New hairstyle trends have emerged in the last year, and some of them promise to stay in 2022 as well.

There are 5 cuts that suit all styles because they never go out of style.

Find out now about the hair trends for 2022 and choose your look for the next year.

French bob cut

Messy curls and bangs will be part of this new look.

The French bob cut is a very short channel at the level of the jaw, the ends of which are slightly wider than the back but very thin, unlike the beaked ones.

Blunt cut

The blunt cut is a trend that has become very popular in recent years.

It is a straight channel, always below the jawline and above the shoulders.

Short bob

The beak canal is always appreciated.

It is an ideal cut for those who want short haircuts without being radical.

Generally, this cut is always below the jawline and the ends extend to the shoulders and exit the beak.

long bob

Go for this look without fear of making a mistake.

Ideal for women who love long hair.

The short bangs

Short bangs are a controversial look and don’t usually appeal to all women, but it is Haircut trend for 2023.

The bangs are always cut above the brow line and part of the forehead is left uncovered.

This type of bangs can be combined with different types of haircuts, such as the shaggy one.

The short bangs can be done in different styles such as: B. straight or curtain.

It all depends on your personal taste.