long bob are all the rage at the moment and are styled in many different ways by many celebrities. Whether it’s polished, messy, straightened, wavy, blunt or layered, the variety and flexibility make this cut one of our favorites. And since it’s not as short as the classic bob, you can also dabble in updos if you want to. But today we are going to focus on how to wear it casual and chic depending on how individual you are.

Modern long bob hairstyles for hair type

“The long bob makes any hair look thick and healthy. Plus, the bold lines draw attention to the bone structure and help frame the face,” said celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate. We can only add that you need to find out which long bob hairstyle is suitable for your hair texture as there are so many options. Graduated tips are great for luscious manes as they make them appear more manageable and lighter. The swing bob shows off fine strands best as its layered back adds dimension. Wavy strands call for a messy hairstyle with some layers to accentuate their texture.

Below are more examples of different hair types that you can style for your long bob.

Wavy shaggy copper red bob
via @ramireztransalon

Red is just the right color to make curly hair shine, while the updo with shaggy bangs leaves enough room for the curls.

Wavy long blonde balayage bob for fine hair
via @christinesilvermancolor

This girl sports a wavy long bob that has been softened with a natural balayage coloring. It is subtly layered to add a bit of density to fine hair and create a seamless look.

Straight lob with pointed ends
via @anhcotran

Straight, medium to thick hair benefits from a single-row long bob that’s lightly textured with spiky tips.

Blunt blonde bob
via @rafaelbertolucci1

A blunt braid is a good choice for thin tresses that creates a strong outline at the bottom. Don’t forget to lift the hairline and style it behind the ear to spice up your look.

Brunette lob with delicate highlights for thick hair
via @petermenezes

Although this thick hair is luscious and voluminous, it might lack panache if the delicate highlights didn’t accentuate the rounded brushed roots.

Flattering long bob hairstyles according to face shape

Probably the best feature of the long bob is its adaptability. The length, which falls from below the chin to the collarbone, flatters and slims almost any face shape. If you have angular facial contours, you can soften them with curves; if your face is round, you should have one Long bob haircut with additional brackets – it’s that simple.

The only rule is to avoid extra long options if you have an oblong face. “Long hairstyles lengthen the face in the first place and can lengthen a long face even further. So by adding width with light layers and adding texturizing products to your regimen, you can balance out the length a bit, making your face look less long,” Bryce Scarlett, the hairstylist for Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Margot Robbie, tells Cosmopolitan .

Wavy shoulder-length bob with a round face
via @mizzchoi

A shoulder-length bob and a slanted one long bob with bangs provide enough length to balance any round face.

Bob with bangs and highlights for long faces
via @maxwellmathson

For girls with long faces and fine hair, it makes sense to choose a shorter long bob version, which is given more volume and density with highlights, a side parting and full, feathery bangs.

Wavy lob for oval faces
via @buddywporter

Although oval faces draw every part, you can opt for a side part to soften any downward-pulling effect that comes with length.

Dark blonde wavy lob for square faces
via @medullacoyorkville

A long, wavy bob with soft, face-framing strands is good for square faces as it draws focus away from the strong jawline and adds curves for better proportion.

White combover bob for heart-shaped faces
via @brianacisneros

If you have a heart-shaped face, try to avoid emphasizing the pointed chin by drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

Long, layered bob is becoming a hit

Why opt for a layered look when there’s also Kim Kardashian’s blunt updo and J.Lo’s stunning Met Gala look? At least the hairstyle lasts longer and only rarely needs to be trimmed. “The good thing about an updo is that it’s usually choppy and layered, so you know she’ll look good for the next three months when she grows out,” said Frankie Foye, who gave Alessandra Ambrosio her new updo missed, versus Cosmopolitan.

Of course, that’s not the only reason to opt for layering. You can create a lifted bodice with shorter layers at the back, or create a face-flattering effect with cascades at the front. Keep exploring how to do it.

Long bob with bangs as an eye-catcher

“Fringes are a great way to create a ‘new’ style without committing to a drastic haircut or length change. You can keep the long bob you already love and only amplify it with this mini snip. Depending on the fringe style, you can easily hide the bangs if you decide the look doesn’t suit you,” celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps tells InStyle. To avoid such a challenge, you should put some effort into finding out which type of bangs suits your long bob best. Don’t forget to consider your face shape, hair texture and even your styling habits because you might not like the idea of ​​blow-drying your bangs after every shampoo.

Black updos to inspire

Though bushy African American hair may seem too whimsical for a long bob hairstyle, there are a plethora of ways to pack it into this trendy hairstyle. You can have it sewn in or opt for relaxed hair, but you are also free to wear it completely natural. “If you have very strong curls, you should ask for a dry cut so your stylist can see the shape they’re cutting. If you have loose waves, a wet cut is fine,” recommends Jen Atkin, the celebrated long bob queen of celebrity stylists, in her comments to Elle. Here you can find out how to achieve a hip swing with straight, frizzy or wavy hair.

10 best long bob styling ideas to spice up

Do you still have doubts? “If you’ve thought about getting a long bob cut, I would say go for it. The long bob is not one of those drastic cuts that will have you in tears a week after your hair appointment,” writes celebrity hair geuru Mark Townsend in his article for Byrdie. We can only agree with the pro, but have a few words to add.

The longer version of the time-honoured bob offers plenty of room for styling experiments. At this medium length, both casual beach waves and chic Hollywood curls look equally stunning despite being so dramatically different – and you can have the best of both worlds! Also, it’s hard to find another hairstyle that lends itself so well to ombre, highlights, and all sorts of trendy color solutions. Let’s see how to tie it all together.

Straight A-line bob
via @hairbyedwin

The clean shape of this A-line bob looks dramatic on straight hair. Steal the style and don’t forget a side parting for an edgy asymmetry.

Asymmetrical bob with undercut
via @hairbyedwin

Those who like it even more asymmetrical can look to this daring bob, which has an undercut on one side and a shoulder-length cascade on the other.

Sleek ash blonde Lob
via @rochellegoldenhairstylist

This sleek and exquisite blonde braid impresses with its delicate color transition which, together with a small layering, gives the hair depth.

Dull blond with shadowy roots
via @chrisweberhair

If you want to accentuate your fine curls, go for a blunt long bob with shadow roots to add fullness to both the top and bottom.

Wavy chestnut braid with side parting
via @hairbykatlin

Think a side part to add a twist to your casual hairstyle and brighten your natural dark color with warm auburn strands.

Messy bun with side-swept bangs
via @megahairmaniac

It’s fun to pair a messy haircut with long side-swept bangs that have a breezy, feathery finish. And this vibrant blonde is a bomb!

Wavy shaggy combo bob
via @suedub

Pull most of your hair to one side for this vibrant shaggy look, enhanced with trimmed ends and touch-and-go waves.

Center parting lob for round faces
via @styledbylizsustaita

A center parting with lots of angles is just right for wide faces as it makes them slimmer and more elegant.

Structured lob with scalloped fringes
via @christinamhair

Thin hair can be drastically transformed when layered and textured to add bounce and movement. Pair it with flat arched bangs for that great contrast.

Stacked Graded Praise
via @darlene_the_stylist

You will love a layered updo because of the volume created by the shorter strands stacked at the back. Nevertheless, you still have enough length in the front to play with the styling and show off a brilliant coloring.

Whether choppy or straight, parted in the middle or swept to the side – the long bob is the golden mean with which you can show off your bone structure as well as your hair texture beautifully. Take the chance and choose a trendy variant from our selection of the most Instagrammable updos – and you will be the next to collect likes online and offline.