Autumn is a wonderful season. While the temperatures outside are gradually falling and it gets really cool in the mornings and evenings, the chrysanthemums in the garden show us their colorful blossoms. They surprise us with the size and colors of their flowers. Depending on the type of chrysanthemum, they are colored red, yellow, orange, purple or white, one more beautiful than the other. Every flower lover is enthusiastic about this natural beauty in delicate shades. In fact, the garden chrysanthemums are considered easy-care perennials. However, there are some common chrysanthemum care mistakes that you are likely to make as well. That’s why we want to explain them today. There are such care mistakes that the beautiful autumn bloomers will not forgive you. But if you are better informed about the beautiful garden plants, you can consciously avoid the mistakes described here when caring for chrysanthemums. So you can enjoy the beautiful flowers in the garden longer, namely from late autumn until the first frost!

Better be on your guard and avoid typical mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums!

Mistakes with chrysanthemums Care in the garden a sea of ​​blossoms in pink natural charm



Choose a sunny spot outside for these garden beauties!

Mistakes in chrysanthemum care need a sunny spot outside in the garden


1. Mistakes in chrysanthemum care – not knowing or not correctly identifying the chrysanthemum species

Chrysanthemums are not just chrysanthemums. Basically you have to distinguish between the garden chrysanthemums and those in the pot. The garden chrysanthemums are hardy and can survive outside even in sub-zero temperatures. They don’t really mind the cold. If you buy these beauties from the garden center, then you need to plant them outdoors in late summer or early fall. This gives the garden plants enough time to establish roots before it gets cold and the ground freezes. However, do not confuse garden chrysanthemums with those in pots. These inspire us with their beautiful flowers in strong colors. You can buy potted chrysanthemums in the houseplant section of your local grocery store. But be careful, they are not intended for transplanting in the garden at all! Unlike garden chrysanthemums, these are meant to be grown indoors as pot plants as they are not hardy. That means they only have decorative tasks and bring the magical flair of autumn into your four walls!

Potted or tub chrysanthemums can be kept outside until late fall, but then they will need to be brought indoors.

Errors in chrysanthemums Care in pots or tubs outdoors until late autumn, then bring indoors

Potted chrysanthemums are often an eye-catcher on patios and verandas.

Mistakes with chrysanthemums care in the pot yellow flowers an eye-catcher on terraces verandas



2. Mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums – your autumn bloomers are in the shade!

The location of the garden chrysanthemums must be chosen correctly. The rule here is: the more sun these garden flowers get, the more beautiful their blossoms are! So they love the sun and prefer a sunny location. This not only promotes their flowering, but also the growth and resilience of the plants. A little shade would only do them good on very hot summer days. Only in late summer, when they get less daylight, do the garden chrysanthemums begin to form flowers. During this period they grow in height and width and can fill the flower bed. Therefore, give them more free space when planting, because they develop a strong root system that actually spreads out more.

Only in late summer do these beautiful garden plants begin to bloom….

Errors in chrysanthemum care in the garden only bloom from late summer Eye-catcher outside

….. and fill your outdoor area with color!

Errors in chrysanthemums care flowering time late summer much pink color

3. Mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums – the flowers don’t get enough water!

Florists claim one of the biggest mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums is not watering them enough. The beautiful autumn bloomers need water! When the days get cooler and the sun no longer shines intensely, you have to water the garden flowers again. However, they will continue to require water until the ground freezes. Watering is therefore essential in summer and autumn. While you may need to water daily in the summer, in the fall only water when the top layer of soil in the flower bed feels dry to the touch after the weather has cooled. Do the same for your potted chrysanthemums too! You will thank your with magnificent blooms!

With garden chrysanthemums, regular watering must be stopped in winter!

Mistakes with chrysanthemums Caring for beautiful flowers Stop watering in winter

4. Mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums – you over-fertilize your plants!

As we mentioned above, chrysanthemums are not demanding garden flowers and can survive in any soil. However, it is recommended by flower experts that you fertilize them regularly. These fall bloomers prefer a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Start fertilizing in the spring, when the garden flowers are putting out their first leaves and new stems after winter. Give the plants a fertilizer every two weeks and they will appreciate it! A fertilizer high in phosphorus can encourage root development. But always be careful not to over-fertilize your chrysanthemums! Too much fertilizer leads to burned leaves! Also, you must stop fertilizing when the flowers are in bud!

A common mistake when caring for chrysanthemums is that you over-fertilize the autumn bloomers!

Mistakes in chrysanthemum care do not over-fertilize use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer

5. Typical mistakes when pruning and pinching chrysanthemums

Many hobby gardeners do not prune or pinch the tops of garden chrysanthemums at all. This is a care mistake with these garden flowers. In order to have a stable plant, you need to pinch 2-3 cm from the branch tips during the growing season. Do this in good time, no later than mid-June, or in other words about 3 months before flowering. Pinching off the tips promotes branching of the plants and leads to more stability of the garden chrysanthemum.

In the fall you need to remove withered leaves and trim the stems. The plants can only be cut back before the ice-cold season arrives. Cut the stems back to about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above the ground. This allows the chrysanthemums to overwinter until new growth appears next spring.

If you don’t make any mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums, you will be delighted with their magnificent blooms for a long time!

Mistakes with chrysanthemum care enjoy a splendor of flowers outside for a long time

6. Mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums – the soil has no drainage!

The popular fall bloomers will not thrive in soil that lacks drainage. If the water drains poorly and remains too moist, this is a prerequisite for the plants to develop pests and diseases. Or waterlogging forms and destroys the entire root system. This is especially true in cold winter areas. So if you have heavy clay or compacted soil, mix in some good quality garden soil or compost to loosen it up and improve its drainage.

Finally, we want to formulate some good advice for the care of garden chrysanthemums. Avoid all the care mistakes described here and your colorful plants will transform your garden into a magnificent sea of ​​flowers!

Avoid the mistakes described here when caring for chrysanthemums!

Avoid mistakes when caring for chrysanthemums Enjoy a magnificent splendor of flowers

A bouquet of white chrysanthemums can be given as a present for many occasions

Mistakes in chrysanthemum care Give a bouquet of white chrysanthemums on many occasions

They also cut a fine figure in the vase and make your interior shine!

 Mistakes with chrysanthemum care white blossoms in the interior real eye-catcher