Working from home was unthinkable in the past. Today it is a reality. Just imagine. Your own home becomes your current workplace. what a crazy world We are closed in 4 walls and wonder how to change our boredom at home. Because the pandemic has completely destroyed our old habits and our everyday work, we want to change the situation today. That’s why we’re happy to show you how you can redesign your workplace in a creative and unusual way. With our helpful tips you will set up your office at home and bring a change in your study. Let’s not wait any longer and start now with our perfect tips.

In our article you will learn how to set up your work office in style

work from home and change the atmosphere

By following these tips your office will not only look stylish but really comfortable for work!

Set up #home office: Decide on good lighting

Many people don’t realize that the right lighting plays a significant role in worker productivity. When the lighting is too bright or too dark, our eyes don’t work well. As a result, we get tired much faster and in a moment we have no energy at all to finish our work. This is an unnecessary use of energy that we could in fact prevent. Especially if we choose the right lighting, we will look forward to a smooth work process. In addition, our room will be stylishly furnished.

The right sunlight becomes more and more important when we talk about good working conditions

choose the right lighting for the work space

#Home-Office Design: create an ergonomic atmosphere

You should definitely consider the choice of office chair. Don’t forget that the chair should look not only stylish, but also comfortable. Convenience is very often underestimated because we don’t pay much attention to the small details. For the good of your back, we recommend you choose a comfortable office chair. Height adjustable panels and mobility can improve your focus and posture by supporting and balancing levels of happiness.

By following our tips, you will create an ergonomic living space

create an ergonomic atmosphere at home and furnish it stylishly

Set up your desk: Create harmony and order in the workplace

If storage space reigns supreme in your office, then you will feel comfortable and energetic. The perfect room has no superfluous items. It is furnished in a minimalist style and has nothing to distract your attention. We recommend that you choose shelves, cabinets and chests of drawers that provide storage space. Minimalist decor is the key to balance in the workplace.

By putting your workplace in order, you will have harmony

study with decorative elements and good design

Find #office inspiration: consider the color combination

Most often we choose those colors that would match the rest of the interior of the room. We advise you to choose colors that appear neutral and do not disturb your eyes. The beige and pastel colors are particularly suitable because they will add warmth to the atmosphere. According to the feng shui establishment, colors like blue and green are really suitable for an optimal working atmosphere. They have been found to have a calming effect and encourage creativity.

Combine the colors correctly by following our recommendations

Set up a home office and set up an office at home

#Office set up at home: stick to decorative elements

The office should be both practical and stylish. Trendy elements will help refresh the atmosphere and provide better comfort. The decorative shelves together with chic vases, decorative figures, pictures and lamps are an ideal way to add creativity to the room.

The decorative elements will add a sense of fashion and trend to the room

Set up an office at home and how to improve comfort

#Study ideas: create a cozy atmosphere

Armchairs with soft cushions are sure to create a feel-good atmosphere. Photos that remind you of happy moments in life will lift your spirits by motivating you for successful achievements.

Create a cozy working atmosphere and work with fun

creating comfort and balance in the study.jfif

#Take the technical equipment into consideration

You probably won’t believe it, but the technical part of a setup is what really matters. If you have printers or cell phones on your desk, you should refrain from these habits. The shelves above the table and small cabinets are ideal for positioning your technical equipment.

The technical part of a facility should not be underestimated

Set up technical equipment in the study and office