Hair trends change just like trends in fashion or interior design. Annually (or often more frequently) we see haircuts go viral while others quickly become hits. And that’s okay. A large proportion of stylists agree that the bob cut with its variations will be among the top hairstyles for 2023. What makes bob cuts so popular is that they suit every face shape and hair type and require no special care. Another plus point of bob hairstyles is that they are suitable for both young and women over 50 or 60. So we decided to present the bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50 that will be a hit in the new year.

Sleek bob cuts with long bangs will be everywhere in 2023

hairstyles 2023 women short fringed bob hairstyles 2023 women over 50 woman over 50 silver blonde hair with bangs

Looking good after 50 also means keeping up with current trends. As for hair fashion 2023, it’s all about keeping us fresh and youthful.

#Classic bob cut

This gorgeous haircut is ideal if you are looking for hairstyles that will make you look young. The classic bob cut is also suitable for women who have little experience with this hairstyle or hair length and do not like to experiment with haircuts. This comparatively low-maintenance haircut is easy to style and suits all occasions. As one of the best bob haircuts for women, it is suitable for all occasions and can turn heads.

But don’t forget the layers!

what makes younger bob or long hair bob cuts 2023 for women over 50 bob with blended layers and side parting bangs

#Bob with blended layers

We already know this bob cut as a perfect style for ladies with finer hair who are also looking for a relatively low-maintenance style. Here, stylists add texture at the ends, which helps add body and volume to straight, fine hair.

#Curly bob hairstyles for over 50

One of the trendiest bob haircuts out there, an ear-length curly bob is one of the best bob hairstyles for women over 50. It gives their hair the youthful and bouncy look they desire. Curly bob hairstyles for women over 50 is a hairstyle category that is especially recommended for older women who have naturally curly hair.

Show off your style with a bob cut with waves and side parting

hairstyles for women 2023 hairstyles 2023 for women medium length woman with a slightly wavy bob cut side parting black

#Smooth bob cut with deep side parting

Older ladies often feel insecure about their gray and white hair, but this cut lets them flaunt it like never before. Sleek strands of salt-and-pepper hair can be paired with an off-centre bob, giving your face that fashionable look you desire. An off-center parting can be understood as a classic bob hairstyle where more hair is pushed to one side of the face, giving the face an edgy look.

Bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50: Silver hair with a deep side parting

medium length hair 2023 bob cuts for women over 50 woman with gray pepper hair medium length bob cut straight line side parting bangs

#Short bob with waves

This haircut is often recommended for older women who have naturally wavy but fine hair. Her wavy hair, when cut into a bob and an on-trend color of her choice, can give an older woman’s thinning hair the volume she craves. This haircut is without a doubt considered one of the best bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50!

The sleek straight bangs will become your bob cut’s best friend in 2023

hairstyles for women 2023 medium length bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50 stacked bob with edgy blunt bangs

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#Blunt bob cut with bangs

The blunt bob cut with bangs is a short to medium-length cut with strands cut across the forehead. Although devoid of strands and texture, the cut showcases a straight and flawless definition of the ends of the hair. This creates the illusion of thicker density and a healthier finish! If you are longing for a drastic change in your current style, then you should definitely go for this stylish and edgy haircut.

For the ladies with fine hair without volume, this bob cut is an excellent choice!

bob hairstyles 2023 women over 50 which hair length for women over 50 carmen fog with an asymmetrical bob cut blonde hair

Hair colors in the bob hairstyles 2023 for women over 50

When it comes to hair colors for 2023, the trend is moving away from garish platinum and warm copper-gold tones. Instead, neutral shades of blonde and brown are preferred. An attractive oat blonde with plum is the first step towards ash blonde and ash brown shades, which will probably be the most important hair colors for this year. Chic and stylish, this beautiful everyday hairstyle idea conveys a professional image with a touch of creativity!

Golden-brown hair is also in this year!

Who doesn't like a bob hairstyles 2023 woman over 50 with a wavy bob with bangs gold blonde hair

# Subtle cinnamon brown

If you’re looking for a subtle way to transform your brunette into something a little more edgy, cinnamon could be the right shade for you in 2023.
The color offers a way to incorporate the red hair trend — which has spanned from ginger to copper to sunset over the past year — while retaining the classic assets of a brunette mane.

Dark Chocolate Brunette is one of the hair color trends of 2023

hairstyles 2023 medium length classic bob cut straight line chestnut brown

Cherry Cola – This soft, warm shade of red is a perfect match for your new bob cut

bob hairstyles 2023 women over 50 smooth bob cut red brown hair

#Beige blonde

Whether you call it honey wheat blonde or sandy beige, the beige blonde hair color is meant to lead the lighter side of things in terms of the trend. This beige shade is ideal for the cooler months when the sky has more gray and cool tones.

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You can never go wrong with silver hair!

which hairstyle from 50 makes young women silver hair with a bob cut angled

short hairstyles for women 2023, women over 50, layered bob cut with bangs, chin-length, woman in profile

medium length bob hairstyles bob cuts 2023 for women over 50 collage


The new year 2023 has already arrived and with it the current hair fashion: Are you a lady over 70 looking for the right haircut? If that’s the case, read on. In this article we show the current hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 with glasses and gray hair. Memorize the options that you like the most and show them in the salon.

Trend hairstyles 2023 for women over 70

women's hairstyles 2023 women over 70 hairstyles

According to experts, the pixie and bob cuts are making the rounds on the red carpet at the beginning of the year. The parting will be everything in the new year and with its intricacy you can always spice up your look. This is especially suitable for women who wear midi bobs and lobs.

Hair trends 2023 for women over 70

Hairstyles with bangs are also extremely popular and are preferred by women in the 70+ age category. Of course, the classic French bob with bangs is particularly stylish.

Which hairstyles from 70 make you younger?

You can use various strategies to make your hairstyle look younger. In the first place, you can have fringes cut that create a voluminous look. Hair thins with age, so a frayed outline can alter the overall effect of the cut.

Hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 that make you younger

Second, going ultra-short will make you look sleek and younger, especially if you wear glasses. Pixies and buzzcuts are great for this purpose.

Current hairstyles for women

A fringe refines every hairstyle and conceals the wrinkles on the forehead. You also have many options for styling the bangs – with a parting in the middle in the style of a bottleneck, or combed on the side.

Last but not least, resorting to the curling iron will instantly make you younger. Curls give the mane extra texture and volume.

Curls will instantly make you look younger

curly bob hairstyles 2023 medium length

Hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 with gray hair

We have spotted the following hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 on the stylish ladies and swear by their elegance and topicality.

Chic and elegant in 2023

1. Classic pixie cut

A precisely cut pixie is one of the most popular hairstyles of 2023.

The pixie is a timeless classic

trend hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 with glasses

This is an anti-aging hairstyle popularized by style icon Audrey Hepburn and has been making waves since birth. Depending on the hair structure, the pixie can be arranged quite versatile and immediately cheats 10 years off the face.

Short hairstyles for women over 70

pixie with glasses hairstyle trends 2023 women

In addition, the hairstyle goes perfectly with the color gray and is particularly flattering on women with oval faces.

Pixie cut for older ladies with style

hairstyles 2023 women over 70 with glasses and gray hair

2. Asymmetric Bob Cut with Bangs

Dame Helen Mirren recently sported a gorgeous asymmetrical bob hairstyle with bangs that perfectly accentuated the areas around the eyes and the cars. Crowned with stylish jewelry and make-up, the hairstyle looks particularly feminine and classy.

Asymmetrical bob cut for gray hair

asymmetrical bob cut women over 70 hairstyle trends 2023

3. Bixie with Bangs

The bixie hairstyle adds extra fullness to the mane and combines the best of the bob and the pixie. When fringes and soft layers are added, the hairdo takes on a special appeal and instantly makes you younger. The pretty hairstyle looks casual and suits most everyday situations quite well.

Bixie with a fringed contour

bixie with bangs hairstyles 2023 ladies bob hairstyles 2023

Hairstyles 2023 for women over 70 with glasses

1. Elegant lob for thin hair

Actress Meryl Streep is known for her elegant hairstyles and often sports lob cuts that she wears at shoulder length.

Latest hairstyles 2023 for women over 70

meryl streep ladies hairstyles 2023 trends women over 70

She is a lover of bangs and buns and that’s the best thing about the lob: it allows you multiple options to style your hair differently every day and is neither too short nor too long.

copper praise

hairstyles for women over 70 copper lob susan sarandon

2. Wedge cut

The wedge cut has become very popular in autumn 2022 and that will not change in the new 2023 year. The beautiful progression of the hair length in the direction of the face ensures the elegant effect of this hairstyle and looks particularly effective on smooth hair structures. Simply outstanding with gray blending and glasses.


women's hairstyles 2023 women over 70 hairstyles hairstyle trends 2023 women

3. Ultra short bob with center parting

Eyeglass wearers should be well informed that ultra short bob hairstyles will accentuate the line around their eyes even more. When paired with a center parting, the anti-aging hairstyle instantly provides a refreshing, rejuvenated look. Don’t forget to smile generously in the new 2023.

Chic hairstyles for women over 70

ultra short bob cut with center parting


You spend over an hour in front of the mirror trying to curl your hair. Then you’re late for work and your locks fall apart before you even touch the office… Sounds familiar? We’ve all experienced this nightmare! Unfortunately we cannot choose the texture of our hair. But with the right technique and a few pro tips, curls stay beautiful longer! How do curls last longer? Here are 5 golden rules from celebrity hairstylists!

How to keep curls longer: 5 golden rules for lasting curls

how to keep curls longer tips and tricks from the hair stylists of the stars

Curls are adorable, attractive and super trendy right now. Unfortunately, they lose their resilience after just a few hours. However, hair stylists have a few tricks to help curled hair hold its shape longer. They are also not complicated at all.

Curls don’t hold? What can you do to enjoy your curly mane longer?

how to keep curls all day professional tips for beautiful curls

How do curls last longer?

Curls can breathe new life into any drab look, they can spice up any hairstyle and make us stand out from the crowd. But is it difficult to keep the popular hair styling longer. Celebrity hairstylists share 5 simple rules for longer-lasting curls:

#Always curl your hair the day after you wash it

We all want to have perfectly clean hair every day. As a result, many women make the mistake of washing their hair early in the morning and then curling it. Don’t expect to succeed if you do something similar. Simply put, when hair is slightly greasy, curls not only last longer, but are also easier to achieve. Day-to-day hair is ideal for curling because the accumulated natural oils from the scalp make it easier to style with a curling iron.

Make curls last longer

how to keep curls longer with thick hair

#Do not use conditioner when washing

Another helpful tip is to skip the conditioner when washing. Conditioners contain fatty alcohols, humectants, and oils to make hair soft and flexible. Some have protein to temporarily tame split ends and others have thickeners to make hair feel fuller. While these products are good for hair, they can make them slippery and heavier. As a result, curls last much less. Make sure you don’t use shampoos and conditioners that create wax buildup on your hair and therefore weigh down the curls. The selection of products you choose can make a world of difference!

This is how curls hold up better

how to keep curls hair curls curl hair style

#Use products to your advantage

Products to build volume and improve texture are a must if you dream of beautiful, long-lasting curls. They are also very necessary because they nourish the hair and protect it from frequent heat treatment.

For the best effect, also use hairspray or another hair styling product after styling the curls. No matter how you curl your hair, it won’t last all day if you don’t give it a little styling.

*Also learn which ingredients in shampoos could cause hair loss.

Set your curls in place with hairspray so they last longer

curl preserving products curly hair

#The right technique plays a key role

When curling your hair, keep these 2 key things in mind:

  • Curl smaller sections of hair: Sections of hair about 1 inch wide are perfect. The more hair you have wrapped around your curling iron or in your curling iron clamp, the longer it takes to curl, the less evenly your hair heats up and the easier the curls fall. So keep the strands of hair small.
  • Use a curling iron with a smaller barrel: the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls, and the tighter the curls, the better and longer they hold. A 1 inch barrel is about the perfect size to hold your curls tight enough. Also learn how to conjure up curls without a curling iron.

How do curls last all day?

how to keep curls longer hairstylists reveal their secrets

#Do not touch the curls

Some women have a habit of playing with their hair all the time. Others touch them constantly to check if all is well with the curls. No matter what the cause is, this error will lead to going out. Touching your hair constantly will completely ruin the beautiful curls.

Note: The length also plays a role. The longer your mane, the harder it is to keep the curls due to the weight of the hair.

*You might like these modern hairstyles with curls.

Style your hair and please don’t touch it all day

make curls last longer tips for lasting curls

How to keep curls overnight

If you want your curls to last overnight, there’s a trick you can try: pull all your hair up and pile it on the pillow over your head. This avoids twirls at the back of your head and keeps you from squishing your tresses at night. If you move around a lot while you sleep, use a scrunchie and pull it up into a high ponytail or bun. This will also give your mane more volume in the morning.

These 4 professional tips guarantee a long-lasting result

how to keep curls best professional tips curly hair

If you dream of permanent curls, you can also opt for perm. This proven method has been gaining popularity lately.

curls don't last longer curls keep tips


We’ve put them all together, hairstyles for fine hair before and after, to suit your hair texture you’re wondering about. Tired of sporting the same old hairstyle for years? Are you looking for a new look that will make you look more attractive and stylish? Then you are exactly right with us. This blog post will show you how to transform your look with stunning before and after hairstyles for fine hair

Fine hair can sometimes be difficult to style as it has less volume and tends to get greasy faster than thicker hair. However, there are many hairstyles that are suitable for fine hair and give the look of more volume.

Introducing hairstyles for fine hair

Fine hair is a hair structure that is particularly thin and fine. It is usually quite flat and difficult to style. It is important to choose the right hairstyle that suits your fine hair texture and makes it look fuller and more voluminous. In this blog post you will find some helpful tips and advice on how to find the perfect hairstyle for your fine hair.

Types of hairstyles for fine hair

There are many different types of hairstyles for fine hair that you can choose from. Some of the most popular include layered cuts, bobs, bobs, pixies, and updos. Each of these hairstyles can be tailored to suit your unique needs and hair type. For example, if you have very fine hair, a layered cut is the best choice for you as it adds volume and texture to your hair. On the other hand, if you have thicker, coarser hair, a bob or updo is a perfect choice for you. Here are some examples of before and after hairstyles for fine hair:

  • The Bob: A bob is a short, straight-cut hairstyle that ends at the nape of the neck. It is particularly suitable for fine hair as it enhances the hair and gives volume. Previously, our models had long, straight hair that gave little contour to their faces. After cutting the bob, they looked fuller and healthier, and their face appeared narrower.
  • The pixie cut: The pixie cut is a very short hairstyle that is cropped from the sides and back, leaving a little longer on top. This hairstyle is perfect for fine hair as it takes the weight off the hair and makes it look more voluminous. Before, our model had long, straight hair that hugged her face. After getting the pixie cut, her face appeared fuller and plumper as the hair stopped hanging down and accentuated her features.
  • The long bob: The long bob, also known as the “lob,” is a medium-length, straight-cut hairstyle that hits the collarbone. It is particularly suitable for fine hair as it enhances the hair and gives volume. Previously, our model had long, straight hair that gave little contour to her face. After cutting the long bob, they looked fuller and healthier and their face appeared narrower.

There are many other hairstyles that are suitable for fine hair, such as the shag, the undercut, and the faux hawk. It is important that you match the hairstyle to your own face and make sure that your hair looks more voluminous

Benefits of hairstyles for fine hair

One of the biggest benefits of a hairstyle for fine hair is that it makes your hair look fuller and more voluminous. Layered cuts and bobs are especially effective for creating the illusion of thicker hair. Also, a hairstyle designed for fine hair can help reduce the time it takes to style. That’s because hairstyles for fine hair are often easier to manage and style than other hair types.

How to choose the right hairstyle for fine hair

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing the right hairstyle for fine hair. First of all, you should make sure that the chosen hairstyle suits your face shape. You should also consider the thickness and texture of your hair and the time you have for the hairstyle. It’s also important to consider your lifestyle and how often you intend to style your hair.

Tips for styling fine hair

Once you have decided on the right hairstyle for your fine hair, there are some tips you can use to ensure your hairstyle looks its best. First of all, it is important that you use the right products for your hair type. Products like volume mousses and sprays can add volume and texture to your hair. It’s also important to use a good quality heat protectant before using heat styling equipment. This will protect your hair from damage and split ends.

Popular hairstyles for fine hair before and after

When it comes to popular hairstyles for fine hair, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Here are some of the most popular options:

Thinly layered thin hairstyles for fine hair before and after

A thin layered hairstyle is a great option if you have very fine hair and want to create a voluminous look. For this hairstyle, the hair is layered and cut into thin sections. This can add volume and texture to your hair. Additionally, the layers can be textured or curled to add even more volume to the hair.

Hairstyles for thin hair before and after

If you have thin hair, a layered bob is a great choice. For this hairstyle, the hair is cut into layers and then structured with a curling iron or flat iron. This gives the hair more volume and makes it look fuller. Additionally, you can use products like mousses and sprays to give the hair even more volume.

Fine hair long bob before and after

A long bob is a great option for anyone with fine hair. For this hairstyle, the hair is cut into a medium length bob and then styled with a curling iron or flat iron. This gives the hair more volume and makes it look fuller. Additionally, you can use products like mousses and sprays to add even more volume.

Home remedies for hair growth

If you are looking for ways to encourage hair growth, there are some home remedies you can try. One of the most effective remedies is a mixture of coconut oil and almond oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing out. Additionally, you can use aloe vera gel to nourish your scalp and promote hair growth.

Finding the perfect hairstyle for your fine hair can be challenging, but with the right tips and advice, you can easily find the perfect hairstyle for yourself. From layered cuts to bobs, there are many different hairstyles to choose from. You can also use home remedies and the right products to promote hair growth and make your hair look fuller and voluminous. So stop thinking, act and change your style!

What is the best style for very fine hair?

Bobs, pixies, layers and bangs – these haircuts are strategically designed to help fine hair reach its full potential. The look of thin hair can change dramatically with the power of humble scissors – and the right cutting hand.

Is it better to thin fine hair long or short?

However, the cutest place for fine or thin hair is shoulder length or shorter, regardless of your age. It removes enough weight to give your mane a boost of fullness and bounce, and it makes it much easier to add volume to the roots.

A year full of hair and glamorous radiance? Hair and fashion enthusiasts want exactly that and nothing makes the heart beat faster than a lady with an elegant short hairstyle. Short hair is practical and easy to maintain, has a definite anti-aging effect and can be styled and accessorized in quite innovative ways. Will 2023 surprise us? We simply swear by these fashionable short hairstyles 2023.

What are the TOP short hairstyles 2023 for women? The sling

mullet short hairstyles 2023

There are some general short hair trends that will be on the rise in 2023.

#1. Hair trend 2023: rebellious curls

Women with curly hair should bet on swing and nonchalance. Wear your short hairstyle with gorgeous curls, styled with volumizing spray for extra strength.

Hairstyle trend 2023: free, rebellious curls

julia garner 2023 messy curls hairstyles trend

#2. Hair trend 2023: long bangs with side parting

A short hairstyle may be worn with a long fringe. Pixies and shullets are particularly good for this. Comb the bangs to the side or French style.

#3. Hair trend 2023: messy hair with the wolf bob

Shaggy asymmetries upgrade any short hairstyle.

The wolf bob will be big in 2023

The wolf bob with its signature outline will be the biggest new thing of 2023.

#4. Hair trend 2023: ultra short with a curated ear

Buzzcuts and ultra short haircuts suit round faces and are definitely favored by many women. A cured ear with elegant piercings lends itself beautifully to the buzzcut. Read about the hottest piercing trends of 2023 for women of all ages.

Ultra short hair 2023 with earrings

lashana lynch 2023 short hairstyles 2023 ladies buzzcut

Which short hairstyles 2023 are currently in trend?

These are the short cuts hair experts say will be everywhere in 2023.


Glam rock for hair in 2023: The name of the short hairstyle is an abbreviation of the phrase “short mullet. The mullet hairstyle features two different hair lengths that look non-conformist and spectacular.

Hair trends 2023 for short hair

hairstyles 2023 shellet

The frontal parts are cut shorter, the volume at the back of the head is fuller, and the hair – longer. And indeed, the short hairstyle flatters women of all ages and has a strong anti-aging effect.

The shullet suits women of all ages

sharonstoneshullet hairstyles 2023 women over 60

The shullet is one of the hairstyle trends for 2023.

2. Flipped Bob

The flipped bob is a bob cut that will appeal to all retro-savvy women.

Short hairstyles 2023: the flipped bob

flipped bob trend hairstyles 2023

In this haircut, the side parting and the hair length below the chin are mandatory.

You can also flip the ends of your hair outwards

trend hairstyles 2023 shoulder grazing bob

Don’t forget to twist the hair ends inwards with the round brush.

3. Scandi Bob

The fashion option for blondes with short hair in 2023 is called Scandi Bob. This bob cut is very easy to style with a center parting. The hair dryer with diffuser comes to the rescue.

Khloé Kardashian with Scandi Bob

khloe kardashian 2023 short hairstyles 2023 ladies flipped bob short hair trends

4. Shower grazing bob

This bob cut can reach the shoulder and looks great with a side parting and soft waves.

How to style a bob cut very quickly?

@tonisophiexBecause I’ve been asked a few times how I style my short hair, here are my favorite hairstyles 🤍 #hairstyle #hair #shorthair #hairtutorial

♬ Billie Eilish x Post Malone x Meduza – carneyval

What Are The Fashionable Short Hairstyles 2023 That Make Older Ladies Younger?

Older ladies also have good options in the new year in terms of fashionable short hairstyles 2023 and hairstyling.

1. Women over 50: Bob with Money Pieces

High-contrast money pieces in the hair can look very classy. Here is the version with a blunt bob.

Money pieces are hot in 2023

mimi so 2023 glossy bob with coins

2. Short Hairstyles 2023 for Older Ladies: Shaggy Pixie

In the field of pixie cuts, developments towards extra volume through fringes and layers are becoming quite popular. When paired with dynamic tips, the hairdo looks super rejuvenating and sassy.

Short hairstyles 2023 for older ladies

shaggy pixie hairstyles 2023 for women over 50

3. Anti-Aging Hairstyle: Pixie with long fringed bangs

Long forehead fringes are part of the hair trends for 2023 and stage the short cuts quite effectively. Bonus point: The long bangs generously cover the forehead and can conceal any wrinkles.

Pixies with long fringes are part of the hair trends for 2023

pixie with long bangs hairstyles 2023 women over 50

And the hair color? Which colors are popular in 2023?

We have detailed the prevailing trends in hair color trends for 2023.

1. Pink with golden orange undertones

The barbie core trend continues to be trendy and provides extra glamour.

Pink becomes fashionable

“Viva Magenta” has been named Pantone Research Institute’s color of the year and we expect a graceful and snazzy pink trend in hair color.

2. Pearl Blonde

This is again quite an impressive mixed color that will look very classy on women of all ages.

New blond tone 2023: Pearl blond

It’s all about a platinum blonde, with subtle silvery undertones.


The new year 2023 can offer us beautiful looks and the ladies with long hair can rejoice. We were able to see some tendencies on the podiums of many larger fashion houses and were quite fascinated. These beautiful hairstyles 2023 for long hair will be hits in the coming months. Check out the hair inspirations in this article and try to recreate these long hairstyles – with or without a helping hand in the salon. In most cases it works quite smoothly.

Current hairstyles for women with long hair

hairstyles for long hair 2023

#1. The center part will be big in 2023

The middle parting will become the new big thing in winter 2023 and dissolve the side parting.

Long hairstyles for women with a middle parting are popular

We see (medium) long hair with a center parting all the time in combinations with curls, topknots and lobs. The shoulder grazing bob and the botticelli bob which are big in bob hairstyles 2023 are also worn with a center parting.

Tip: Top off your long hair with money-piece highlights and achieve one instantly trendy effective long hairstyle with center parting.

Coins crown the hairstyles 2023 for long hair with a middle parting

#2. The French New Wave dissolves the Botticelli Waves

New curls are on the rise and the 2023 hairstyle trend on the radar is called “French New Wave”.

Dua Lipa with French New Waves

french new wave long hairstyle women's hairstyle trends 2023

These curls are again worn with a center parting and are a grade softer than the Botticelli waves. In a typically French way, the curls are meant to look a little imperfect while still looking highly sophisticated.

#3. Great hair accessories win hearts

The penchant for large hair accessories will be felt everywhere. Beautiful jewels will decorate long hair and look perfectly effective.

Big hair accessories are part of hair trends 2023

big accessories

#4. Long hairstyles for women: The wet look can be seen everywhere

Wet look waves are set to be the next big thing in 2023. The look can easily be recontextualized by your outfit and will go pretty well for formal occasions with an evening dress or casual attire.

Zendaya with wet waves

zendaya wet look women's long hairstyles 2023

#5. Trend color 2023: pink

Supermodel Kate Moss recently sported pink hair, but she’s not the only one. Pink and purple are colors of 2023 and long hair dyed pink will be in fashion in 2023.

Hairstyles 2023 for long hair: trend color pink

natasha lyonne 2023 trend colors

Hairstyles 2023 for long hair: Women look glamorous with these 5 long hairstyles

#1. Air cut becomes the biggest women’s haircut of 2023

The air cut made headlines as a cutting technique that worked well for curly hair textures. Hairdressers are now experimenting with the cutting technique for fine hair in order to give it an effective breeze.

A layered cut for long hair with a very subtle effect

Long hair looks totally atmospheric with the air cut and is best paired with wispy bangs.

The Air Cut is hot in 2023

long hairstyle women u cut hair

#2. Trend hairstyle 2023: U-shaped hair

Long hair in a U-shape (U-shape-cut) has also gained popularity in winter and is characterized by a spectacular contour. If the side sections of hair are positioned frontally around the face, effective asymmetries and gradients are created. Simply perfect for long-haired women.

The U-shape cut creates a voluminous look

u shape cut ladies haircuts 2023

#3. Long hair with bangs

The bangs hairstyles have been drawing attention and it is not without reason. Long forehead fringes look top-class and complete the long hair in an effective way. Curtain bangs are in demand again, followed by the French-style brachel cut.

Long hair with a long fringe is one of the hairstyle trends for 2023

long hair with bangs trend hairstyles 2023

#4. High ponytail à la Jennifer Lopez

The high ponytail is always loved by women with retro attitudes, and the ’50s hairstyle known by the buzzword Barbie ponytail has recently been spotted on J.Lo and other style icons.

J.Lo in a 50’s style high ponytail

The flipped hair ends are a must and thus the long hairstyle deserves the place among the hottest hairstyles 2023 for long hair.

#5. Sculpted buns are among the hottest hairstyles 2023 for long hair

The hair art is immense and some beautiful bun sculptures we watched with hungry eyes – they’ll be big in 2023.

The new hit among hairstyles 2023: sculpted topknots

sculpted bun hairstyle trends long hair 2023

These striking hairstyles work particularly well for formal occasions and can be quite maximalist depending on personal preference.

Endless head of hair

sculpted dutt hairstyles 2023 hairstyles for long hair

But in a sassy, ​​youthful twist, the sculpted buns pay homage to Y2K fashion. The casual half-up is one of the hairstyle trends for 2023.

Kendall Jenner with half up

kendall jenner modern half up long hairstyles 2023 trends


The first month of the new year is already over. What a beautiful year awaits us? Everyone asks this question. At this moment we don’t know the right answer yet. But what we could improve on is transforming our look. Choosing the latest hairstyle will really help with that. Do you wish always on trend hair that would catch everyone’s eyes? Today is your lucky day because we have good news for you. In our article, we are going to look at the unexpected – shoulder grazing bob.

Discover the most beautiful ideas for shoulder length hairstyles that are becoming increasingly fashionable in 2023

Stylize shoulder grazing bob hairstyle with thick bangs

Shoulder Grazing Bob: What is the latest hair fashion?

What characterizes this hairstyle and how should you wear your hair in the most elegant way? We are happy to answer these and many other questions in the following lines.

Find out what kind of hairstyle this is

shoulder grazing bob and hairstyles for ladies with shoulder length hair

What is shoulder grazing bob?

You probably heard this word for the first time in a few minutes. The truth is that we have known this hairstyle since winter 2022. During this period of time, the longer version of the hairstyle became very popular among women. January 2023 the shoulder length bob hairstyle is gaining more and more popular and recognized. The shape of the hair caresses the face in a gentle way that adds softness to the look. This makes the shoulder grazing bob a potential trend hairstyle.

We have known these haircuts since 2022, but in 2023 they will be more and more trendy

shoulder length hairstyles and medium length hair for women

#How should you properly wear this hairstyle?

What are the most important details? Due to the shoulder countries of the trend hairstyle, you have the opportunity to opt for numerous variants. A nice idea would be to combine the haircuts with a blunt cut. We recommend that you wear the ends cropped straight. This will give the hairstyle a voluminous look that will make it shine.

The best part is that this hairstyle is versatile to wear

what is shoulder grazing bob hairstyle and how to style it

#How to elegantly stylize Shoulder Grazing Bob Hairstyle

The hairstyle will bring diversity to your look because it is not only combinable, but also versatile. To look different and extraordinary every day. What kind of woman doesn’t want that? First of all, we recommend that you blow dry the ends of your hair well inwards. This will give you a classic look. A not bad option would be to straighten the medium length hair, especially if you want a longer effect. By styling the hair with curly waves, you will achieve a casual look that is not to be underestimated at all. With flat irons or curling irons, you could take the opportunity to make your waves as natural as possible.

In this way you will style your hair ideally

bob hairstyles for short hair that will be popular in 2023

#Shoulder-length ombré look

The good color combination is of great importance when it comes to the best hairstyle. Nowadays, the blonde looks are becoming more and more popular. In a mixture with light brown or just brown you could make your whole look shine. The word “ombré” comes from French and means different shades that blend into each other, from light to dark. In the end we get a whole new shade of color that looks stunning. For this reason, we recommend you to go for an ombre look.

The look is becoming increasingly popular among younger women

shoulder grazing bob hairstyle and an ombre look

How Could You Wear Shoulder Grazing Bob?

How do you imagine the best hairstyle? What accessories should you wear and how to mix them with hair type? You can easily create these unusual looks. The side parting is the right tool to achieve this goal.

The hairstyle can be combined with all accessories

shoulder grazing bob and bob hairstyles for ladies

#With thick bangs

If your face shape is heart or diamond shaped, go for this medium length hairstyle with beautiful caramel color bangs. With such a face, the haircut looks a little softer. Since this increasingly trending hairstyle includes fringes, it is best suited for ladies with unique eye colors.

The thick bangs are a fancy way to wear your hairstyle

shoulder grazing bob hairstyle with thin bangs

#With side parting

If you want an eye-catching look and always want to make an impression, we recommend wearing your hair on one side. The side parting is the ideal tool for this goal. The asymmetrical silhouette will give your face a cute refresh.

Wearing your hair on one side will never go out of style

wear shoulder length hairstyles with side parting and bob hairstyles for women

#With braid

The braids will always look casual and beautiful. In fact, they will never go out of fashion. That is why you will not make a mistake by opting for braid. Either for an everyday look, or for a more official evening, the hairdo suits you in a sophisticated way.

The braids look really feminine and add soft touches to the face

bob hairstyles and shoulder length hairstyles with braid for women

#With thin bangs

The short, thin bangs are ideal for thin hair. Also, they don’t require much effort because they are easy to style and long-term care.

Bangs would always be the right choice – either shorter, or longer…either dense, or thin

shoulder length hairstyles for women and bob hairstyles for medium length hair


Sadly, Princess Diana is long gone, but some stylists and designers still swear by some of her makeup tricks. Even today, many people define the princess as a real fashion icon. And that’s not without reason. We know her for her sophisticated style, delicate makeup and incredible charm! If you like princess style yourself and want to try some of your skincare and perfect makeup tricks for over 40 (and not only), then read the following article to the end!

Lady Di is still a fashion icon today, inspiring many women!

how do i know which make-up color i need make-up over 40 lady di nice size earrings with diamonds and blue stones

From a certain age it becomes more important to pay more attention to make-up and only choose beauty products from well-established brands. Over time, the skin (especially on the face) becomes more sensitive and relaxes. So that you can enjoy soft skin without deep wrinkles and blemishes for longer, invest in quality creams and serums for adequate facial care.

The right facial care is more important than the make-up itself

at what age do you age the most? make up women over 40 princess diana in a black dress elegant jewelry

When it comes to foundation and concealer, many makeup experts and beauty gurus agree that the liquid products are a better choice. Unfortunately, powdery makeup products tend to settle more easily in fine lines, accentuating the imperfections of your skin. It makes you look older than you really are. Liquid make-up products are also long-lasting and provide the skin with additional moisture. It is softer and more supple. If you are not a lover of foundation, you can easily apply tinted creams or mousse too! The so-called BB and CC cream conceal the small spots, pimples and wrinkles and make your skin even more radiant and healthier.

A fancy hat can disguise even the worst of second-day hair

perfect make-up from 40 what make-up in old age princess diana with a white hat big

Perfect make-up from 40 like Princess Diana: your make-up artist shows you how!

Like every woman, Lady Di had her little beauty tricks and preferences. According to her makeup artist, Mary Greenwell, the Princess of Wales loved makeup. Whether it’s for the red carpet or a relaxed lunch, she’s always wanted to look her best. Here are some beauty hacks that the princess stayed tight on.

Lady Di attached great importance to proper skin care

perfect make-up from 40 how should you look at 40 black and white photo of princess diana

#Less during the day, more in the evening

According to Greenwell, the princess preferred the rather no-makeup look in everyday life. She chose lipsticks in light or neutral colors. On the eyes she often only applied mascara with eyeliner or eye pencil in blue. In fact, the blue liner quickly became a Lady Di trademark: a bright, cheerful, less boring ’80s alternative to black eye makeup. Although many beauty experts support the opinion that ladies with blue eyes should rather not wear blue eyeshadow or eyeliner. Even then, Lady Diana showed that both are a perfect match.

The princess swore by the blue eye pencil

which foundation does younger people make up from the age of 40 princess diana smiles blue eyes light lipstick

@ericataylor2347 The make up over 40 Do and Dont #makeupover40 #makeupover40tips #dosanddonts #makeupdosanddonts #fyp #fypシ #over40makeuptips ♬ original sound – Erica Taylor

#Shape the eyebrows like Lady Di

We often put the focus on the eyeshadow or foundation and leave the eyebrows in the background. We forget that well-groomed eyebrows emphasize and frame facial lines. To replicate Diana’s trimmed arches, Greenwell recommends applying some eyebrow gel. This is how you keep the hairs in place. Finally, use a toothbrush to trim any stray hairs and voila!

An elegant bob cut also contributes to the good younger look

what makes a woman look old princess diana with straight hair bob cut

#Remove makeup and clean face

Make sure you always remove your makeup at the end of the day.

Diana was very sensible when it came to her skin. She always removed her makeup at the end of the day and made sure her face was clean before applying makeup. This rule is determined to this day as the be-all and end-all of proper skin care. Even if you only wear a little make-up on your face, you should treat it with micellar water or another mild make-up remover. Afterwards, exfoliate the face with refreshing face peeling product to remove dead skin cells. This guarantees that no dirt and bacteria get into the pores.

Lady Di knew you should never go to bed with your makeup on!

what makes a woman look old perfect make-up from 40 princess diana with blazer and white turtleneck blouse

#Sleep enough and no alcohol

In addition to the creams and moisturizers you use to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin, your habits and lifestyle also play a guiding role. The princess knew that too and didn’t drink alcohol. She also took the sleep routine very seriously.

Did you know that Lady Di suffers from rosacea?

how do i know which make-up color i need princess diana with tiara big earrings with diamonds blush

#Varied diet and exercise regularly

Your diet also has a major impact on the condition of your skin and hair. For example, the princess wasn’t a fan of carbs, red meat, and seafood. So she preferred something light for breakfast. Reportedly, Diana’s favorite breakfast was a can of beans and a pink grapefruit with orange juice.

Exercising regularly is important for a number of reasons. This keeps your body fit, you build muscle mass and lose unwanted fat. In addition, they promote blood circulation, which contributes to healthy-looking skin.


If you are a woman over 70 looking for short hairstyles then this is the right article for you. Read on to learn more about 9 Stunning Modern Short Hairstyles 70+ that we found just for you. Let’s get started!

9 modern short hairstyles from 70

1. Stringy and gone with the wind

Short haircuts for women over 70 will always be in fashion. Why actually? Because they are versatile, suit everyone and easy to care for. Here are our top picks from hairstyles for women over 70. This is a medium length haircut with shorter layers at the top to create volume and slightly longer layers from the crown down. The slightly tousled and windswept effect adds another dimension to this cut and makes it look even more beautiful.

A medium length haircut with shorter layers on top

modern short hairstyles from 70 wispy with the wind

2. Classic Front Facing Pixie

There is something very intriguing about the Salt & Pepper Hair. The classic front facing pixie is one of the most stylish pixie haircuts for women over 70. The choppy strands combined with the salt and pepper effect add volume and a whole new dimension to this stylish cut. Styled without a visible parting and with choppy strands cascading over the forehead, this hairstyle makes a pretty statement.

This is one of the most stylish pixie haircuts for women over 70

classic front facing pixie short haircut over 60

3. Graduated Bob with Bangs

Fine hair and thinning hair becomes a real problem once you hit 70. If you find yourself in such a situation, then this hairstyle might be an option for you. This is one of the most stylish short hairstyles for fine hair over 70. The gray graduated bob is in line with the latest trends. It’s a wonderful combination of chic and edgy without going over the top. The tousled bangs at the front create the illusion of volume where it’s needed most.

A wonderful combination of chic and edgy

classic bob with bangs haircuts for women over 60

4. Tousled Wavy Short Haircut

Short hair can be fun in many ways. The tousled short wavy haircut is one of the best haircuts for women over 70. It is a fun, feminine and casual style. The tousled layers have some texture and add volume throughout, but especially at the top. This hairstyle suits all face shapes. You can adjust the styling to your liking and voilà, you have a flattering, tailored hairstyle. If you are looking for edgy hairstyles for over 70 then this can be a perfect option.

The tousled wavy short haircut is one of the best haircuts for women over 70

wavy short haircut modern short hairstyles from 70

5. Naturally curly short haircut

Curls have a beauty all of their own. There is no age limit for flaunting your curls. Style your short curly mane a little differently this year. Use a bit of gel to smooth the sides and let your curls shine to their natural glory at the top. Let a few curls cascade casually over your forehead. This is one of the most beautiful short hairstyles for women over 70.

There is no age limit for flaunting your curls

modern short hairstyles from 70 wavy hair

6. Feathered finish

The feathered haircut has also made a big comeback. Here is one of those super stylish short hairstyles for women over 70. This hairstyle is heavily layered and has volume and texture throughout. The feathered haircut adds much more body to the hair while the gray and black color combination adds to the beauty of this hairstyle.

The feathered haircut has made a big comeback

feathered short haircut heavily layered volume everywhere

7. The classic bob

How is it even possible to make a list of short hairstyles for women over 70 and not mention the classic bob? This shoulder length gorgeous classic bob will never go out of style and we’re pretty sure about it. This classic style is so beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. The side parting is a great addition.

The shoulder length classic bob will never go out of style

modern short hairstyles from 70 classic bob

8. Short and curly

Here is a combination of classy, ​​chic and edgy. This curly hairstyle is very popular these days. This is one of the most beautiful examples of short haircuts for mature women. This hairstyle with stacked curls is suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

This hairstyle is suitable for both formal and casual occasions

naturally curly short haircut haircuts from 70

9. Stylish short bob with bangs

Here we show another hairstyle for 70 year old women with fine hair. This is a jaw-length stylish angled bob that goes perfectly with thinning hair. The side bangs are another stylish addition to this cut. This is a stunning and gorgeous style. The darkened roots give it an extra dimension.

Jaw length bob with bangs

short haircuts older ladies pixie cut tiered

Modern short hairstyles from 70

modern short hairstyles from 70 with bangs

Haircuts that make you younger

pixie cut with bangs layered short haircuts women over 70


We all love midi hair: Whether worn on purpose or just as a transitional hairstyle, shoulder-length hair is characterized by a length below the chin and can unfold magnificently to the shoulders. Medium length hairstyles flatter most face shapes and hair textures and offer a wide range of styling options. Now, if you are looking for some hair inspiration, read on. In this article, we give you a glimpse of the trend hairstyles 2023 for medium-length hair that we spotted at fashion shows at the turn of the year.

Trend hairstyles 2023 for women with medium length hair

medium length hair trend hairstyles 2023 ladies

Medium length hair: what you need to consider

Many women wonder if medium-length hair is actually something for them. Actually, this hair length is neither too short nor too long and for this reason hits the right note in most cases. Shoulder-length hair looks pretty succinct both with curls and on straight hair. Which category do you belong to?

  • Thicker hair structures: If you naturally have more hair volume, a medium-length hairstyle will suit you perfectly.
  • Beckon: Shorter hair with curls tends to stretch out at the ends, which can result in an extreme and awkward bounce. But it is effective at medium length.
  • Thinning hair: Hair that is too thin gains volume when it is cut in layers and the shoulder length therefore offers enough scope for styling and experimentation.

Trend hairstyles 2023 for medium length hair

middle parting trend hairstyles 2023 medium length hair

Hairstyles 2023 for women with medium length hair, what is 2023 in?

Trend hairstyles 2023 for medium-length hair include, above all, gently layered haircuts with bangs or a center parting. 90’s hair fashion is having a revival and we’re seeing this signature layered hairstyle all over Instagram.

Midi hair from the 90s

The center parting is mandatory in this ’90s haircut and the gorgeous layering has balanced, face-framing functions.

Very effective and chic

midi hair straight hair trend hairstyles shoulder length 2023

As far as styling is concerned, all care products such as hair creams, gels and mousses as well as the good old friends of the curling iron and straightening iron are available. Nineties minimalist midi hair looks great with curls, soft waves, or totally straight wet-look.

Half-length hairstyles 2023 that are trending:

#1. butterfly cut

The butterfly cut, with Brigitte Bardot’s popular fringes, remains in fashion. This haircut is particularly feminine and elegant and suits women of all ages. The steps are very subtle and not visually obtrusive. This medium-length hairstyle requires some blow-drying and styling, which can also be implemented using a round brush to add bold, feminine curves to the hair strands.

Current trend hairstyles for medium-length hair

butterfly hair hairstyles 2023 ladies

#2. Praise with middle parting

The lob with a middle parting is one of the trend hairstyles 2023 for medium-length hair. It’s all about a symmetrical hairstyle that looks pretty elegant with subtle touches of color. It is best to style the hairdo with subtle waves that are not too defined. The French New Wave trend, that is, gentle waves that are not exaggerated, perfectly suits most everyday situations while looking casual and sophisticated at the same time.

French New Wave for shoulder length hair

french new waves hairstyles medium length hair 2023

#3. Medium length hairstyles with natural curls: disco curls

Ladies with curly hair structures can give the mane extra volume and let the curls jump. Glorious, textured medium-length hair with natural curls is reminiscent of the hair fashion of the eighties and is making the rounds this season under the name Disco Curls.

Disco curls are tempting

disco curls trend hairstyles medium-length hair women with natural curls 2023

#4. Layered Medium Length Hairstyles: Shaggy Bowl Cut

Another striking hairstyle we spotted on runways is the interesting mix of shag and bowl cut, for straight hair. Ladies with a retro taste will find this trendy hairstyle pretty cool. At it the elements of the mushroom head with shaggy Asymmetries combined and an effective hybrid hairstyle is created.

Bowl Cut + Shag: medium length hairstyles for straight hair

trend hairstyles 2023 medium length hair shaggy bowl cut

#5. The lob with bangs is the trendiest shoulder length hairstyle 2023

The ladies who like to wear a haircut with bangs can be happy, because medium-length haircuts with long bangs will also be particularly popular in the coming months.

Medium length textured haircut with bangs

praise with bangs

#6. Octopus Cut for medium length hair

The octopus cut emerged in 2022 and will continue to be in fashion among the 2023 hairstyle trends for medium length hair. It’s about a charming asymmetrical haircut with bangs that takes the sitcom’s popular Rachel hairstyle friend upgraded.

The octopus cut for style-conscious women

hairstyles for medium length hair 2023

In the case of the octopus, the steps mimic the tentacles of the sea creature. The side sections of hair are left longer and thinner, with fringed outer and inner layers. These layers are shaped shorter at the crown, creating volume and fullness. At best, wear the hairstyle with a fringe and all the asymmetries play beautifully around the forehead, cheekbones and chin line.