Mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums – the soil has no drainage!

The popular fall bloomers will not thrive in soil that lacks drainage. If the water drains poorly and remains too moist, this is a prerequisite for the plants to develop pests and diseases. Or waterlogging forms and destroys the entire root system. This is especially true in cold winter areas. So if you have heavy clay or compacted soil, mix in some good quality garden soil or compost to loosen it up and improve its drainage.

Finally, we want to formulate some good advice for the care of garden chrysanthemums. Avoid all the care mistakes described here and your colorful plants will transform your garden into a magnificent sea of ​​flowers!

Avoid the mistakes described here when caring for chrysanthemums!

Avoid mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums Enjoy a magnificent splendor of flowers

A bouquet of white chrysanthemums can be given as a present for many occasions

Mistakes in chrysanthemum care Give a bouquet of white chrysanthemums on many occasions

They also cut a fine figure in the vase and make your interior shine!

 Mistakes with chrysanthemum care white blossoms in the interior real eye-catcher

Are you looking for easy-care hairstyles? These low-maintenance haircuts are just the right decision for you! Have you ever decided on a trendy hairstyle from TikTok or Instagram that looks completely different in reality? Why is that? The answer is simple: because many of them require meticulous care that you don’t always have enough time for. So we have compiled the hottest fashion hairstyles for October 2022 that require no styling. You will look flawless – easy and fast!

These modern & easy-care haircuts are now IN

easy-care hairstyles you can find out more here with us

Which hairstyles are particularly easy to care for?

A no-maintenance haircut to be fashionable in October 2022? Of course there is. And we have put together a great selection of the most fashionable haircuts for fall 2022 for you. Since these types of hairstyles are a GOOD way to cut down on morning prep time, we’ve put together the best suggestions especially for you. With our wide range of hairstyles, every woman can find a comfortable and trendy hairstyle that suits her individual style.

What haircut is in fashion in October 2022?

which hairstyle is the healthiest for the hair

What should you pay attention to when choosing a hairstyle without styling?

It is clear that when choosing a hairstyle without styling, you need to adapt it to your hair type. As with all hairstyles, when choosing an elegant hairstyle without styling, the first thing you should consider is the shape of your face:

  • If you have a round face shape, consider hairstyles with vertically elongated hair, such as B. a bob, consider.

Great and easy-care hairstyles for women

easy-care hairstyles for all hair

  • Square and triangle face shapes go well with a pixie cut or curls.

Very fashionable now

these hairstyles are particularly easy to care for

  • On the other hand, if you have an oval face, you can experiment with all possibilities, because almost everything suits you.

Fall haircuts for every hair type

these haircuts are extremely easy to maintain

Easy-care & stylish haircuts for October 2022

We are sure that the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning is coffee and not how to style your hair. Everyone knows that styling our hair every day is time-consuming and sometimes even spoils our mood. We don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why we’ve compiled the best stylish hairstyles for different hair lengths that require no styling and are very low maintenance – so you can skip the styling.

Our top hairstyles that are easy to maintain

easy-care hairstyles for october 2022

#Short hair

Short hairstyles are a particular hit in 2022. Because short hairstyles are trendy and require almost no styling. However, if you’re only going to put a little effort into styling your hair, you can play around with your bangs and add accessories to jazz up your style. But remember: short hairstyles look stunning without styling!


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#Medium length hair

Medium length hairstyles are the most versatile and timeless hit among hairstyles. It’s worth opting for a medium length hairstyle if you have thin hair – or if you’re going for the cool casual styles that are trending right now.


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#Long hair

Modern hairstyles without styling for long hair look casual, but very elegant. If you want to create a voluminous effect, you should try these hairstyles.


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What do you have to consider?

It is a misconception that unstuffed hairstyles are only for short hair. Hairstyles that do not require styling can be done on any hair length. However, the main feature of these hairstyles is that they are easy to style at home with a hair dryer, and in some cases no styling is required. All you need is to comb your hair and blow dry it.

For fine hair

which haircut shouldn't be styled

Tip: A hairstyle that requires no styling and is easy to maintain is versatile and perfect for a perfect evening look or a casual trip to work or shopping.

These hairstyles are particularly easy to maintain

stylish easy-care haircuts that are modern

We are now discussing these haircuts

Which hairstyles are particularly modern and easy to care for

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It’s finally autumn and getting dressed is a lot of fun again. Today we would like to combine chunky boots and delve further into the current fall fashion 2022. Anyone who likes to dress up and is always looking for a change will definitely be looking forward to the cooler temperatures. It doesn’t matter whether the days in autumn are gray or wonderfully colourful, you intuitively choose fabrics and colors that match the season. It’s always a plus in your fall wardrobe to have clothes and shoes that match or can be made to match any outfit. That’s why we loved the topic of chunky boots when talking about fall 2022 universal shoes.

The ankle boots mentioned are very up-to-date again and we would like to use many examples to show how differently they can be combined.

Anyone who wants to know how to combine chunky boots should be passionate about fall fashion 2022

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 cool

Hot trends beckon – this is how you can combine chunky boots

If you are wondering how you can combine chunky boots in a varied and always successful way, you would find possible answers with us today.

It wasn’t that long ago that chunky boots were a popular and preferred silhouette.



Anyone who can remember this time has a certain idea of ​​how to include the current shoe trends when putting together an outfit. Anyone who sees the trend as something new can be prepared for the fact that the usual shoes can be worn for many styles and occasions. Can you still combine your outfit wrong with chunky boots? We would like to mention some of the mistakes that one can possibly make below.

You always need a few pieces of clothing and shoes in your closet that always match or can be made to match any outfit

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 with fall dresses


If you want to accentuate the cool chunky boots, you should hold back in colors and shapes despite the colorfulness of autumn

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 fall mood

Can you do something wrong when combining chunky boots?

Putting together someone’s wardrobe is quite a creative process. And although it is said that creativity knows no bounds, as a designer you should stick to various rules. The reason for this is that you want to get a coherent and harmonious result in the end. That is why you should think carefully and carefully about putting together your daily wardrobe.

White, black or beige chunky boots are a hit this fashion season and everything else can almost be considered secondary

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 white



Can you actually combine the beloved chunky boots wrong? The answer could be defined as “Jain”. It would be wrong, for example, not to fully reveal a trendy piece of fashion. It is true that the love of fashion is always visible. Choose skinny pants or a length of clothing that showcases the full glory of the chunky boots. If you have already bought leather leggings, you can combine them with the autumn ankle boots. According to the current trouser trend, jeans are worn down to the calf – a length that also shows off chunky boots.

Calf length – that’s your orientation this year – the chunky boots reach to the calf and the longest piece of clothing you wear must not be longer than the calf

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 winter coat

The chunky boots can be perfectly combined with short autumn dresses, as well as with short skirts and long wool coats. If you have already decided on a chunky boot outfit for 2022, you can show a lot of your legs or shoes. The main feature of this outfit are of course the great shoes, with which you are always the center of attention.

A lot of legs and shoes will be shown this autumn, but the rest of the clothing should also look harmonious and well thought-out

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 fresh

4 basic rule to follow when you want to combine chunky boots

This autumn is lived on a broad footing. Everyone can take that as they want, but for us it’s still about how you can combine chunky boots. The trendy ankle boots make you stand very solidly and firmly on your feet. Although you can wear the shoes with almost any outfit, they look more coarse than elegant. We would advise against wearing chunky boots with evening wear, for example. Festive occasions where elegance is a top priority do not tolerate chunky boots.

Pure elegance and a sense of aesthetics – that’s what your outfit should convey as a message if you want to combine chunky boots

chunky boots combine autumn fashion 2022 with checked autumn clothing

If you opt for a black and white color scheme of the outfit, you can be sure that your chunky boots will come into their own

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 with leather leggings

You can generally follow 4 basic rules if you want to combine chunky boots: Emphasize the shoes and optically lengthen your silhouette! If you want to let the chunky boots come to the fore, hold back with colors and shapes! Wear either short tops or ones that reach the calf! Roll up the jeans over the chunky boots!

Although it is not difficult to combine the chunky boots correctly, you can quickly arrive at an outfit that looks strange

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 fall winter

Rely on elegant color combinations and trendy designs

chunky boots combine autumn fashion 2022 checked

A random composition of the outfit immediately brings comical results

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 coats

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 with a dress

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 rock

chunky boots combine fall fashion 2022 black

chunky boots combine sporty autumn fashion 2022

chunky boots combine with fall fashion 2022

Source: Vogue

Bella Italia, but for the hair. Wondering what kind of short haircut for fine hair has been dominating fashion shows and podiums in 2022? Meet the Italian Bob, the hottest new hairstyle trend for fall.

The Italian Bob is a classy, ​​minimalist hairstyle

kaya gerber italian bob

The style-defining bob is super sleek, which is the main reason so many women on Instagram and TikTok are crazy about it right now.

We have seen the Italian Bob on podiums

etro italian hairstyles italian bob 2022

In principle, it is about a chin-length bob that looks very versatile and classy, ​​depending on the effects you want to achieve with the styling.

When cutting, you first work with a razor until a sharp and precise edge is achieved, then the ends of the hair are thinned out with scissors. You try to create rough cracks that provide a soft, fringed dynamic.

Casual and fringed

The hairdo can be slicked back, worn on the side or with bangs. Brunettes can rejoice: the signature look originates from the 1960s and is sun-kissed, Mediterranean and warm like la dolce vita even.

Which women does the Italian Bob suit?

The good news is that the southern hairstyle is completely flattering on all face shapes. Be it round, oval or heart-shaped faces, the Italian bob brings heaviness to the ends of the hair and frames the face perfectly.

The Italian bob brings extra fullness

kylie jenner bob blonde hair italian bob

If you really want to replicate the iconic haircut, go for a shade of brown, such as the Riviera brunette. Ask your stylist to give your hair a few layers that look as clean and asymmetrical as possible. Add some soft waves to the charm and enjoy the optimal Italian look.

Brunettes can rejoice

penelope cruz italian bob

The haircut looks classy and minimalist in both the office and the gym. Play with the colour: From lighter bridal tones to dark blonde, there are numerous options available to help you customize the flexible hairstyle.

Italian Bob vs. French Bob

Fans of southern beauty philosophy and natural charm are probably wondering what the differences are between the French bob and the Italian bob.

French or Italian?

italian bob the hairbros

While the Italian bob features more structured volume and takes up terrain from the chin to just below, the sophistication of the French bob lies in its shorter length. The French bob will flatter your facial features at its best when it sits at jaw level or above. And it also looks more plastic, especially when worn with a beret.

french bob

french bob fall 2022

The Italian bob turns heads by appearing minimalist, uncomplicated and casual.

Italian bob with bangs or with a side parting?

You can wear an Italian bob either with bangs or without them at all. With a center parting, make sure to smooth your hair and slightly twist the edges. Topping off the look with a pair of fashionable sunglasses creates the perfect Monica Bellucci style.

A super low-maintenance hairstyle

monica bellucci italian bob with sunglasses

With a side parting, the Italian bob looks more casual and relaxed. Especially with thicker structures, the sweet chaos of the look appears feminine and spontaneous. This styling is ideal, especially for informal occasions.

How to style the Italian bob

Below we present a few useful tips for styling the Italian bob.

Kaia Gerber with the haircut

kaia gerber italian bob

To fill the mane with air, use a volume spray. This gives momentum to the hair and makes it look even more dynamic. This perfectly emphasizes the undone Look your stature and style.

The Italian Bob may undone look

The hairstyle is perfect for the ladies who are in a hurry in the morning and do not want to waste time with tiresome styling routines. Effortlessly let your bob air dry or use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to create soft, sleek waves.

Excellent with soft waves…

bob haircut italian bob bruenett

Another tip is to sleep with half wet hair so you can make the mane wavy and voluminous. Comb through quickly the next morning and apply a finishing spray.

Sleek look

Monica Belucci italian bob

If you have a curly hair texture, you should use styling mousse and hair oil from time to time to create a silky, healthy-looking elegance.


The right hairstyle with bob hairstyles step medium length from 50 finding can be tricky, but we’ve put together bob hairstyles to suit every hair texture. Life is worth living and don’t listen to anyone, the way you want to live and what hairstyle you are comfortable with is the right choice.

When we search for medium bob hairstyles over 50, we all want a new cut that is versatile and suits our face shapes and hair types. Of course, let’s not forget that no matter your age, your haircut should match your inner self. And today you will find a wearable cut for yourself: just check out our modern ideas.

Who cares about age when we can still impress people with our incredible smiles, meet them with our alluring gaze and attract them with our extraordinary sense of style? In fact, the right haircut is your first step in putting an end to aging and filling the space with your everlasting beauty! Here are some trendy haircuts that will help you be on top. We promise it will be a perfect face-flattering and voluminous bob hairstyles step medium length from 50 give!


This Bob hairstyle is the perfect way to modernize the look of your straight mane. The longer layers at the top give your hair movement and dimension, while the layered lengths on the sides give it a glossy finish.


The layered hairstyles are a huge source of inspiration for visionaries and stylists and we are constantly bombarded with ideas for the optimal head of hair. If you’re specifically interested in giving your mid-length hair a layered cut that adds extra volume and stunning visual verticals, stay on the board. Because we present you the latest step cut hairstyles. Mid-length is the length you’re trying to redefine.

Medium length hair? These step cut hairstyles are currently in trend

eva mendez step cut hairstyles medium length

What is a step cut?

Layered cuts have been around for a while: they are typically any type of hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume. These effects can be accentuated or subtle.

A popular cutting technique with many variations


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The hair is divided into sections that are overlapped or cut in different directions. This technique is preferred when creating volume or reducing heavy hair at the ends.

Step cuts fulfill many tasks

2 step haircut step cut hairstyles medium long

There are so many ways to create a layered hairstyle.

  • Stages: This is one of the most popular techniques for creating a layered effect and is particularly flattering on mid-length and mid-length hair. Steps typically appear more defined and allow for the impression of movement and momentum;
  • Layers: Subtle layers are created by sectioning different sections of hair at different lengths. The mixture of these layers ensures that they do not appear obvious. This subtly adds volume, strength and texture to the hair. A layered cut is perfect for fine or medium-length hair and adds body and style.

Invisible layers are subtle layers in the hair

invisible layers layered hairstyles

Sassy medium length layered hairstyles for women

These half-length layered hairstyles have proven to be visionary and unique.

#Medium length butterfly cut

Most likely you’ve heard of the sachel cut.

Half length butterfly hair

butterfly haircut hairstyles half-length step cut

In fact, this isn’t the only complex layered cut that has delighted our hearts and eyes. We already reported on the opulent butterfly cut in late spring and it is definitely still on the rise.

A multidimensional, complex step cut


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The butterfly hair is based on strategically choppy layers that vary in length and mimic the contour of a butterfly. This mid-length layered cut is ideal for smooth, subtle textures.

#Caramel highlights

Yes, you can use color to create the effect of layers.

Color also serves the purpose of layering in the hair

caramel lights step cut hairstyles

It is therefore not without reason that this delicious shade is the latest fad. The light reflects playfully on your caramel hair highlights, adding golden highlights and nuances to your hair.

A delicious color – caramel hair highlights


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#Shoulder length V haircut

The shoulder length V haircut is a very easy to achieve cut that never goes out of style. The haircut is characterized by the fact that the hair is longer at the back and shorter at the front and sides. The idea behind this is to create the shape line of the letter V on the back.

The V shaped haircut never goes out of style

v cut step cut hairstyle

Layered hairstyles – medium length and for older women

Women over 50 who have half-length hair should now be particularly careful.

#Gray highlights

2022 was the year of the natural look and we love that beauty philosophy. It is specifically geared towards aging as a natural phenomenon. This process comes with changes and opportunities that need to be celebrated. That’s why layered hairstyles with gray highlights have been so explosive all year round.

The very fashionable color grey


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Your colorist needs to balance the different shades of gray and the natural color you have in your gray hair. The silver strands are worked into highlights for an ultra-natural finish.

#Feathered Lob

This incredibly elegant hairstyle originates from the hair fashion of the 70s and is currently celebrating a revival. The feathers are an incredibly intricate type of layers that require a very skillful stylist, especially for the length of the lob.

Noble, half-length layered hairstyle for older women

step cut hairstyles medium length for older women feathered lob

The hair is thinned at the ends at a 90 degree angle to create the delicate feather effect. The ends of the hair are typically styled back. Learn more about the Feathered Bob.

#Copper praise with bangs

And if you love hairstyles with bangs, you might find inspiration in this somewhat formal and very elegant copper lob with fringes. It goes perfectly with fine smooth texture and is the optimal hairstyle of choice for older ladies with glasses.

Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle: Copper Lob

step cut hairstyles medium length copper schag


We all know that the beautiful flowering period is undoubtedly the most beautiful phase in an orchid’s life cycle. Anyone who grows orchids can’t wait to see their orchid bloom. However, you should remember that after flowering, each plant needs special care, otherwise it may perish. And since we’re sure you want the best tips for your orchids, we’ve put together a few dormant orchid care tricks on how to care for a beautiful orchid that has faded and what you can do so that the plant remains healthy and beautiful in the future.

Caring for orchids during dormancy

How long does the dormant phase last for orchids

The Phalaenopsis orchid is undoubtedly very beautiful when it is in bloom. The color is particularly beautiful when it is in bloom, but what can you do when the orchid is fading? How can you get the orchid to bloom again? The answer is simple: you need to properly care for the orchid and wait for the next shoots, on which the flowers will appear.

Proper care for orchids

you can find out how to care for orchids during the dormant phase here

What should you do when the orchid has faded?

After the last orchid flower has fallen, you should let it rest so that it can recover for a new bloom. Because the stalk has used up a lot of nutrients to produce gorgeous, colorful buds, it needs to rest, and during that time you need to help it get back into shape. The following points belong to orchid care after the flowering period:

  • The rest period is very important for the orchid. During this time, the orchid should not be fertilized, but watered normally.

Tips for orchid care

care for orchids after flowering you can find out more here

  • It is also advisable to carefully inspect the substrate and roots. Depending on their condition, you decide how to proceed.

The dormant phase in orchids is very important

Find out more about orchid care tips of the month here

  • The orchid should be watered and fed as before flowering, and after 3-4 months you can try to prepare the plant for the next flowering. To achieve this, you should fertilize them regularly.

What does an orchid look like when it is dormant?

What does an orchid look like when it is dormant

What is a dormant period in orchids?

The dormant phase in orchids is a physiological state in which growth rate and metabolism are greatly reduced. This period arose during evolution as an adaptation to unfavorable environmental conditions at different times of the life cycle or during different seasons.

It is important to know that dormant orchids are more resistant to frost, heat and drought. The development cycle of many orchids is characterized by a more or less pronounced dormant phase. Their presence, duration or absence is determined by the annual climatic change of seasons in the plant’s native country.

Here’s how to care for an orchid during its dormant period

how to treat orchids when they are over flowering

What do orchids like?

  • Where do orchids feel most at home? The ideal spot for orchids is near a window (north or east side) with plenty of light and, of course, regular access to fresh air.

This is guaranteed to work

care for orchids during the dormant phase how are you doing

  • You should know that orchids love moisture. That is why it is advisable to spray the leaves of the orchid every 2 days. For this you need a normal spray bottle with water.
  • What should be considered when watering orchids during the dormant period? Place the pots of orchids in a large container of water. You must first leave this water at room temperature for at least a few days.

How long do orchids bloom?

You can see how orchids are cared for after they have blossomed here

  • Only water the orchid when the roots turn silvery white. This can happen every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • After flowering, you need to cut off the stem, otherwise it will completely dry up, and the orchid will take a lot of time and strength to form a new stem and flowers.
  • Orchids like clean leaves. It is therefore important to remove dust from the orchid leaves. This is quick and easy with a spray bottle and kitchen paper.

How can you tell that the orchid is dormant?

There are several visible signs:

  • In a healthy orchid, the leaves are stiff, resilient, shiny, flexible, evenly colored and light green. If the leaves are dark green, the plant is getting too little light, if the leaves are reddish, it’s getting too much light. On the other hand, if dark spots have formed on the leaves, this is a sign of sunburn, which means you should put the flower further away from the window.

What should you pay attention to when caring for orchids?

you can use these tips to care for orchids during their dormant phase

  • If we find that, due to overwatering or other causes, the roots have become soft, brown and without living edges, we take the risk of transplanting the flower as soon as possible (not wasting time to prevent the roots from rotting) . On the contrary, if the roots are fine, only the flower does not bloom, and the leaves are not firm, then we just need to strengthen the general care of the orchid.

We’re sure you can’t wait for your orchids to flower again. And we are not exaggerating when we say that their flowering will bring great joy not only to you, but to everyone who sees the beauty of these flowers. You are just incredibly beautiful. Follow our tricks and tips to have beautiful blooming orchids that will make the atmosphere in your home even more colorful.

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What are the fashionable nail polish trends for fall 2022? In order to look stunning this fall, you need not only to keep up with the latest clothing trends, but also to know which manicure will be in fashion in fall 2022. We all know that your outfit needs to be perfect down to the smallest detail, and the same goes for your manicure. That is why nail design is an equally important part of your look, which must be in line with the latest fashion trends.

Nail polish trends for fall 2022

nail polish trends 2022 fall learn more here

Unfortunately summer is over and autumn is here with its cloudy and rainy days. But that’s no reason for sadness, quite the opposite! It’s the perfect time for a new, beautiful fall manicure. Autumn delights us with bright colors, colorful bouquets of flowers made from fallen leaves and golden decorations on the trees. This time of year is a good time to start thinking about clothes, makeup and nail design. That is why we have compiled the best fall 2022 nail polish manicure tips that are guaranteed to inspire you.

The fact is that there are no clear rules for nail design in different seasons. Autumn is no exception. When the hot days of summer are over and the cooler weather sets in, the priority of colors changes and the ladies resort to darker and deeper tones. Learn in the following lines how you can upgrade any outfit with a particularly spectacular and stylish nail design.

These colors are in for Fall 2022

You can find out the most important nail polish trend in autumn 2022 here

Which nail polish design is trending now?

We know you don’t have the patience to find out which manicures will be trending for the next few months. Luckily we can give you the answers to your questions. In the coming months, stylists and artisans recommend every beautiful woman to pay attention to the following nail polish trends for fall 2022:

#Trending 1

This type of nail polish is suitable for all dress styles and occasions. This design is very popular with many women (especially older ladies). To keep up with the fashion trends for fall 2022, you should choose pleasant nude tones and the most ordinary, laconic arranged drawings on the nails. This can be clean lines, microdots, small stems and even small branches.

Natural manicure

are you ready for a refreshing nail polish trend for fall 2022

The most beautiful nail designs are here

nail trends fall 2022 designs very popular in fall

We can’t do without these looks in autumn

this color is the must have in autumn 2022

Beauty trend autumn 2022

the most beautiful nail polish trend in autumn 2022 are here

#Trending 2

Oh yes, animal prints are back in fashion! Animal prints are one of the nail trends for fall 2022. The most popular designs are leopard print, turtle, zebra, snake, giraffe and more. Use such motifs on all nails or only on some, and complement the rest with various elements or a single-color varnish. Everyone will be impressed with the design of your nails!

Cool nail tricks

these nail polish trends are in for fall 2022

Delicate, extravagant and eye-catching

here are the trendy colors that we really see everywhere in autumn

Nail polish trend 2022

here is the most beautiful nail polish trend in autumn 2022

#Trending 3

If you’ve decided to experiment with a new manicure, you’ve come to the right place! To do this, you should use your favorite shade as a base and put an interesting pattern on it. Very beautiful and original prints in the form of metal figures or embossing with very thin lines are an absolute trend in the new season.

These are the trendy fall colors

fall 2022 nail trends are here see more here

Coolest nail polish ideas for fall

these are the most popular nail polish nuances for fall

Another wonderful idea

this fall we love these ideas find out here

#Trending 4

Here’s a unique idea you can make this fall. This beautiful nail polish is very easy to apply and stays on the nails well. With the help of wax, you can create abstract nail ideas and festive designs that add the perfect touch to both your evening look and your everyday look.

More great ideas from us

the most beautiful colors of autumn are here for 2022

So you can discover the most beautiful colors and techniques

the most beautiful nail polish trends in autumn 2022

#Trending 5

The French manicure is still a classic and it is a fact that it is becoming more and more popular among the ladies. Interest is generated by the absolute transparency of the free edge of the nail, which is very convenient and you don’t have to change your nail polish every 3 weeks. The crystal French decoration can be complemented with various decorations such as autumn leaves or left as is. In any case, the decoration will please the eye and make the nails look like a real work of art.

Which nail polishes are trendy in autumn 2022?

hip colors for autumn are here, you can find out here