But short doesn’t have to mean boring. With simple styling tricks and a range of existing hair products, you can add a lot of pizzazz to your hairstyle. On the next pages you will find great ideas for Bob hairstyles 2023 for fine hair. Even if you’ve been wearing a bob for a while, here are some inspirations for new variations to try seasonally.

The best bob hairstyles 2023 for fine hair

Blonde Angled Long Bob

If you have fine hair, it’s important to learn a few tricks to add body to your mane. With the bob you can achieve this particularly effectively and without a round brush or other tedious methods. The be-all and end-all is choosing the right cut for your hair type. Focus on the texture of your hair, or go for something out of the ordinary like tousled looks or curls; play with color or highlights, everything is allowed!

Straight cut with long bangs

Hair Straight cut with long bangs

If you are blessed with straight hair, then you can think of your hair as a kind of canvas that you can style however you want. Highlights, as seen in this image, add depth to short bobs and add life to your hairstyle.

The classic bob hairstyles 2023

The classic bob hairstyles 2023

Fine hair is characterized by a lack of fullness in the strands. To counteract this, you can work not only with the cut, but also with color and highlights. In addition to the layered cut, this creates optical depth and volume.

Layered curls bob

Layered curls

Layers are the ideal way to add volume to fine hair. This example clearly shows how to play with a step cut. The longer strands serve to maintain the overall length of the hair, while the shorter strands add a little more bounce to the hair.

Chin length and asymmetrical bob

Chin length and asymmetrical bob

Long bob 2023 with highlights and balayage

Longbob 2023

Balayage has been THE trend for a long time and in combination with this one it is stylish Longbob 2023 you really can’t go wrong. The light strands that frame the face emphasize it and the light tips give your strands a lightness that also creates volume visually.

Long bob 2023 asymmetrical with waves

Long bob 2023 asymmetrical with waves

The side bangs work best for women with round faces as it slims the face while adding zest to the hairstyle. In the picture above, the lady has blow-dried the side bangs to the longer side of her asymmetrical bob. Cool and edgy!

Long bob with layers and balayage

Long bob with layers and balayage

Bob hairstyles 2023 create more volume in fine hair, especially if they are slightly layered, as in this model. The trendy balayage technique has also been used here to add depth and life to the cut. The shoulder-length bob suits all face shapes.

The Messy Bob

The Messy Bob

With a knife you can not only shave beards, but also create great hairstyles. Like this messy bob with frayed tips. Due to the fact that great steps have been incorporated here, the tips do not appear thinned out, but are more of an eye-catcher.

Bob with tousled curls

Bob with tousled curls

Love the messy look but frayed tips aren’t for you? Then this slightly tousled bob could be something for you. The light layers add bounce to the hair, and the texture comes from a salt spray.

Bob with a beach look

Bob with a beach look

This hairstyle is also based on the so-called beach look hair, as if you had just come from the beach. The slightly golden tone in the hair favors the summer look. As if kissed by the sun.

Oblique bob with side bangs

Oblique bob with side bangs

In the 1920s, bob hairstyles were one of the most daring things to do. We don’t see it that way anymore – quite the opposite. Bobs are not only trendy but also a great alternative for women with fine hair.

Blonde bob with tapered ends

Blonde bob with tapered ends

Washed-out roots used to be an absolute no-go! That is no longer the case today. The much lighter tips make your hair appear much fuller than it actually is.

Chin length blunt bob

Chin length blunt bob

Trend hairstyle of the last year and still absolutely en vogue! Blunt means blunt in English. Here the tips are bluntly cut off with a knife, which creates the look. A super hairstyle for fine facial features – and fine hair!

Nail design trends are constantly changing, just like all other beauty trends. Not only the nail polish is subject to certain tendencies, but even the shape of the nail. Square nails were very popular a few years ago, but today they are again gaining popularity. Today they are even more popular than the round nails. That’s why square nails are the focus of today’s article. We give you useful tips and fresh ideas for a great manicure!

Square nails – the new “old” trend

square nails swirls look creative nail design

Nail trends 2022 – Which nail shapes are up to date in autumn 2022?

Casual, elegant, extravagant… A beautiful manicure combines a trendy nail polish color and a trendy nail shape. Do you tend to fall into a nail polish routine?



Then change your favorite color with a very trendy nail polish color! And would you like some variety in manicures in general? Then go for the square nail shape, which is very trendy at the moment! The nail shape can vary and you could experiment with it!

The square nail trend is back for Fall 2022!

square nails trends colors pattern


Nail shapes like almond or ballerina were the most popular until recently, but they’re not considered that trendy anymore. Square filed nails are the biggest nail shape trend in fall 2022! It is also called the nail trend Square nails, as the term is in English. Another variant of the square nails are the Squoval Nails. With this manicure, the corners of the nails are slightly rounded, as the very name of the trend suggests. The trendsetters, who don’t particularly like an angular nail shape like the classic square nails, could opt for the softer nail shape. But this works best with short nails. The square nails also come into their own in another variation, namely the diamond-shaped nails. These are also as Coffin Nails known and are characterized by the fact that they become somewhat narrower towards the top.

Both short and long square nails look very modern. The trend is especially beneficial for women who have small, narrow nails. If you file them square, they will look larger.

Opt for square nail shape if you want to keep up with the latest trends

square nails nail trend fall 2022 popular modern

Square Nails – How To Wear Them?

The popular nail shape in autumn 2022 can be worn in many different ways.

What colors look best on square nails?

Not only different nail polish colors make this nail shape look beautiful. Square nails also look great just like that, without being varnished. So they look completely natural and also a bit atypical. It doesn’t matter whether you paint the nails in white, soft pink or in strong orange or green, the square nails give your autumn look a modern touch. Also the so-called Glazed donut nails are currently very popular. These have a shimmering effect and therefore look very modern. Square nails painted in black are another big trend for fall 2022. Brown is another trendy nail polish color this fall.

White nail polish is a classic among all nail polish colors

square nails white nail polish elegant manicure



How to spice up the square nails?

Certain patterns look best on the square nails:

  • Do you have, for example, from the Swirl Nails already heard? These were very popular in summer, but in autumn you wear the attractive pattern on square nails. It’s not just about fine lines, but the design can also be flat with curved outlines.
  • The trendy nail shape is then presented very nicely when flowers are used as accents. floral pattern are therefore also very modern in autumn 2022.
  • Also the popular one French manicure can be wonderfully combined with Square Nails! Then the nail tip is colored in a different color than the base color of the manicure and this is how a fancy nail design is created! Colored combinations are extremely successful!
  • Also different accents like shimmering pearls are a trendy idea for designing square nails. Glitter and pearl appliques like this look amazing on longer square nails.

The wavy shapes go very well with the square nails!

square nails swirls light pink nail polish

Even worn short, the square nails really come into their own

square nails autumn pattern trends autumn

We hope you’ve been inspired to try a new nail trend! Just choose a trendy nail polish color or pattern and wear your new manicure with pride!

Square nails replace a popular nail trend

square nails beige cream nail polish combination

Angular nails get a special charm when they are decorated with floral patterns

square nails flower pattern nail polish trends

You can easily pull off the trendy look yourself

square nails fresh color fall 2022

Medium length square nails in soft pink

square nails light pink soft color nail polish

French nails work fantastic with square nails!

square nails short manicure bright color accents

square nails nail design trends

square nails bridal manicure ideas

square nails nude look small accents

square nails pink nail polish fresh pattern

square nails red small accents

square nails beautiful manicure

square nails one color fresh nail polish

square nails which color which pattern trends

square nails which pattern trends 2022






There are also lists like this we should look to with consideration: What hair mistakes can you make that make you look older? Hair plays a major role in the overall appearance: there are hairstyles that make you look older. In the following we explain what these hairstyles and styles are and what you need to look out for.

What are the hairstyles that make you look older?

hairstyles that make older people look short

Hairstyles that make you look older

#Mistake 1: Tired and long

A serious mistake that many ladies make is to wear their hair straight, without volume and “tired”. And this phenomenon mainly affects (medium) long hair. With age, stages begin to add important accents to hair, refreshing the look and making you look younger. If you don’t wear layered haircuts or layered effects and your mane falls flat on your shoulders, you may definitely look older.

Tired looking hair

hairstyle that makes you look older

The effects are particularly visible on fine, straight hair and give the impression that you are not using proper hair care.

#Error 2: Combed backwards

Another styling that adds a few years on the face is hair combing back. While the look is fashionable, it doesn’t always go entirely well.

Comb the hair backwards and forehead lines will become more visible

hairstyles the older ones comb backwards

The reason is that with this hairstyle you open the face and draw attention to the small details of your skin. To avoid this, opt for haircuts based on steps or layers that frame the face. The forehead can be concealed with a haircut with bangs.

#Mistake 3: Beehive

You’ve definitely heard about the granny hairstyle and associate the effect with the beehive. The Beehive hairstyle is really retro and looks quite dated.

A very old-fashioned hairstyle


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Публикация, споделена от Ashley (@ashleyposkin)

One must not forget that the extremely voluminous updo often makes the hair look even drier and that does not leave a good impression, especially in connection with increasing age. Also, the rigid and formal hairstyle cannot always stay in place and does not come into its own in everyday life.

The hairstyle of other times…


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Публикация, споделена от Joe (@totallyretro65)

Especially with heavy make-up, the Beehive will uncompromisingly make you look older.

#Mistake 4: Old Fashioned Hair Colors (Aubergine, Ash Blonde, Washed Out Color)

There are not only hairstyles that age, but also hair colors. You should always keep up to date with hair fashion and know exactly which hair colors are currently in trend. Some old-fashioned nuances are of course to be avoided.

eggplant blue

Everyone is fed up with this color: the nuance has been around for a while. It is a dark color with bluish or purple undertones.

Aubergine blue is old-fashioned

aubergine blue hairstyles that make you older

ash blonde

Although trends towards gray hair are on the rise, the ash-blonde shade doesn’t always seem very up-to-date. Despite all social changes, there are still associations with aging that this color evokes.

Ash blonde definitely makes younger ladies look older


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Публикация, споделена от 💈Linette Landstrom💈 Haircuts have no gender (@frisorlinette)

Washed out colour

Hair loses pigment over time and that means more colorlessness and gray hair without shine.

Washed-out colors look particularly old-fashioned

freaked out hair color hairstyles that make older

That’s why it’s important to make sure your color is fresh, saturated and makes you shine. A washed-out color with a greyish, colorless tinge looks particularly aging.

#Mistake 5: Dry hair

The hair becomes much drier and brittle over time. Dry hair, no matter the length, makes it look unkempt and tired. Therefore, avoid harsh hair products and make sure you eat a healthy diet.

Dry hair

dry hair

#Mistake 6: Waffle curls

This is our favourite. Nothing compares to those girly curls that were so typical of 00’s fashion. They look extremely artificial and appear as if they were squashed in a waffle press. Especially in the sense of increasing age, the waffle curls don’t stay on point at all…

The waffle curls are dated and belong to hairstyles that age

crimped curls

#Mistake 7: Karen cut

The Karen haircut is particularly versatile and culturally charged and you already know that this hairstyle is an absolute no go. The hairstyle was still popular in the 00’s, but since then it has become synonymous with tackiness.

The absolute “no-go” hairstyle that makes you look older


One cannot define Karen as either a pixie or a bob. Same goes for length: are aging Karen hairstyles medium or short? It’s not entirely clear, so stay away from this haircut.

The Karen hairstyle is culturally charged


Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.


Публикация, споделена от earth (yes, my real name😊) (@earthsworld)

The tips look dated and the side bangs, which just cascade down over the eyes, draws eyes to your forehead wrinkles.

#Mistake 8: Big curls

Big curls will also make younger ladies look completely older. That is why women with long hair should only wear them under certain circumstances.

Big curls, especially with heavy makeup, make you look older.

big curls hairstyles that make older

The grandiose curls, especially when paired with a side parting, can add 10 years on her face in an instant. Paired with a shorter hair length, however, big locks will make you look younger and more playful.


The combination of Red and shades of brown is infinite. This multi-tonal color goes beyond the classic red and takes it to the next level for a more eye-catching and richer blend that can instantly brighten and refresh your look!

Auburn hair has a wide range of colors, making it a very versatile shade that suits all skin types. Tones that are more brown than reddish pair well with fair skin, while tones that are more on the red side of the spectrum pair well with fair to dark skin.

For your next hairdressing appointment, let yourself be inspired by reddish brown hair color tones to inspire!

Sexy Wavy Red Brown Balayage
Instagram @kl.hairartist

#1: Sexy wavy auburn balayage

Full of warmth and fullness, balayage leaves you feeling fresh. The resulting dimension creates a natural, glossy look, especially when you finish your style with bouncy, sleek waves.

#2: Chocolate and Merlot

Dimensional Auburn Wavy Long Hair
Instagram @hairby.maggiee

#3: Dimensional Auburn Wavy Long Hair

Stunning copper red brown blunt cut
Instagram @nicolasbeautystudio

#4: Stunning copper stump cut

A blunt cut is great for creating an intense and daring hairstyle. Copper hair works well with pale skin tones as it warms up the features and complements most eye colors. Paired with a blunt cut, copper colored hair diffuses the light and makes your hair look thicker and fuller, making it a great option for thin or fine hair.

Gently wavy auburn hair
Instagram @sergeyshapochka

#5: Softly wavy auburn hair

A classic hairstyle with softly wavy auburn hair is effortlessly romantic and chic. If your hair tends toward the warmer tones, adding more warmth can be a big risk, but the result is worth it. Ask your colorist if auburn suits your skin tone before committing. A great way to transition to red is by adding pops of red and blonde color to brown hair. Soft waves can be done with hot rollers or a curling iron and finished with a pomade for added shine.

Cute burgundy highlights on brown hair
Instagram @beautybyrain

#6: Cute burgundy highlights on brown hair

Burgundy highlights on your natural dark hair can create a stunning contrast that you can’t achieve with anything else. This is a great idea if you want to enhance your natural color but don’t want to go all out on the maintenance effort.

Warm reddish brown for curly hair
Instagram @beautiful_by_natalie

#7: Warm reddish brown for curly hair

If you have curly hair, you should choose a warm auburn. This rich, gorgeous shade leaves your tresses looking silky and velvety. Ask your stylist to consider a demi-permanent color to help your curls grow out softer and smoother and not dry out.

Medium brown hair with fun copper highlights
Instagram @lastylstudio

#8: Medium brown hair with copper highlights

The base is a dark mahogany brunette (think red wine) with subtle coppery balayage highlights, and it’s the perfect fall color. The cut is blunt and slanted with some structured layers that add dimension. This auburn hair color is for the woman who works in the office and wants to wear a fancy color but may not be allowed to wear unnatural colors in the workplace.

Vibrant mahogany red and brunette balayage
Instagram @boss.hairmom

#9: Vivid mahogany red and brunette balayage

Try a mahogany red and brunette balayage with deep red tones and coppery babylights. This auburn hair is ideal if you are looking for a low maintenance hair color and only want a root touch up every 6-8 weeks.

Gorgeous auburn caramel ombre
Instagram @salonmetta

#10: Beautiful caramel red to brown ombre

Try copper and golden honey blonde tones to add some dimension and brightness without losing your natural red hair. Most care for this auburn hue is some tone and color balancing.

Two tone red on brown hair color
Instagram @mandyshairandspa

#11: Two tone red on brown

This sweet coppery bright red and brown shade has warm undertones that make it look so defined and contrasting.

Beautiful dark brown to red ombre
Instagram @taylermadehair

#12: Beautiful dark brown to red ombre

I’m obsessed with this fiery mix of bright brown and red hair colors that are toned down towards the end for a lighter finish. The balayage adds a sweet dimension to your natural chocolate roots.

Red to brown ombre on short hair
Instagram @aldikalemi_hairstyles

#13: Red to Brown Ombre on Short Hair

Show off your ultra cool pixie with a cherry red and chocolate mix! This cute red-brown ombre coloring adds incredible dimension and depth.

Pretty red balayage on dark brown hair

#14: Pretty red balayage on dark brown hair

This brownish red hair is a stunning combination of deep and auburn balayage on brunette hairline.

Bold red highlights on dark brown hair
Instagram @cyn_haas

#15: Bold red highlights on dark brown hair

Red highlights on your dark brown hair are the best way to try your hand at being a redhead without making a commitment.

Reddish brown and dark reddish brown balayage
Instagram @sokiestylist

#16: Reddish brown and dark auburn balayage

Feel warm and cozy with dark reds and browns with dark roots for effortless growing out. Dark auburn ombres also look great on straight hair, especially if the transitions are seamless.

Dimensional dark red and brown hair color
Instagram @aubrey2355

#17: Dark red and brown wine in dimensions

Get ready for fall with this gorgeous dark reddish brunette hair that has been paired with a shadow root. Painting your tresses a bright and shiny brown and red hue will define your hair and enhance its shape.

Delicious red chocolate brown hair
Instagram @hairbyohheyheather

#18: Delicious red-chocolate brown

Have the colors of the leaves and natural wood on your mane for a gorgeous red chocolate brown hair color.

Classic red and blonde highlights on brown hair
Instagram @andreavarga_hair

#19: Classic red and blonde highlights on brown hair

Swap your classic light brunette hair for a combo of honey and strawberry balayage for the perfect reddish brown hair color.

Elegant light reddish brown
Instagram @hairbyannastacia

#20: Elegant light reddish brown

This light reddish-brown shade is ideal for warm and tan skin tones. Show off your wonderful vibrant copper color with hair straightened to perfection for a super smooth and shiny finish.

Stunning reddish golden brown hair color
Instagram @nicoleblanck_hairbytonizambito

#21: Stunning reddish golden brown

A reddish golden brown is a more subtle and easy-care color compared to lighter reds. A light auburn shade is easy to rock and can be easily manipulated to make cool changes to your hair.

Flattering brown, chestnut and red balayage
Instagram @jaynewallacehair

#22: Flattering maroon and red balayage

This maroon and red color has been hand painted using the balayage technique. It has been matched to the natural root color so it will grow out seamlessly into a beautiful ombre. This color really suits many skin tones, so ask your stylist if it suits you.

Seductive auburn hair with highlights
Instagram @hair.wizard_

#23: Seductive auburn with highlights

This straight auburn hair is a dark chocolate brown that fades to cherry red with copper highlights and a long layered haircut. In order for a bright auburn hair color to last as long as possible, you should always use a sulfate-free shampoo.

rich red brunette
Instagram @_danielledoeshair

#24: Rich red brunette

A rich brunette red creates a lovely warm base that suits almost any skin tone. Deeper colors like brunette require less maintenance and can be refreshed with a color conditioner. Brunette is great for contrasting with fair skin tones without blurring out the fair features.

I tried to introduce you to all types of auburn hair. If you go to the hairdresser, you can show your hairdresser your desired hairstyle and you can auburn hair have what suits you best. Don’t forget to contact me if you are curious. Please share this post on your social media and support our growth.

Although the question of how to combine a denim jacket is rarely asked, we draw our readers’ attention to current looks and possible mistakes that one can make oneself. Now that we’ve learned the ins and outs of the pleated skirt and leather leggings, we’d like to delve further into the highlights of fall fashion 2022. Today’s post should serve as an introduction and inspiration and make the transition to the autumn/winter season more pleasant. How do you currently wear your beloved denim jacket and can you perhaps even do something wrong when dressing? Using a few example images, we would like to take a closer look at one of the evergreens in fashion.

In the following we present colors, cuts and of course current and common looks and hope that you are in a good mood even on gray autumn days.

How to combine a denim jacket should not be a complicated question and you should just pay more attention to the silhouette

denim jacket combine autumn fashion 2022winter black jacket cinnamon short dress elegant plush leather leggings

Combine a denim jacket – sweet autumn fashion for the sunny days

No matter what decision you make and what clothing you want to combine the denim jacket with, the result is always in a sporty-elegant direction. The denim itself manages to loosen up every look and complete it.



This season we are wearing colorful and black denim jackets again, which are often washed out. The classic denim is still preferred in many possible combinations. The denim jacket is considered an evergreen that not only goes well with any style, but can even be described as trans-seasonal.

If necessary, monotonous or too strict outfits can simply be broken up with a denim jacket

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022 fall dresses


Nevertheless, there are some fine details that you should pay attention to if you want to combine your denim jacket correctly and successfully.

If you are looking for contrasts when dressing, you will always achieve a successful and original outfit

Combine denim jacket fall fashion 2022 with dress

Autumn is a very rewarding time of year when we can mix and match clothes from all seasons and a denim jacket always goes well with it

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022winter black jacket cinnamon



The evergreen in fall fashion 2022 – how can you combine the denim jacket?

When putting together an outfit in which the denim jacket is the final chord, you should not pay attention to colors and fabrics. This makes things a lot easier, especially for the inexperienced. The only relevant thing that can stand out as a negative combination in any outfit is the cut. As outerwear, the denim jacket can turn out with different character. Short, wide-tailored and tailored jackets go well with high-rise trousers or skirts, which are very trendy. If you prefer a denim coat, you should also combine it with an appropriate belt. Ladies who like to wear autumn dresses can wear their beloved denim jacket with them without any worries. The denim is really universal as a fabric and can be easily combined.

Sporty, elegant and put together with very little effort – autumnal outfits counteract depression and require a little creativity

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022winter black jacket cinnamon short dress elegant

The blue denim is so timeless and so universal that one can hardly speak of mistakes when dressing

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022 winter blue

Can you also combine the denim jacket wrong?

Although it is relatively easy to combine a denim jacket appropriately, you can make some mistakes that appear inharmonious in the overall picture. A negative example would be when you combine button over button. A women’s blouse or shirt with a collar and buttons would not go so well with the same cut of the denim jacket. A tunic or long shirt that you combine well with a sweater and possibly a woolen scarf could look much more skilful and wanted. Strict evening wear, a strapless top or a deep décolleté also turn out to be inappropriate with a denim jacket.

Anyone who decides on a denim coat should combine it with the rest of their clothing and make it look even more up-to-date with a belt

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022winter

The neutral, but at the same time very chic denim jacket is actually used to emphasize other items of clothing. The jacket should be seen as an organic complement to the outfit.

With a denim jacket, every outfit looks well thought out and perfect, which is why we were happy to declare the denim jacket an evergreen

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022winter black jacket

Combine a denim jacket and be sure that everything is right

If you want to combine a denim jacket in autumn, it happens quite naturally. The jacket goes well with the changeable autumn days, but in the evening you should come up with other ideas. The denim fabric has the property of making all the beautiful colors and fabrics of autumn appear even more intense and beautiful. Monotonous and business outfits are part of an official dress code, which is simply broken up by the denim jacket after work. A break would also be welcome in a maxi dress, where the wholeness of the garment might seem too engrossing. Anything that seems too colorful or too monotonous can be balanced with the denim jacket. Autumn accessories go great with denim, just like any kind of bags and shoes.

But before you think about how to combine your denim jacket, you should know the peculiarities of your own figure and dress accordingly.

The decision to wear a denim jacket with a dress is always a good one, and it makes every outfit look rebellious and cheeky

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022winter black jacket street style

The denim jacket makes colors and fabrics look sunny and bright in autumn

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022 winter black jeans

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022winter black jacket wine red

denim jacket combine autumn fashion 2022winter black jacket cinnamon short

denim jacket combine fall fashion 2022winter black jacket cinnamon short dress

denim jacket combine autumn fashion 2022winter black jacket cinnamon short dress elegant plush

denim jacket combine autumn fashion 2022winter black jacket cinnamon short dress elegant plush cold

Combine a denim jacket with fall fashion 2022

Source: Marieclaire

Like everything else in your home, radiators get dirty over time. This not only looks ugly, but can also impair the efficiency of the radiators. In this guide we will show you how you can easily clean your radiators to keep them looking good and working at their best.

Keep your home radiators clean to keep them working at their best

black radiator wall color white wall clock

  1. Turn off your heating.
  2. Vacuum up the dust.
  3. Clean the inside of the radiators.
  4. Clean the radiators from the outside.
  5. Clean the environment.

Clean radiators inside and out

clean radiators remove dust with a feather duster

Turn off your heating

Before you start cleaning the radiators, turn off your central heating, turn the temperature control down to 0 and let the radiators cool down for a few hours. This not only prevents you from burning yourself, but also prevents the convection currents that the radiators create from drawing even more dust into the radiators when you clean them.

Before you start cleaning, you must turn off the central heating

radiator in the living room horizontal wall color blue

Vacuum the dust

Next you need to vacuum as much dust as possible from the radiators. To do this, use the extendable hose on your vacuum cleaner (if you have one). After cleaning the radiators from the outside, try to run the vacuum cleaner hose inside the radiator and vacuum the dust from there. If your radiator has a top cover, you will need to remove it first.

A long-handled brush is a good helper when cleaning the radiators

Clean radiators with a radiator brush with a long handle

Clean the inside of the radiators

After removing as much dust as possible with the vacuum cleaner, you need to clean the rest with a radiator brush. This is a long-handled brush that allows you to get into the hard-to-reach areas of your radiator and remove dust.

If you don’t have a radiator brush, you can make one yourself. Find a long piece of wire or something similar, such as Take a coiled wire coat hanger, for example, and attach a feather duster to the end. This should get most of the dust out of the inside of the radiators.

While you’re doing this, you can place a towel or duster under the radiator to catch the dirt.

Wipe the outside of the radiator with a microfiber cloth

cleaning the radiator wipe the outside with a microfiber cloth

Clean the radiators from the outside

If the inside of your radiators is clean, you can now start cleaning the outside:

  • Mix some dish soap in a bucket of hot water until it becomes sufficiently sudsy.
  • Dip a sponge and squeeze out the excess water.
  • Wipe down the outside of your radiators, plumbing and valves.
  • If you want to thoroughly clean your radiator, you can remove it from the wall.

Remove the radiator from the wall to clean thoroughly

black radiator in the living room golden coffee table decorative vases

Clean around the radiators

When your radiators are spotless, the last thing you need to do is clean the area around them. If you live in an apartment with smokers or pets, sometimes the heat from the radiator can cause smoke, dirt and hair to stick to the walls. In this case, you can wash the walls with the same sponge and soapy water. You’ve probably vacuumed a lot of dust and dirt from the back of the radiator, so clean the baseboards and floor around the radiator as well.

Don’t forget to clean around the radiators too

radiator in the living room white sofa colorful throw pillows

How often should I clean my radiators?

We recommend doing this once a year before turning on the heating for the first time during the cold season. But it also doesn’t hurt to clean the radiators all year round.

If you have just bought or rented an apartment/new house and the radiators are looking particularly dirty, we strongly recommend that you tackle this task before you move in, as it can create a lot of dust.

Wipe the surface regularly with a paper towel

wipe radiator with paper towel cleaning instructions

Why do my radiators keep getting dusty?

There is always dust in the air. The reason for the clumping and back pressure in and around the radiator is the air flow that distributes the heat in the room. Warm air rises and cool air falls down. As the air sinks, it takes dust with it, and as it is drawn up through the radiator, the dust collects on the back and fins of the radiator.

Effective cleaning helps to keep the house and apartment warm

radiator clean so that it works effectively

Remove dust from the heater

how to clean radiators effectively so that they function optimally



2022 offers us excellent haircuts that will rejuvenate every woman. A beautiful hairstyle combined with great hair color will surely refresh and spice up your whole look. When choosing a color from 60, however, you should not opt ​​for a color that is too dark, because that can make facial features appear harder and you will not benefit from anything. In today’s article we would like to show you the best and trending hairstyles. You will also get many tips and tricks related to glasses. Which hairstyles from 60 make you younger? These are the hair trends for 2022!

Nice hairstyle for women over 50 – shoulder-length hair with a subtle side pony

bold hairstyles for women over 50 side bangs

Sassy, ​​layered hairstyles for medium-length, thick hair – with curls

cheeky hairstyles medium-length tiered fringed chin-length bob with waves

Upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 – medium length layered bob

upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 medium-length layered bob waves

Hairstyles for gray hair over 60 – long and with side bangs

hairstyles for gray hair over 60 medium length hair layered

The biggest prediction for spring this year is an updated version of the 70’s shag hairstyle! This hairstyle works really well on both medium and short hair, making it a versatile hairstyle to wear all year round. With this haircut, the fringe is the best advantage: you can easily conceal gentle forehead wrinkles with a fringed or blunt fringe. If you also wear glasses, the hairstyle suits you even more – the small wrinkles around the eyes become practically invisible.

The eternal pixie cut for older women – this time side-slicked

pixie cut for older women side slicked

Layered bob hairstyles for medium length hair

Layered haircuts have a lot going for them. Here you will find our suggestions:

shag hairstyle

The haircut is characterized by really many levels. He’s all the rage and that doesn’t count from yesterday. The hairstyle is making a comeback. What else can we mention about it as beneficial? Shag is easy to care for and looks glamorous at the same time, even suitable for all hair textures. The hairdo makes a great mix of fringed cuts that envelop and show off the face. The choppy layers in the hair add volume. To keep the hairstyle looking dynamic on a day-to-day basis, all you need is a salt spray or hair wax to add texture or lift the roots a bit.

Shag hairstyle in two variants: with curls and straight

upbeat hairstyles for women over 50 shag hairstyle

Short shag cut

fringy bob hairstyles short tiered shaggy bob cut

Collarbone Shag/Clavicut

The versatile hairstyle can be styled really cool. With waves, in a center parting or side parting – or why not in a sleek look? Women with thin hair look very modern and elegant wearing such a haircut. A well styled shoulder length bob like the Clavicut gives your face a beautiful and even shape. Summer waves or retro curls are just as pretty and provide a rejuvenating effect.

Side Bangs VS. Curtain bangs

hairstyles medium length layered bob curtain bangs medium or side parting

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is totally hip in 2022. The ultimate hair trend is a mix of vintage shag and mullet. With the right styling, you can achieve the perfect shape for you. With curls or straight – the cut is very bold, modern and interesting. Also coming up soon.

medium-length hairstyles with bangs from 50 wolf cut

A-cut bob

The A-cut bob hairstyle is preferred by many celebrities like Victoria Beckham. The hairstyle works well for all ages. And the ladies in their 60s will benefit a lot from this: the layered bob gives you lots of volume, structure and pizzazz. The hairdo is quite nice if you have already done highlights or balayage in your hair.

The asymmetrical bob emphasizes your strong points

smart short hairstyles women cheeky short tiered bob

ladies hairstyles medium length from 60 woman with blond wavy hair

bold hairstyles for women over 50 step bob

Layered bob hairstyle with slanting bangs

Everyone knows that the layers bring more structure and dimension to the hair. Of these, women with thin hair in particular will win. In combination with a slanted fringe, the hairstyle goes straight to the red carpet! These bangs show off your eyes, cheeks and lips.

bold hairstyles for women over 50 with sloping bangs

Short peppy hairstyles for women over 50

When it comes to short hairstyles, there are rules that can be broken. Experiment with colors, asymmetry and different lengths.

Side undercut

Decide on the current undercut hairstyle, even if you are looking for a new haircut from the age of 50. The undercut on the side is extravagant and shows off your face in a positive way.

Fake undercut is another option if you don’t want to risk much. The fake sidecut is a good cheat as you style one side tightly back and secure it to the longer hair with a bobby pin and hair setting.

short haircut women side undercut


The pageboy cut is very cute and wraps the face beautifully. It is suitable for all women who hardly have time for complex styling in the morning.

The modern page cut is the ideal solution. The hair on top of the head is kept longer and offers many possibilities for styling. The cut can also be worn with fringes – it looks particularly youthful and feminine. In combination with the undone styling, this creates the perfect hairstyle with an anti-aging effect.

short hairstyles for gray hair over 60

Pixie shag

You can never go wrong with short hairstyles. The pixie shag is very bold and peppy. The hairdo features a pointed nape and, of course, a slanting fringe. The longer layers at the top add body and movement to the hair.

smart short hairstyles women cheeky hairstyles over 60 with glasses

Long pixie cut

Modern and voluminous pixie hairstyles are without a doubt the ultimate low-maintenance cut of the future and everyone is already asking for it. Long pixie cut is just outstanding. Be inspired by film icons like Mia Farrow or Mary J Blige. Achieve lots of volume with choppy layers.

which hairstyles over 60 make younger long pixie cut

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob of the future takes center stage with precise cuts. In addition to single-tiered, blunt (blunt) bob hairstyles, angular and asymmetrical bobs will also be fashionable. They give women with rounder faces over 60 a face-framing length.

Hair accessories at 60 – modern and rejuvenating

Hair accessories are more popular than ever in 2022. In addition, it gives a young and dynamic look! Whether you have medium length or short hair – use barrettes, bobby pins and why not a nice silky bow? This will refresh your complete look and make it more extraordinary. It is best to opt for subtle and elegant hair accessories. This is how you will set beautiful accents in your hair. Combine your clothes and hair color naturally with the selected hair accessories.

The light blonde hair color hides the gray hair

bob hairstyles layered from 50 balayage blonde medium length hair

hairstyles from 60 with glasses chin-length bob

bold hairstyles for women over 50 for thick hair

Feeling comfortable in your own four walls is a must. That is why it is so important to find out the right furnishing style for you and to select furniture and accessories accordingly. But there is also a suitable living style for everyone who wants to match things in interior design that may not make the perfect combination, and that is the boho style. Boho chic has been particularly popular lately. A boho interior actually carries a hippie flair with it, but today it is characterized by many new updates. We show you how you can use the versatile furnishing style in your own home.

Boho furnishings – The bohemian style transfers joie de vivre into the interior design

boho furnishings combine textiles to make you feel comfortable

Furnishing in boho style – what characterizes the style of living?

Boho chic is an unconventional style of living. The abbreviation Boho comes from the word bohemian, which characterizes an intellectual movement of artists, poets and philosophers. Originally created as a style of living for only an intellectual fringe group and later described as typical for the hippies, today the style of living stands for everyone who wants to transfer joie de vivre into interior design.



This furnishing style is particularly popular in the living room and bedroom. The combination of different elements that may not belong together at first glance is allowed in boho furnishings. The boho living style is considered a colorfully mixed furnishing style that has something of both shabby chic and vintage and also benefits from your own creative DIY and furnishing ideas.

The boho style is an eclectic style of living

boho furnishing living room furnishing ideas


The bohemian chic is characterized by bright colors and creative designs. For example, you can combine old and new things without any hesitation. So a new sofa goes quite well with a chest of drawers from the flea market. You can even combine different styles! Pieces of furniture made from natural materials and playful decorative accessories are what make up the furnishing style. For the boho style you choose colors like beige, brown, olive green and khaki. But you could also use bright blue and yellow as accents. It’s also important to leave enough free space in the room so it doesn’t feel crowded. Find out below how to create the atmosphere of boho chic.

The casual living style is often characterized by a used look

boho furnishing set up a comfortable living room

The must-haves of boho furnishings

In order to transfer the living trend into your own living room, you do not have to come up with a completely new furnishing concept, but only include certain elements in the interior. So there are no limits for free spirits to put their creative furnishing ideas into practice. These are the must-haves of the boho interior:

natural materials

Anyone who values ​​sustainable living will hit the mark with boho furnishings. Leather, bamboo, rattan, wood, linen, cotton… All of these materials have a place in a bohemian interior. Not only the pieces of furniture are made from it, but also the decorative accessories themselves. So think about rattan furniture and bamboo stools for the living room or bedroom. A basket made of woven bamboo or wooden flower pots are also quite suitable.

Natural materials create a cozy atmosphere

boho furnishing bedroom plants materials



Colorful home accessories

Furnishing items collected here and there can all be displayed together. So put your favorite souvenirs from different countries on display! Decorative items reminiscent of Africa, Asia or the Orient are welcome! Animal depictions often come to the fore. Figures of elephants and birds, for example, are often seen. But you can also make your own beautiful decorations from natural materials.

The popular furnishing style is realized through an appropriate combination of decoration and textiles

boho furnishing indoor plants colorful carpets

Cozy textiles

In the boho style, various textiles are staged. Blankets, cushions and carpets are skilfully coordinated to create a homely ambience. Especially with the decorative cushions you have numerous options to create an individual interior. Diverse patterns and playful elements such as fringes are a very good idea. Patchwork, ethnic and macrame patterns are very popular. In this way you ensure an extra piece of warmth and comfort in your own four walls. Folk patterns are also widely used in boho furnishings.

You can make the living room furniture more comfortable with a few elements

boho furnishing living room ideas simple colors plants

indoor plants

What should not be missing in a boho living room are plants. The more of these, the better! They perfectly complete the cozy atmosphere of the living style. They not only bring an extra portion of cosiness into the room by emphasizing the furniture made of natural materials. They also make him appear fresher. Choose exotic indoor plants that attract attention. Macrame hanging baskets and rattan baskets are very suitable for displaying indoor plants.

A bright and friendly facility is aimed for

boho furnishings many plants fresh mood

We hope that you have drawn enough inspiration from the popular style of living! Be creative, because you have a lot of freedom when setting it up!

People who like to experiment rely on the Boho style in their own four walls

boho decor many indoor plants deco ideas

Anything that pleases the residents is possible with boho furnishings

Set up boho furnishings in an eclectic living room

Muted earth tones are characteristic of the trendy style of living

boho furnishing bedroom furnishing ideas

Set bright color nuances as highlights

boho furnishing colored living room design ideas

Different pattern combinations are typical for boho chic

boho furnishing throw pillow macrame deco ideas

Create a boho feeling in your own living room

boho decor macrame decoration ideas wall decoration

Boho chic allows style mixes

boho furnishing living room fancy table

Colorful home textiles are obligatory for boho chic

boho furnishing living room sofa throw pillow

Persian carpets are wonderfully inscribed in a boho interior!

boho furnishing design eclectic living room

boho furnishing living room leather sofa macrame

Autumn has arrived and many ladies oversleep in the morning due to the lack of daylight. Often there is not enough time to do a beautiful and complex hair styling yourself. In the following post, we show some ideas of easy hairstyles for every day for short and long hair. Get inspiration for the week and celebrate the everyday routine with impressive office hairstyles in the missing territory outside of the home office or on other occasions!

No time early in the morning? With these simple hairstyles, it works every day

kim kardashian hairstyles for every day

It is not true that women sporting short haircuts do not have easy everyday hairstyles available. Even very defined looks like pixies or pageboy cuts can be styled in different ways and demonstrate your class and taste.

Sleek look for straight hair

sleek bob irina sheyk simple quick hairstyles

We dedicate ourselves to the timeless classic among haircuts, the bob, and check which options are particularly appealing in line with the autumn trends of 2022.

You can experiment with the parting

one blonde bob with side parting and glasses fall 2022

#Midi bob with side braids

Incredibly easy to style, this flawless hairstyle has a warm, soft summer edge that you’ll be happy to take with you into fall! Depending on your hair texture, the hairstyle can look both sleek and slightly messy.

Midi bob with small decorative braids

Minimalist braids have been a dominant trend this year and the cute charm of the side lolita braids on the midi bob looks incredibly charming and youthful. The style is also favored by brides with short hair on their very special day and can look fashionable and style-defining, no matter what the context of the day you wear it: on the street with friends or in the office.

#Wet Bob

Another very transformative and easy to achieve look is to give your bob cut a wet look.

Wet look for bob hairstyles

simple hairstyles for beginners wet look fall 2022

This is a very classic solution, with minimum styling effort, that is very easy to create with pomade or hair gel. Also, the wet look goes very well with heart-shaped and slender faces and is a popular hairstyle choice for fall.

Wet look for midi bob

You will be surprised how many different ways you have to style the wet look on a short bob. Whether it’s done with soft waves, a center or side part, or simply slicked back, the sleek bob looks completely different every time.

Just see how cool it looks with the fall trend of the year, aqua hair.

Fall trend 2022: aqua hair

#Icy blonde bob with space buns

Simultaneously charming and casual, the bob with space buns will definitely turn heads 180 degrees in your direction and offers an excellent idea for the icy blonde hair color that has become super trendy this fall.

Autumn trend 2022: ice blonde

Maybe you’ve seen the styling on catwalks and social media before and got completely obsessed. It literally takes 5 minutes to style the cute topknot and if you love the darker hairline you’ll add extra extravagance to the look.

Easy hairstyles for every day – long hair

Courageous long-haired women should know that there are no limits: long hair can be styled in many different ways and, in addition to various braided hairstyles, you also have numerous lighter options at hand.

Long hair in copper red

#Faux bob ponytail

Wow, we’ve seen this back and forth before and are totally fascinated by the simple style.

A ponytail that looks like bob

You may have heard about the faux bob. The classic faux bob isn’t necessarily all that easy to pull off, and you’re going to need a helping hand. But we present the stylish ponytail version, which you can also copy all by yourself. It involves a high ponytail that you style so that it reaches chin level and looks like a bob. Ideal for smooth and fine hair structures.

#Low chignon

The deep bun in Scandi style is totally in trend this autumn.

The Scandi bun is very elegant and quite deeply shaped

scandi bun low simple hairstyles fall 2022

The Scandi bun is super sophisticated and can be defined in a completely versatile way by the outfit. Even a more complex knot can be styled easily, but it is important that you make it really deep…

Excellent with a more complex knot…

#Open hair with soft waves

Ladies who don’t necessarily want to style their hair in an updo and don’t mind that their necks are kept warm in autumn can simply leave their long hair free and add and fix soft waves with the curling iron and a few care products.

Hair left free with soft waves

jennifer lawrence easy hairstyles for beginners

The soft waves look very natural and add dynamics to the hair.

#Styled behind the ears…

This simple version works brilliantly with a center parting. Women with curly hair can easily conjure up this style with a straightening iron and stabilize it with hairspray.

Long hair behind the ears

jamie chung behind the ears styled simple hairstyles


Dresses make a woman’s look charming. That’s why they are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe, regardless of the season. In autumn 2022, however, some cuts are considered old-fashioned, while others are very trendy. We’re about to show you the trendiest autumn dresses for 2022. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration for a new look?

Autumn dresses 2022 – You will experience a variety of colors and cuts

fall dresses 2022 business dresses blazer dress

The dress will remain very popular in autumn 2022!

The dresses are items of clothing that make everyday life easier. The reason is that you only need shoes and some accessories to complete your outfit. So it doesn’t take much time to come up with a suitable combination of clothes.



In addition, dresses are universal items of clothing that are suitable for a special occasion as well as for everyday life and the office. But some styles are trendier than others. That’s exactly what we’re talking about today: Which models do you like to wear in autumn 2022?

Long models are well suited for cooler autumn days

fall dresses 2022 dark shades fashion trends


Autumn dresses 2022 – You have these models to choose from!

The variety of autumn dresses is great and everyone can find something for themselves. What unites all trendy models is comfort. So this is what you should bet on in the fall:

midi dresses

The midi dresses have gained many fans in recent months. These are made in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so that you can avoid the dull autumn mood. Floral prints are of course reminiscent of summer and make everyday life more colourful. Some models focus on the waist because they have a tie belt. The midi dress can be combined very stylishly with a leather jacket and knee-high boots.

Be sure to stock up on a midi dress for your fall wardrobe

fall dresses 2022 trends models midi dress

Knit and rib knit dresses

Knitted dresses are a popular choice for the cold months because they are warm and also look fantastic. The rib knit will be very popular in autumn 2022. This is a finely knitted material that is actually very functional because it looks both elegant and casual.

You can also choose from numerous colors and quickly find what you are looking for for the respective occasion. So you don’t have to do without the bright colors of summer, because models in bright colors are very trendy. In this case, however, it is not about light linen and cotton dresses, but about cozy fabrics.

Knitted dresses are all the rage in golden autumn

autumn dresses 2022 which trends are announced



The bodycon dress

If you want to be dressed in a very modern way in autumn, then you choose dresses that emphasize the figure. These are called bodycon dresses. However, they are by no means uncomfortable, on the contrary, because they are made of stretchy knit fabric or elastic cotton. Here, too, one experiences a large variety of models. Those with puff sleeves, for example, are real eye-catchers. Other models have a turtleneck. They are very practical, because then you can do without the scarf.

Fall Dresses 2022 – Bodycon dresses are a hit this fall

fall dresses 2022 rib knit dress modern look

Maxi and denim dresses

Mini dresses are already in the past. In the summer you like to wear them, but in the fall you look for clothes that won’t make you feel cold outside. The longer the dresses, the more trendy they are in autumn 2022. That is why maxi dresses are particularly popular this autumn. The designers use different fabrics for these models. Both wool and knit fabrics make the maxi dresses feel very good on the body. In addition, nobody can deny that they are also very comfortable because of their cut.

The so-called denim dresses are also very trendy at the moment. These look very elegant with a light wool coat or a trench coat. Add cowboy boots as well, then achieve a complete, classic vision!

A long, comfortable denim dress is perfect for a nice fall walk

autumn dresses 2022 denim dress modern look

Chic business dresses

The so-called blazer dress is a very trendy alternative to office wear this fall. Such clothing provides a very elegant business look and also makes its wearer look very charming.

You can choose from different colors and patterns

fall dresses 2022 elegant business dress

Dresses characterized by the pattern or some elements

Even among the patterns, some come to the fore, while others are no longer so trendy. So dresses with graphic patterns are very modern. So the clothes have to have a twist to make them look modern. Basic dresses are no longer the hit of the season. Clothes that have something special about them are much more modern. This can be details such as cut-outs that give the dress a special individual touch.

We hope that you have collected enough ideas for your beautiful autumn look. Take a look at the other photo examples below and let yourself be inspired!

Autumn dresses 2022 – the midi dress is more in demand than ever!

fall dresses 2022 fresh prints satin dress