Beautiful nails make your hands appear much more well-groomed and expressive. Even without varnish, a well-done manicure looks great. When color and shape are added, it becomes really magical. Every year and every season has its highlights when it comes to nail design. You can also choose between different manicure techniques – acrylic, shellac, gel nails, etc. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you are bound to find the best one for you. Incidentally, gel nails seem to be on the rise again. We would therefore like to introduce you to our 7 TOP favorites when it comes to gel nail trends.

Instead of rectangular and very pointed nails, almond-shaped nails are now worn much more often

fall gel nail trends 2022 pointed nails

What is the difference between gel nails and acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails have been around since the 1970’s and they still remain the most popular artificial nails as they are very sturdy. The difference is that acrylic paints are made with an acrylic liquid and a powder.



This mixture hardens quickly and forms the strongest and most durable artificial nail. Gel nails are also made with a combination of liquid and powder, but when cured they look more natural and are more flexible than a natural nail. Ultimately, it is your personal preference as to which technology suits you better. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Acrylic nails tend to be cheaper, but are still stronger and more durable. Gel nails are probably safer and gentler on the natural nail. Though gel nails still need UV lamp to cure.

The good news: there has been a wide range of nail polishes with a gel look in drugstores for some time, which you can apply to your nails yourself. Yes, it may not look exactly like the pro, but it can get better and better with practice. You can also see it as a sample for different nail polish colors, try the latest gel nail trends first and then have them done in the nail design studio.

For example, how about the new color of the year 2023 – Digital Lavender?

lavender colored gel nails trends 2022


The TOP 7 gel nail trends for autumn 2022

Of course you can have your nails done according to your mood or paint them yourself. But if you like gel nails and want them to be trendy, these 7 current gel nail trends are just right for you. In principle, the following applies in the new season: classic French nails and bright, summery colors are out. Check out what’s hot right now!

Red is back!

gel nail trends wine red nail polish fall 2022

Just in time for the beginning of autumn, the queen of all nail polish colors is back! You can now proudly wear the passionate color on your gel nails and combine them with all sorts of autumn outfits. Because red immediately conjures up fun color accents and is never overlooked.

Green hope for autumn

Green nails trends 2022



Green nails are sometimes out, sometimes in. They will definitely make a comeback again in autumn 2022 and look elegant and visually cooling. Just the thing after such a long and hot summer.

Swirled, oval gel nails – the absolute newcomers of the season

gel nail trends fall 2022 swirled

The so-called swirled nails are brand new among the gel nail trends 2022. This one wears a little longer and nicely rounded. The swirls can be conjured up in a wide variety of color combinations. In the typical autumn colors, however, they give your hands an unmistakable, seasonal charm.

French nails are only worn colorful now

colorful french nails trend 2022

While classic French manicures aren’t all that trendy right now, there is one variant that’s currently popular on TikTok and other social media – their colorful variant! Try these out by combining bright rainbow colors. It also definitely helps against a bad mood or even with a slight autumn depression.

Grunge nails are reinterpreted

gel nail trends fall 2022 black pink

The iconic grunge style from the 90s is not only experiencing a revival in trendy hairstyles, but also in the latest gel nail trends for autumn 2022. Such an oval manicure in black and pastel pink would be an elegant variant.

Clear Pearl or Barbie Pink

fall 2022 gel nail trends pink transparent

Last but not least, there are these two opposite gel nail trends – shiny and transparent on one side and rich pink on the other. While the first look very classy and feminine, the second radiate more of a girlish playfulness.

We hope that our popular TOP 7 gel nail trends for autumn 2022 have also inspired you. Be inspired by the other great manicures below and find your favorite too!

Combine digital lavender with white and glitter

gel nail trends fall winter 2022

Clear gel nails with floral motifs

colorful gel nail trends fall 2022

Swirled stands stunningly beautiful in all colors

gel nail trends 2022 swirl

Muted nude colors remain among the timeless classics for fall

nude colors gel nails trends fall 2022

Orange remains very popular as THE autumn color

Orange gel nails trends fall 2022

dark red gel nails trends fall 2022 gel nail trends 2022 autumn green nail polish green and blue nail polish colors fall 2022 purple burgundy black gel nails trends fall 2022 pink gel nails trends fall 2022