While many people think that a Perfect women hairstyles for long thin hair 2023 ​is a problem, this is far from the case.

1: Shaggy blonde waves

Shaggy blonde waves

There are many gorgeous hairstyles 2023 for thin long weft and you can try any of them at home. Here are three popular styles that work well with thin locks.

2: Blonde hairstyle with long layers

Blonde hairstyle with long layers

The first is a layered 2023 cut that gives your hair an elegant, flowing effect. The next style is a feather cut that WILL bring your WiSpy finishes to a sophisticated day.

A blunt cut adds depth and dimension to long locks, and it’s also perfect for framing the face.

Miki, a stylist on the Upper East Side, recommends this look for a thin woman with a round or oval face. This style creates the illusion of larger, thicker locks that are perfect for a woman with a long, thin undercircle of wefts.

Blonde shag hairstyles for women 2023

Blonde Shag: This style uses solid color highlights to create wavy waves with layers and fully textured fringe. A layered hairstyle creates an airy texture that can be worn every day.

This style can also be worn as an everyday stapler as it adds volume without sacrificing length. A layered cut is another great option for thin hair. If your underlays are thin, try a middle section to distribute the weight evenly.

Ombre cut for girls 2023

Ombre: If your long, thin heels have a lot of volume, ombre is a choice for adding volume to underlays.

3: Subtly layered caramel hairstyle

Subtly layered caramel hairstyle

It’s a trendy option for fine, thinner wefts that can make you look great on the red carpet. Whether you want to dress up your long thin hair for a special occasion or you just want to dress up a night on the town, a lob is an ideal choice for you.

4: Chocolate fountain

chocolate fountain

A Middle part without bangs is another of the best women hairstyles for long wefts 2023.

5: Long A-line style for fine hair

Long A-line style for fine hair

It gives your wefts a sleek, polished look that is easy to maintain. A waterfall braid is a perfect choice for thin layers as it doesn’t cause scalp tension.

6: Perfect ponytail

Perfect ponytail

Similarly, a waterfall braid adds volume without accentuating your scalp.

7: Brunette balayage for thicker hair

Brunette balayage for thicker hair

A blunt cut and minimal layering are the best options for long thin wefts.

8: Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

A Pixie cut is another option. A pixie cut is one another great option. A bob is another style that can help hide thinner braids.

9: Brown Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Brown wavy hair with curtain bangs

10: Long cut with long, angled side layers

Long cut with long, angled side layers

11: Long layered and highlighted fine hair

Long layered and highlighted fine hair

12: Long cut with chin length layers

Long cut with chin length layers

13: Long cut with feathered face-framing

Long cut with feathered face framing

14: Layered and tousled blonde V cut

Layered and tousled blonde V cut

15: Long cut with side feathers

Long cut with side feathers

16: Long hairstyle with a sophisticated ombre

Long hairstyle with a sophisticated ombre

17: Long cut with overlapping layers

Long cut with overlapping layers

18: Delicately layered hairstyle for thin hair

Delicately layered hairstyle for thin hair

19: Hairstyle with V-cut layers and thick highlights

Hairstyles with V-cut layers and thick highlights

20: Flowing curls for fine hair

Flowing curls for fine hair

21: Long cut with flared layers

Long cut with flared layers

22: Long cut with fluffy, layered ends

Long cut with fluffy, layered ends

23: Long feathered hairstyle for thin hair

Long feathered hairstyle for thin hair

24: Tousled blonde hairstyle with long bangs

Tousled blonde hairstyle with long bangs

25: Subtly layered blonde balayage hairstyle

Subtly layered blonde balayage hairstyle

26: Straight strands and flipped ends

Straight strands and flipped ends

27: Long Feathered Layers

Long feathered layers

28: Long caramel colored balayage hairstyle

Long caramel colored balayage hairstyle

29: Flowing low updo

Flowing low updo

30: Trendy long waves

Trendy long waves

31: Cute long platinum bob

Cute long platinum bob

32: Volumizing updo for thin hair

Volumizing updo for thin hair

33: Wispy bangs and curls

Wispy bangs and curls

34: Pretty blonde waves

Pretty blonde waves

35: Subtly layered medium length haircut

Subtle layered medium length haircut

36: Straight hair with inverted waterfall braid

Straight hair with reverse waterfall braid

37: Layered style for thin curls

Layered style for thin curls

38: Feathered shoulder length haircut

Feathered shoulder length haircut

39: Blonde long hair with soft layers

Blonde long hair with soft layers

40: High contrast balayage hairstyle

High contrast balayage hairstyle


You’ve taken your courage in both hands and want to change your style! You want to start with your mane first and sport a trendy cut. Don’t look too far! Whether for long, medium or short hair, a cut is back in fashion this year and is very much in fashion among fashionistas. All you have to do is take the plunge!

Which haircut allows you to keep the lengths?

These other trendy haircuts are suitable for long hair
Fashion is an eternal restart! And it’s the case to specify it for this cut that had its heyday in the ’80s. Reworked for a chicer style, this cut is the trend of the moment.

Which haircut allows you to keep the lengths?

This is obviously the mullet cut that offers an original, modern and sophisticated look. If you’re one of those people who likes to dare new styles but want to preserve their length at all costs, maybe it’s time to try this ’80s cut that has many possibilities.

The mullet cut adds structure to long hair

Since 2020, the mullet cut has established itself as a fashionable haircut. Some actors and singers have adopted it, like actor Dacre Montgomery in the series Stranger Things or star Miley Cyrus or Zendaya. If he is back at the front of the stage after several decades, it is mainly because of his rebellious and versatile side. The long nape cut, represented by long curls at the back and shorter curls at the front, blends perfectly with long hair and adds texture to it.

It is also possible to wear it on short hair, with or without bangs, straight or curly. To change up the mullet style, simply straighten or curl hair to restore flexibility and volume. The other advantage of this cut is that it is very low maintenance: the hair can also be left natural for a shaggy and voluminous style.

These other trendy haircuts are suitable for long hair

Just like the ever-popular mullet, other timeless haircuts can be reworked to jazz up long hair without having to cut it short. Here are some important examples.

Long hair with bangs

It’s a classic that goes perfectly with long hair. Depending on the shape of the face, the bangs can be adjusted. For an oval and longer face, it is best to opt for straight bangs just above the eyebrows to clarify the face and give it a modern touch. For a square face, long bangs are ideal to soften facial features. For round faces, the layered bangs air up your face and elongate its shape.

Rounded or V-cut for long hair

The rounded cut at the lengths is perfect for round faces. By adopting this cut, you add more value to the shape of your face. It is the perfect model to give a subtle touch to the straight cut that lacks movement and lightness. For more volume at the lengths, it is possible to taper the ends to create a V-shape. This cut is suitable for curly, straight and wavy textures.

Long hair with a subtle gradient

Finally, long hair with a layer helps bring movement to the hair and soften the broad features of a triangular face. With a subtle gradient, it will be possible to give curly hair more lightness and more spring. In addition, this cut adapts to all modern and trendy hairstyles. It can also be worn with fringes or center parting.

There are several ways to enhance long hair. We have shown you one of the coolest ways to achieve this. But if you’re not particularly fond of retro styles, it’s possible to embrace classic but revisited cuts with your eyes closed!


I discovered all the ways to have brown hair with highlights. If you want to add a little more life and style to your brown hair, you can’t skip the highlights.

When done right, highlights have the ability to transform the look of your hair in the most flattering way.

By adding light and dimension, these colored stripes can create a radiant look. Whether you’re adding subtle, barely-there highlights or something much bolder, you’ll love how they enhance and complement your base color.

Of course, some combinations naturally look better than others, so picking the right highlights for you is important.

When wearing your straight chocolate hair, make sure to blend the blonde highlights well to avoid a streaky look.

Brown hair with caramel highlights

Pair a warm brown or auburn hair color with caramel highlights for a gorgeous, feminine look.

Brown hair with warm blonde highlights

Get the bombshell look by adding lots of warm blonde highlights to your brown hair.

Dark brown hair with light blonde highlights

The combination of rich dark brown hair with ultra blonde highlights creates a bold and edgy look.

Dark brown hair with light brown highlights

Adding medium brown highlights to dark brown hair creates a naturally radiant look.

Brown hair with red highlights

Jazz up your medium brown hair color by adding blonde and red highlights.


I have discovered the best faded haircuts for women. Messy hair is fun, trendy and easy to achieve, so why not wear it?

Messy hairstyles give the illusion of being out of style while certainly looking cute and attractive to the eye despite their imperfections.

Something about the messy hair trend makes it irresistibly charming, and we’re not surprised that catwalks and red carpets never fall short season after season. Messy hairstyles are elegant and sexy while giving a cool and fun vibe.

We’ve rounded up the best Tousled Haircuts to inspire you and keep you up to date with what’s new in the exciting world of modern hairstyles.

Very short and tousled hair

A pixie cut is a short, tousled haircut for women.

A modern shag pixie works best if you have thick, messy hair.

It’s a fun messy style that is very easy to style. You can blow dry it or let it air dry and just tousle it a bit and you’re good to go.

Styling is as easy as 5-10 minutes. It’s great for thick hair as layers take away a lot of weight. A perfect cut if you love this hairstyle.

Short, curly, tousled hair

A curly mess is natural, modern and feminine. The cut is a basic boxy shape at the top, styled asymmetrically, with a shorter length on the sides.

This messy hairstyle is striking and will turn heads! People will think you’re having a good hair day, even if you feel differently.

You can wash and go! For women with short, curly, fine hair, use a lightweight mousse, and if you have thicker hair, use a curl-defining cream.

Tousled hair to the neck

Elevate your look with a short messy and fluffy hairstyle.
This is a chin length cut that is adorable when you crave length but want easy maintenance and a cool hairstyle.

Choppy layers starting at the cheeks make this short messy hair suitable for any face shape.

Tousled shoulder-length hair

A modern shaggy haircut creates an exaggerated look that frames the face well.

The shoulder-skimming length is perfect and adds fullness and versatility to the hair. It looks great with a good amount of texture.

Medium length tousled hair

A choppy mid-length cut with layers is a fun hairstyle and is literally perfect for any girl, but the choppy texture really makes it spectacular.

This medium length choppy hair is at its best when it’s a little unclean and faded, and it’s perfect for almost any hair type.

It is a modern and low-maintenance haircut that you can wear at any time of the year.

Long tousled hair

Try to create texture, definition and flexibility in your long hair. With a cleverly tailored mix of long and short layers, your tresses will flow like a waterfall.

At any age his hairstyle

Nothing is more personal than a haircut. Hair is perceived by most women as an incomparable object of seduction. In order to properly care for your mane, in addition to regular care, it is of course important to trim the tips from time to time. It is useful to give a cooling shot and encourage better growth. But very often, depending on our mood and desire, we dare to treat ourselves to a new face just to break the routine a little. The problem: It is difficult to decide on the ideal cut.

It is true that there are many factors to consider, such as the shape of the face, the texture of the hair, the morphology and the personality of each individual. Not to mention that some hairstyles have the art of making us look ten years younger or, on the contrary, make us look a little old.

To get an idea of ​​which cut might suit you best, here are a few age-appropriate suggestions. Of course, this is not an absolute rule, you are free to choose the hairstyle that appeals to you the most. But at least you have a general overview of the most popular cuts of the moment. Who knows, maybe one of these will inspire you.

The ideal hairstyle at 20

The 1920s were reckless and experimental. We felt like growing wings to test all possible cuts and colors. Still in search of our style, we tend to want to switch heads with nonchalance on a regular basis. We take life lightly and are particularly attracted to imagination. Young women play the rebels and dare the most extravagant looks. The advantage is that they can afford all kinds of hairstyles depending on their desires of the moment.

1. Long hair

Long, silky hair is the dream of many young women. Apart from the fact that it requires careful maintenance to maintain shine and volume. If you establish a regular hair care routine, the length is ideal. Especially since you can vary the hairstyles depending on your mood and the circumstances. For a 20-year-old woman, wearing long tapered hair with a natural wave look instantly looks fresh and modern. Not to mention that it highlights her sensuality.

2. Bangs

Whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead, bangs are always in fashion. This haircut is very popular because it highlights facial features regardless of the color of your mane. Decide for yourself where your preferences tend to go: you can opt for short, long, straight or asymmetrical bangs, depending on your taste and personality.

3. Short hair hairstyle

To give you more appeal and maturity if desired, this cut is very suitable. Big stars like Rihanna or Miley Cyrus have already succumbed to him. The shape of this short haircut is not only very fashionable, but also breaks up the youthful curves and looks more rebellious and daring.

The ideal hairstyle at 30

In this age group, we strive to emphasize our femininity while playing the card of sobriety. No more whims and crazy whims. You want to be taken seriously in your job, assert yourself more and try to assert yourself. However, it is not about sacrificing one’s modern spirit or need to seduce. Your hairstyle needs to alternate between natural and glamorous. Without making life more difficult!

1st square

The square has been a very popular option for a number of years. This haircut gives a sophisticated and elegant look. It is therefore perfect for those who have a strong character and do not hesitate to assert themselves. In addition, if you like short hair, the tousled hairstyle married to tie and dye is still a lot of emulators. A deep bob also gives you pep and character. Don’t hesitate to switch up your style from straight to curly to cover your tracks and show off your mischievous side.

2. Shoulder length hair

For fans of long hair, go for the structured cuts and well-studied gradient that celebrities and bloggers love. This haircut is very current and can be easily combined with wavy waves or even bangs.

The ideal hairstyle at 40

Are you in the middle of a midlife crisis? High hearts, tell yourself that this is a pivotal time when many women are feeling more beautiful and fulfilled than ever. And it could be the perfect time to makeover and surprise your loved ones. New cut, new color, new woman! Do you feel a little vulnerable, with a loss of self-esteem? A change in appearance puts a smile on your face and motivates you to live life to the fullest. Stay soft and elegant on the hair side, but a little touch of madness won’t hurt you. Above all, don’t fall into the trap of an “old-fashioned” or overly sophisticated hairstyle. On the contrary, we have to focus on freshness and femininity. And above all, don’t make life complicated for yourself: your haircut must be very easy to care for on a daily basis.

1. Bob Square

Speaking of lightness, it is certainly the most suitable choice for active and dynamic quarantines. This haircut gives your look a unique freshness and a very stylish touch. On the other side of the Atlantic, it wreaks havoc with people: it is called “boyfriend bob” or even “chopped bob”, it emphasizes a short square, a bit wild, which gives instant appeal to whoever wears it. As this hairstyle oscillates between the unstructured and the light, you can try a small dose of originality by incorporating some colored curls.

2. Wavy Pixie

And why not go for a boyish cut like Halle Berry or Charlize Theron? Admittedly, you have to like very short, but this hairstyle has been very popular since the 90s. In addition, regardless of the shape of your face, you can choose a straight or asymmetrical effect. In short, this iconic cut lets you have fun as you please. And without sacrificing your sex appeal. On the contrary, this well made up and jeweled look will make you more glamorous and sexier than ever!

The ideal hairstyle at 50

At this age we begin to feel the passage of time. We see gray hair more often, we also see wrinkles here and there. And even if you still feel young at heart, the fear of aging takes over. So we don’t necessarily always have good morals. Rejecting fate, many women multiply anti-aging subterfuges in order to preserve their youth. From a hair technical point of view, certain mistakes should be avoided: Long hair in particular should be forgotten, especially if its texture is finer and it has lost its volume. The main thing is to bet on an elegant and well confirmed hairstyle that sublimates the facial features. And as long as you do that, a facelift wouldn’t be denied!

1. Short hair

Of course, we won’t force you to go blank if you hate the idea. If you are lucky enough to have shiny and very healthy hair, there is nothing stopping you from keeping your lengths. Look at English actress Elizabeth Hurley: at 57 she still has beautiful long hair that she wouldn’t cut for the world. The same applies to the side of ex-top Heidi Klum (49), whose golden and endless mane does not need to be envied by young girls in their 20s! Unfortunately, hair capital is not the same for everyone. For some, keeping your hair long may be unflattering. In this case, it is advisable to opt for a cooler and more adapted to the face cut. Especially since short hair is known to rejuvenate your facial features and increase your charisma. Like Sharon Stone, some women have not hesitated to take the plunge to afford a short and stylish haircut. Whether pixie, short bob or rock ‘n’ roll, short hairstyles are perfect for the fifties.

2. The pixie cut

The pixie cut is one of the haircuts that greatly contributes to the rejuvenation of the face. Above all, opt for a casual style like Sharon Stone’s: a “wet hair look” cut that gives a very rock and modern touch. And sometimes all it takes is a few flicks to the side, a simple blunt, or even a bit of gel to turn heads…

The ideal hairstyle at 60

The great boon for this age group is that the beauty market today is gradually embracing the inclusion of women of all ages. In fact, the dictates of fashion and youth are pointed out on every corner, especially since the advent of social networks. Today, seniors are no longer left behind in this area. No more preconceptions: At 60 you are still beautiful and attractive. We often reject the traditional “grandma” label. Glenn Close, Kim Cattrall, Jerry Hall, Ornella Muti, Iman, Jane Seymour… Many of them prove to the world that seduction has no age and that they still exude sensuality. Some even proudly wear their hair long. Others turn their white hair into a strength by enhancing their mane with an ashen dye or an irresistible white dye. But for the most part, trimming your hair a few inches is a necessity to bring weakened hair back to life. They therefore bet on a chic, discreet but modern and dynamic square.

1. Short Layered Hair

This type of cut adapts to all styles and, above all, gives volume. It consists in cutting strands shorter than the rest of the hair. This gives the overall picture a certain charisma and dynamism. The must: We can adapt it to our wishes, sometimes casual, sometimes sophisticated. In order to soften facial features and conceal wrinkles, a scan would not be rejected.

2. Short Bob

Infinitely elegant, sleek and ethereal, the timeless bob is still popular in this age group. As a bonus, it’s the quintessential anti-aging cut. For a more sophisticated effect, there’s nothing like daring a little gradient that’s both refreshing and easy to care for. Not to mention that it adds volume to the hair fiber. For those suffering from a lack of density, the change will be remarkable.


Summer is already far away, we have gradually cleaned up the summer wardrobe and are now releasing wool sweaters and coats to be prepared for the winter chills. The change of season is also synonymous with hair renewal! You’ve been hesitating and waiting for the trend to emerge, now it’s time to take the plunge. Admittedly your hair is sun damaged, more brittle, finer, it needs a little boost to brave the cold and show off a nice volume. Which cut will you choose for this autumn-winter?

You’re taking the plunge to offer yourself a new look, and you’re absolutely right! In this case, rely on these trendy winter cuts. There is a wide choice between the bob cut, the short or long check or the sophisticated fringe.

The Bob – Diana Modern or Mid Bob if you have short hair.

With the release of Season 5 of The Crown on the web, Lady Di is making a comeback, as is her raised hairstyle. The stylists took inspiration from this, giving it a more modern and slightly glamorous treatment. If the cut maintains soft and rounded lines, it shows an extremely degraded shaggy effect on long or medium-length hair.

The glamorous sophisticated cut: dare curls and waves

So far the trend has been straight, but this fall, curls are back. Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé… made this glamorous and sophisticated choice. This voluminous hairstyle is striking because of its beautiful waves.

The trendy cut: the curtain fringe!

The Curtain Bangs is an absolute success. It goes perfectly with all hair and can be styled to your liking.

The “clavicut,” a cut that touches the collarbone

An excellent compromise to refresh an old-fashioned cut and keep a bit of length to style your hair your way.

Ideal if you want to get rid of a few lengths without going into the scissor box. This cut can be styled straight or tapered and is usually easy to style.

The “square”, the timeless cut

Glamorous and chic, that defines the square in all its forms. Wavy, curly or wavy, the square gives the hairdo a romantic touch but also style.

You can opt for:

A short square: The neck is exposed but the volume is there. With a center or side parting, the result looks chic and elegant.

A medium length layered bob: With tapered or curtain bangs, this cut softens the face. Its advantage? It can be styled straight or wavy depending on your preference.


If you have naturally wavy hair, you can create several very beautiful hairstyles, both formal and informal. And if you don’t have naturally wavy hair, there are several easy techniques to curl your hair into one of these gorgeous wavy hairstyles below.

Whether you have long, short or medium length hair, there are tons of options to choose from, whether it’s a hairstyle for a party or ceremony, an evening out or everyday.

Hairstyles with water waves

Water waves are defined as S-shaped waves that can be worn flat on the head or loose on medium to long hair. The style first appeared in the 1920s to jazz up the bob style of fun-loving flappers. Today, water waves for short and long hair are back in more ways than we can imagine.

Short hair

This style is performed with the help of gel and fingers, which is why they are also known as finger waves. This type of hairstyle can be done on very short hair and, by the way, it looks very glamorous.

Medium length

If you have medium length hair, you can choose the sole water waves. There are several very simple techniques using an iron or curling iron to achieve them.

Long hair

If you want a hairstyle that will make your long hair look very shiny and healthy, this is an excellent option.

The waves can be soft and defined as we saw in the images above, or they can look a little more messy as we see in the image below.

Cascading Waves

The cascade hairstyle is one of the most beautiful and elegant hairstyles for medium or long hair. Pick up a section of hair on each side of the head and braid them, leaving a strand free to pull down. The ponytails should meet at the back of the head at some point. It’s very easy to do.

Medium length

It’s a perfect hairstyle to show off the waves.

Long hair

Half collected with twisted locks

Many half up hairstyles are great for being on trend. They look very modern and elegant and are widely used nowadays. For a natural look, blow dry your hair and lightly curl the ends to create soft, natural waves.

If you have straight hair, you should create waves with either a flat iron or a curling iron before you start styling. From the front, part your hair into small sections. Twist each strand from root to tip, alternate them and secure with bobby pins at the back of your head so they don’t show. Apply some hairspray. With a hair accessory you can give it a subtle, festive touch.

Crown of braids with waves

If you like to keep your hair open, a crown braid might be a perfect choice. For example, if you are going to be a bridesmaid but hate updos, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Braids accompanied by wavy hair look gorgeous. You can use herringbone, french braids, dutch braids or whatever you like.

Short hair

Medium length

Long hair

Collected low with waves

The main trend is natural looking hair. Most trendy updos are loose and a bit messy. In general, the hairstyle should look young, fresh and attractive, but at the same time simple and effortless.

Avoid hairstyles that look too structured. Create a messy bun with the help of braids or pigtails that are twisted and gathered at the bottom with bobby pins.

High bun with waves

The high bun is a hairstyle in which the hair is gathered at the top of the head for an elegant look. It’s a very versatile look, from elegant and sophisticated to messy.

Start by dividing your hair into several sections. Then gather all the sections at the top into a tail. After securing the hair with an elastic band, twist strand by strand and pin at the base to create a voluminous bun.

French braid with waves

This braid style is perfect for women of all ages. Little girls love to pull their hair away from their faces with this type of braid on hot summer days, but it is also perfect for any woman who wants a simple yet colorful and elegant hairstyle.

Wavy ponytail

If you have long wavy hair, try a ponytail hairstyle for a natural look. These hairstyles are easy to create.

Medium length

If your hair is medium length, a high ponytail can be a great option.

Long hair

With long hair, medium or low ponytails look fabulous.

Side ponytail

You can style your hair in a low side ponytail. You want to create loose waves to add texture and movement and create a ponytail just below the ear.

Hairstyles for loose hair with waves

Suitable for all types of long hair, the waves are easy to manage when styling. You can use hair accessories to give it a more festive touch.

Short hair

Hairstyles with loose curls or waves are among the most popular hairstyles for women of all ages. They can be a mix of regular curls and waves.

Medium length

The hair can be styled to the side or parted in the middle. Loose curls are a comfortable hairstyle that looks great both in everyday life and on the red carpet. The style can be worn anywhere, it’s so versatile.

Long hair


To revitalize the pigments and keep the color of your colored hair longer, there is a three-step treatment that can improve your mane. This method prevents your color from lightening, a normal phenomenon in washing.

Sometimes the chemical coloring can fade and lighten after several hair washes. Thanks to three-stage hair care products, you protect your color and also revitalize it.

How to keep the color of dyed hair longer?

To cover gray hair or change your appearance, you can resort to permanent coloring, preferably vegetable. However, sometimes your color will fade when you wash your hair. The latter can be revived with a range of effective hair care products.

1- Shampoo is one of the most important cosmetics to revive hair color

In order to have healthy hair, it is recommended to choose a suitable washing treatment. It is advisable to opt for a specific shampoo for colored hair, which must not contain sulphates, parabens or silicones, which weigh down the hair fiber, attack the hair and cause discoloration.

2- A special mask for colored hair has an effective moisturizing effect

To maintain the intensity of your color, you need to apply a special mask to colored hair after detangling. With this hair product you can fight dryness and promote shine and moisture of the material. This nourishing treatment is also effective to make your color last longer and give it more vitality on a daily basis.

3- A leave-in hair conditioner repairs hair damaged by chemical dyes

A leave-in cream is the third step to have sublime colored hair. This treatment is ideal for styling the dry hair fiber, strengthening the hair and giving it a beautiful shine. It is ideal to choose this product with UV protection, which prevents the color from fading or lightening due to sun exposure.

There are other habits to revive the color of your hair

In order to prevent hair colors from losing their pigment, it is important to incorporate certain gestures into your beauty routine. These are particularly effective on dry hair that is more susceptible to chemicals.

1- The conditioner is part of the ideal hair care for colored hair

To protect your hair color, it is recommended to apply a mask before coloring. It is also advisable to apply a conditioner that detangles the hair, protects the hair fiber and makes your mane soft and easy to comb.

2- Place the washes for an amazing result

To avoid the whitening effect caused by repeated washing, it is recommended to use a dry shampoo frequently when you have a new color. And with good reason, the latter acts as a protective shield for your new mane. Hairstylist Mitch Stone advises that you shouldn’t wash your hair for 48 hours after coloring it. The expert also advises spreading out the ablutions as much as possible.

3- Repeated styling can reduce the color of the dye product

To maintain a semi-permanent or permanent color, it is important to moisturize its lengths and ends. Aside from these hair care basics, it’s also important to banish certain gestures that can weaken your new color. This is the case with repetitive hairstyles such as brushing, straightening or even using a curling iron. These habits can dull the pigments in your hair and speed up the bleaching process. It is recommended to avoid them for a week after the tincture.

You will understand whether it is vegetable or chemical dyes, thanks to these essential hair products you can keep your color for a long time. Your hair will be as shiny as when you left the hair salon!


Here is the new collection of Trinity Haircare Haircuts Spring Summer 2023super colored short, medium and long haircuts!

Bright colors, irregular lengths, the new Trinity Haircare spring/summer 2023 haircut collection focuses on originality and playful accents. Let’s find out all the pictures and find ideas to copy together!


Trinity Haircare’s new spring/summer 2023 haircut collection is called Vivid and it’s all about an adventurous and whimsical mood, a celebration of post-pandemic life and the gray of winter. The line aims to capture the sense of freedom and joie de vivre we enjoyed before the pandemic, the ability to live life to the fullest and the assurance that everything will be fine. Expressive colors and bold color block combinations, character hairstyles with unusual details are at the heart of the collection. The looks are curated by hairstylists from Jolanda Schenke’s European Artistic Team, Mirella Tyas and Matej Bogata, for a selection of haircuts that will hardly go unnoticed. But let’s find out all the photos of the new one Trinity Haircare 2023f Collection together!


For those who love very short haircuts that Trinity Haircare Spring 2023 haircut collection offers its pixie cut mixed with elements of the rounder boule cut. It is a longer haircut at the neck and very layered at the top, with irregular fringe and longer parade on one side and demeaning tufts at the ears. It is certainly one of the most original layered haircuts of the season. Also, a light copper blonde base was chosen for the color, illuminated by more intense orange brushstrokes on top and around the edges. A very special proposal for lovers of red hair! Do you like this look? Discover the most beautiful spring-summer short haircuts in our extensive picture gallery!


In terms of dandruff haircuts, Trinity Haircare’s summer 2023 haircut collection rewards one of the coolest trends of the moment, the ’80s-inspired hi-low cut but revisited in a punk-chic style. A longer hair look at the neck and no volume in the front, more rock with a long tuft in the front and violet, magenta and yellow brush strokes on the sides of the head in a hair color block style, all on a platinum blonde base. But discover all the spring and summer hair color trends you need to know about in our in-depth study!


The long shoulder-length bob in the Trinity Haircare 2023 spring collection of cuts is declined in two very different versions. The first is more romantic and bon ton, one of the trendiest wavy haircuts, with short scalloped bangs or rounded baby bangs and mauve highlights adding dimension to the dark brown base. The second look is the exact opposite, a long and sleek bob with a parade and degrading fringes, showing off all the colors of the rainbow in a perfect colorblock hairstyle. The perfect haircut for those who want to radically change the look. Do you like these lengths? Discover the most beautiful medium haircuts for spring and summer that we have selected for you!


Regarding the trending haircuts of the year, Trinity Haircare’s summer haircut collection 2023 does not forget the iconic clavicut or collarbone cut that is adored by the stars. We are talking about a cut on the collarbones with a subtle but present scale and long tufts that frame the face. To make it ‘livelier’, as the collection’s name suggests, the Trinity Haircare team colored the inner lengths with brushstrokes of cold mauve pink and dark purple to give the champagne blonde base more intensity and depth. Do you like this hairstyle? Take a look at the most beautiful spring-summer long haircuts in our extensive picture gallery!




Over time, wrinkles begin to form on the forehead, and ladies begin to think about which hairstyle has the strongest anti-aging effect. The fashion consensus holds that a skillfully chosen haircut with bangs actually makes a lady look younger. But is that really true? In this article, we give valuable tips on whether you need to choose a hairstyle with bangs. Here are some things to consider regarding age and hair type. Bangs – yes, or no? These haircuts with bangs make you look older.

Which bangs make you look older?

with or without bangs

Is there an age limit for the right fringe hairstyle? Many women with (medium) long hair, even if they have not worn bangs, opt for a haircut with bangs to hide the wrinkles on their forehead. It is true that this is one of the advantages of the bangs. Ladies who love the timeless pixie cut also enjoy great styled and chic looking pony variants. But if you’ve picked the wrong bangs or don’t have the skill to show off the fringes, the bangs can quickly turn into a fashion disaster.

Bangs – yes, or no? What you need to consider

Any kind of nonsensical components in your mane will make you appear unkempt and “exhausted”. This has the immediate effect of making you look older than you are.

The fringe should harmonize well with the hairstyle and the shape of the face

Before you get a bangs cut, you should consider these four essential points:

  • What is your face type (round, square, heart-shaped or oval)?
  • What is your hair texture (thin, straight, thick or curly)?
  • What is your current haircut and will bangs flatter the face shape and enhance the hairstyle?
  • What bangs are in fashion right now (because you don’t want to look dated)?

Wedge cut with bangs

wedge cut with bangs bangs yes or no

What does a pony do to the face?

A hairstyle with bangs can completely redefine your face. Bangs – yes, or no? Consider the shape of the face to answer the question.

Bangs hairstyles for older ladies

bright mirren bob with fringed bangs

  • at round faces it is advisable to create a certain asymmetry. Too precisely cut and long forehead fringes or those with a center part can distort the face further.
  • Heart Shaped Faces don’t look good with micro bangs. It’s all about small bangs that end in the middle of the forehead. Such pony hairstyles make the face look rather elongated.
  • Square Faces: Stay away from wide or sharp bangs, as well as blunt bobs that end at the length of the jawline. Both variants would overemphasize the sharp corners of this face shape and make the face appear wider.
  • Oval Faces: Most fringe hairstyles go well! Layered fringes are ideal.

Pony hairstyle for thin hair

fringe hairstyles yes or no bixie with bangs

Layered, soft fringes flatter oval faces

Bangs that make you look older

If you are a lady over 50, you should avoid the following bangs styles that make you look unnecessarily older. These hairstyles have no anti-aging effect.

The fake bangs look whimsical

kendall jenner bad bangs hairstyle

#whispy bangs

The feathery fringe is a very subtle type of fringe that uses a razor to reduce the bulk of the hair. The bangs look breezy and don’t do the job of effectively covering the forehead. As hair thins with age, these bangs make hair look even more tired and brittle. Bangs are also capricious when it comes to styling: they have to be kept voluminous by blow-drying, and if they stick to the forehead due to sweat, they look whimsical and unkempt.

Wispy bangs make you look older

whispy bangs which hairstyle makes you age

#Oily unshaped bangs

If you have thin hair, the bangs may not be able to accumulate enough texture to add aesthetic value. With some layering, the bangs fall in streaks on the forehead, which doesn’t look good.

Shapeless bangs make you look older

thin and unstyled what is not modern

Unstyled XXL side bangs, which you might wear with an updo, also look too severe and don’t necessarily have an anti-aging effect.

The long, conservative bangs make you look older

long bangs with an updo

#Blunt and round

Sharp cut bangs with rounded edges are dated and will make you look inadequate, especially if you have an oval face shape and very straight hair.

Old fashioned bangs make you look older

blunt and round which bangs age