Autumn has already arrived and we need a bit of sun to boost our good spirits. Have you ever wondered how you can relax by taking a nice trip? Today you are very lucky because we will be happy to show you where to go in autumn and which countries you should definitely visit. Do you wish to travel around the world without borders? Probably yes. That’s not so surprising because traveling is always a good idea. When we want to relieve stress, or when we just want to spend time with our relatives. Best October Travel Destinations that are Stunning in Fall 2022 is the topic of our article today.

Best travel destinations in October is the main topic of our article

best travel destinations in october 2022 europe and beautiful nature

In the next few lines we will introduce you to the most beautiful European places that you should definitely visit in October!

These 6 countries and their cities guarantee the best autumn mood

beautiful travel destinations europe 2022 in autumn

#Best travel destinations in October: France – short trip to the Vézère valley

A shining sun and calm atmosphere. What a paradise!

If you choose France, you will sit with a glass of rosé and enjoy the stunning country. Imagine our favorite summer returning. This place in southwest France is known for its warm and balmy climate. In this connection we should say something important. If you are suffering from the current cold weather of your home country, we recommend you to take a short trip in Vezere valley. Without a doubt, there are some really beautiful sights that should be visited.

Make fall your favorite season by visiting these 6 fall spots

france – and a short trip to the vézère valley for the 2022 autumn

#Austria and Vienna

Are you dreaming of a trip to Vienna? You will surely fall in love with the city. If you haven’t been to Vienna yet, then you should definitely visit this city. As a result, they will drive to one of the most beautiful local mountains and hike through the happy vineyards. Sounds just like a dream! Fall 2022 is the ideal time period to make this decision. Autumn mood and tasty food await you there. St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Danube – get a great view of the city by visiting these places.

The right time to get to know Vienna would always be now

Austria and Vienna and the best travel destinations in Europe 2022

#Italy – a trip to Ponza

Who doesn’t like Italy? If you sailed north from Capri you will land on Ponza. The discolored cube houses on the Hafenrund will inspire you. The Italian nature and architecture look so impressive. Going to Ponza, you will look forward to warm autumnal weather. A boat trip will really surprise you. Small, pretty restaurants with Italian pasta will give you a feeling of summer. Autumn is the most appropriate time for a trip to Italy. Don’t wait any longer. Buy your plane tickets and grab this trip without thinking much.

You will be amazed by the beautiful colors of the island

a trip to ponza in italy and the best travel destinations in autumn

#Portugal – Algarve

Cormorants and flamingos will make you fall in love with the place as soon as you approach the airport. If you love nature, then Portugal is an excellent choice for a short break in autumn 2022. Plants, birds, shells and small animals will amaze you in Portugal. The fresh air coming from nature and the quiet space will help you release your stress and have a proper rest. Green forests and an infinitely blue sky set the greatest accent of the city.

A super beautiful destination, which is warm in autumn and should definitely be visited

portugal and a trip to algarve and october travel destinations

#Switzerland, Bernese Oberland

Beautiful high mountains, clear air, gleaming buildings and more views! This is what characterizes the individuality of Switzerland. The part of the Canton of Bern that lies in the Alps is the ideal standard for a good and relaxing rest. If you are looking for new young places in Europe, then you should choose Switzerland and Bernese Oberland. From personal experience we say that this place is the most beautiful place in the world. You should definitely try the homemade cheese on the snack platters. A blend of quality and infinite beauty – what else could you wish for?

Switzerland makes an excellent first impression, with its stunning ranges and mountains

switzerland and autumn vacation 2022 and travel destinations in europe

#Italy and a short trip to Grado

We will continue to discuss the Italian beauty in our articles. This city is an island that can only be reached via a causeway. You will be amazed by the magical location between the open sea and the lagoon. In autumn the temperatures are up to 24°. What nice news if you are looking for warm countries. All year round and especially in autumn you will find open restaurants and bars. No wonder more and more tourists are choosing this destination. A not so well-known place will evoke your memories forever!

No wonder Italy keeps surprising us

grado in italy and the best holiday spots in europe for the 2022 autumn
In short, we have discussed the 2022 trending European countries that are suitable for a nice holiday season. Give your body an autumnal high because autumn is the most relaxing season. See you soon!

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which places in europe should we visit in autumn 2022