You should not do without these accessory trends this spring/summer 2022. In particular, this is about the current jewelry trends in terms of necklaces, earrings and rings, because the layering look is popular here. When it comes to the spot color, gold is at the forefront of the trend. When it comes to decorative elements, pearls, shells and coins are the trend. As far as the wearing style is concerned, the gold layering look is the right choice. In summary, it can be said that the maritime look is currently popular. This should remind of summer, sun, beach and vacation, bring a lightness and look noble.

Accessory trends: 1. Gold jewelry with pearls and shells

The first trend of the accessory trends is gold jewelry with pearls and shells. This is where the maritime look comes into its own. Gold jewelry flatters your own skin tone and gives it warmth through the colour. Gold emphasizes slightly tanned skin and is therefore very popular as a spot color in summer. Pearls are welcome in all colors and shapes. Pearls with natural and imperfect, asymmetrical bodies are particularly in demand. Shells are often gilded or refined.

Accessory trends: 2. Filigree chains in a layered look

Filigree chains in a layered look are number 2 among the accessory trends. It is up to your own taste how many chains are enough. With the layering look, you should think about the different chain lengths so that the look is perfect. Filigree gold chains with small pendants or gold chains of different shapes and sizes without pendants are in trend. There should be a common thread in the mix. The combination of heavy, solid gold chains – also called chuncky gold chains – with filigree, fine gold chains should be avoided.

Jewelry trends 2022 chain layering filigree

Accessory trends: 3. Filigree rings with a layered look

The same rules apply to ring trends as to chain trends. Here you can put several rings on top of each other on the middle and index finger to create the layering look. Filigree rings on the hands go very well with filigree chains on the neck. If you have several pierced ears, then you can continue the layering look with several filigree earrings and ear cuffs.

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