Do you remember the old days, when you eagerly had umpteen photo films developed and waited with excitement and anticipation for the result? And how does it look today? If at all, we transfer the photos from the smartphone to the computer or upload them directly to a cloud so that they don’t get lost. They don’t get lost as a result, but beautiful memories should definitely be valued differently. Because how often do we really look through the cell phone photos in peace?

And that’s a shame! After all, photos are there to be admired and to reminisce, right? What do you think about, all the beautiful moments to keep and record in beautifully designed photo books? Because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for a few years – and for you today I’ve collected my tips and tricks, like you create a photo book online quickly and easily can.

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It’s that easy to create a photo book online

Only recently I designed two photo books online at MEINFOTO. This time I finished two annual photo books from 2020 and 2021. Such a photo book is easy a wonderful memorywhich is always a hit as a gift.

By the way, I create my annual photo books always in the same format and design, because they can also be stored in a particularly decorative way in the living area. So you always have them to hand to reminisce over a coffee party or two. By the way, I choose that Real photo photo book square out, 30×30cmas binding I choose hardcoverI like the photo quality Real Photo Matt preferably.

To me the Design of a photo book To make it as easy as possible, I sort the photos in advance by topic or month. To do this, I create various albums with the desired photos on my smartphone and then transfer them to the PC – because if I want to design a photo book online, I still prefer to do it on my MacBook. The design is also possible on a smartphone, but for me personally it is usually much too confusing.

If you’ve never created a photo book before, there’s no reason to despair. The photo book can be created with the MEINFOTO tools a no-brainer. thanks to the simple online editor you don’t have to download your own software. The photo book software can be found directly online and is really easy to use. It’s best to create your own account in advance, because that’s how you can create your own Cache photo books and work on it again later.

Based on numerous layout and design options you can customize each page of your photo book and fill it with different photo shapes, collages and texts. Just let your creativity run free – I personally prefer to let the pictures do the talking and prefer to hold back with text and too many bells and whistles.

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Advertisement. It's really easy to create a photo book online - I'll give you 5 helpful tips on the blog.

5 useful tips and tricks to create a photo book

Think 5 best tips and tricksalso for Photo Book Beginner, I have summarized for you below. Here you can get an overview of how easy and uncomplicated it is to register Create photo book online leaves.

Tip 1: Sort and edit photos

The maybe most complex part of the photo book Creating is probably choosing the right photos. In times of smartphones, we simply have a huge selection and even if every photo is linked to memories, you have to choose one for better or for worse. My cell phone used to be full of dog photos and since I’m a mom, more photos are added every day, as you can probably imagine.

After the topic for the photo book has been determined, I look for the right photos and edit them if necessary. I then file them into month/theme folders so I can later add them to my photo book chronologically.

Tip 2: Choose a design

With the Online configurator from MEINFOTO you can design your photo book individually. Either you let yourself be inspired by the existing design templates or live out your own creativity to the full. I personally always prefer a whole simple, minimalist design. In short: I’ll let the photos do the talking!

By the way, there is a photo book in five popular formats with hardcover binding. I always order the same format because, as mentioned, they are in our living room and at the same time serve a decorative purpose. You can choose between the pages and the cover of the photo book semi-matt or gloss-matt Select. Here I choose satin – that’s just a great finish for photo productions of any kind.

Tip 3: The design – import photos

as soon as that Basic structure of the photo book ready, you can start designing. You can use the countless templates, clip art and backgrounds or keep it simple. Even if you sign up for a pre-made page layout decide, you can choose the individual Customize pages anyway. Individual blocks can also be easily inserted at the desired location using copy and paste. This is pretty handy because it allows me to easily duplicate certain photo arrangements and text designs.

Little by little, I drag the desired photos onto the pages of the photo book in the online configurator and design them page by page. In the preview you can always get a good overview of what the photo book will look like in the end.

Tip 4: Text and fonts

Pictures speak volumes and basically don’t need much text. However, it is up to you whether and if so, how much text is used. Short captions or funny anecdotes are just as possible as long picture descriptions. One consistent font and size ensure a coherent design. For example, I always choose the same font and size for headings as for the body text.

I like to add text to funny statements, new words from the child, special events on a certain day, holiday locations – otherwise I tend to hold back with text in photo books.

Tip 5: Don’t overload pages

As is so often the case, less is usually more. The more photos are shown on a page, the more tiring it is for the eye. I like to choose for our photo books a uniform basic design. There are double pages, for example, where there are only two pictures, and then there are also pages where there are nine small square pictures that are coordinated with each other. The latter fits quite well if you have a series of photos that harmonize well with each other. (Child’s first steps, sunsets from vacation, hiking tour in the mountains, etc.)

With the different design options you can definitely also provide variety and if you like it, use a photo extensively as a background, or put a particularly beautiful photo over a double page.

Advertisement. It's really easy to create a photo book online - I'll give you 5 helpful tips on the blog.

Create a photo book step by step

  1. Set a theme for the photo book (annual photo book, wedding, pregnancy,…)
  2. Select photos, sort them in advance, edit them if necessary
  3. Specify format, paper and cover
  4. Import photos to MEINFOTO
  5. Design: Design pages individually or using the designs and templates
  6. Place photos on the pages of the photo book and design the photo book
  7. Completion (look at the photo book in the preview, if everything fits)
  8. Order and have the photo book in your hands within a few working days

Advertisement. It's really easy to create a photo book online - I'll give you 5 helpful tips on the blog.

Create a high-quality photo book on MEINFOTO (incl. voucher code)

“Look, do you remember?” or “Oh yes, that was nice!” – creating and leafing through a photo book brings back countless memories. Thanks to the individual design options, photo books are one beautiful and creative way to store photos. So you always have them at hand and don’t have to scroll through countless photos looking for the one.

I have been very satisfied with MEINFOTO products for years. The first vacations with my husband, when he was still my boyfriend, vacations in Tuscany and Croatia, the most beautiful moments with our dogs, pregnancy and last but not least the first year with our son – in addition to photo books, I also regularly order photo prints or photo gifts for Friends and family.

  • Formats and prices: The prices for photo books depend on the format and number of pages. For all photo book products, a surcharge will be charged from a certain number of pages.
  • Quality: The photos are printed on different materials using the latest printing technology. UV-resistant ink lets your photos shine in the most brilliant colors.The solvent-free colors of the photo products are ideal for children and allergy sufferers.
  • Sustainability: All photo items are made in Cologne either carefully by hand or using state-of-the-art machines. Strict controls ensure the quality standard “Made in Germany”. The electricity for production is generated from renewable energies from wind, water and sun.
  • Test winner: Numerous portals have chosen the MEINFOTO products as test winners.
  • Shipment: Photo books are usually shipped within 12 working days after production (4 working days). The shipping costs are €6.90 within Germany and €9.90 abroad.
  • Best price guarantee: The best price guarantee seal ensures that you always get your products at the best price. This means that if you find a product of the same size and design at a lower price elsewhere, MEINFOTO will undercut this price by another 5%.
  • Secure payment: Thanks to the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security standard, your data is transmitted securely and encrypted. You can choose between different providers for payment. You are free to decide whether you want to pay for your order in advance or only after receipt of the goods by invoice.
  • Reviews: The customer opinions about MEINFOTO speak for themselves. The fair price-performance ratio and the high quality of the products are particularly emphasized.

I hope that you now also feel like designing a photo book online. Take a look around at MEINFOTO, with Mocca10 you get a 10% discount on your entire order.

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