Are you a glasses wearer over 60 who is just looking for the next suitable hair inspiration? If that’s the case, don’t worry: according to hair experts, short hairstyles for women over 60 will be sassy and anti-aging in 2023. This is the editorial staff’s top selection and we’re showing cool short hairstyles from 60 with glasses that look particularly fashionable and up-to-date!

Fresh short hairstyles from 60 with glasses: 2023 will arrive with new looks

pixie from 60 with glasses cheeky hairstyles from 60 with glasses

Which hairstyles from 60 make you younger? The trends at a glance

When you wear glasses, it can be difficult to find a hairstyle that suits your face shape and frame. The good news, however, is that glasses and a short haircut look stylish and fascinating in tandem. So make a note of the examples you like best and show them the next time you visit the salon.

When choosing hairstyles, you should consider these factors…

short hairstyle from 60 with glasses

Hair thins with age and this is a natural process. When your hairdresser creates subtle fringes and layers in the mane, the hair visually gains volume. The right balance between hair length, color and glasses should be found. These are the tendencies that will be big in 2023.

  • trend 1: Short haircuts are gaining popularity and make younger. Buzz cuts are becoming particularly popular.
  • tendency 2: Pixie cuts with curly top hair or luscious, side-swept bangs are meant to be combed backwards in 2023.
  • tendency 3: Short or medium-length bob cuts are best worn without bangs and with a center parting. The middle parting is particularly popular right now.

Trend forecast for 2023: bold short hairstyles from the age of 60 with glasses

The following styles combine classic and exclusive elements and conjure up an effective overall look.

1. Praise for women over 60 with glasses and shoulder-length hair

This striking shoulder-length hairstyle by Julia Dreyfus (62) looks very natural due to the chestnut colour, casual styling and glasses. Subtle waves or curls are pretty hot right now because of the trend called French New Wave among hairstyles 2023 for women of all ages.

Fleeting short hairstyles from 60 with glasses: lob with gentle waves

julia louis dreyfus curly lob hairstyles from 60 with glasses

2. Silver Blunt Lob for women over 60 with glasses and thin hair

Conservative, elegant, silver: Actress Diane Keaton (77) wears her gray hair so stylishly.

Short hairstyles over 60

The Lob is very trendy in winter 2023 and is cut sharply and precisely at shoulder level. It is also up to you how best to complete the glasses with a hair accessory. In this case we are talking about an elegant beret.

Fleeting short hairstyles from 60 with glasses: Praise with a beret

diane keaton nifty short hairstyles women with glasses

3. Fresh short hairstyles from the age of 60: copper bixie

Copper is one of the trend colors for 2023 and will remain relevant. This bixie hairstyle (bixie is a mix of a pixie and a bob cut) is very flattering for glasses wearers with most face shapes.

The copper bixie is flattering and voluminous

frayed chopper bixie hairstyles over 60 with glasses 2023

4. Bixie hairstyle swept back

Speaking of snappy hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses: you can blow dry bixies and pixies backwards and add soft feathery accents with the round brush. In this way you immediately give the mane more volume and an anti-aging effect.

An anti-aging hairstyle

blown backwards cheeky hairstyles from 60 with glasses

5. Elegant pompadour with glasses as a cheeky short hairstyle

The pompadour is a vertical that is not meant to be taken too extreme. When executed in a balanced way, it looks top-class and interacts quite well with the glasses. You will need a mousse or spray to stabilize this hairstyle.

Hairstyle trends 2023 for women over 60: Pixie with pompadour

pompadour from 60 brisk short hairstyles from 60

6. Soft bun with glasses for ladies

Fashion icon Meryl Streep wears her medium-length gray hair loose or often in a bun. In both cases it looks noble and inspiring.

Fine bun for women over 60

Low bun hairstyles will be in fashion in 2023 and look especially effective with long bangs parted in the style of curtain bangs.