You spend over an hour in front of the mirror trying to curl your hair. Then you’re late for work and your locks fall apart before you even touch the office… Sounds familiar? We’ve all experienced this nightmare! Unfortunately we cannot choose the texture of our hair. But with the right technique and a few pro tips, curls stay beautiful longer! How do curls last longer? Here are 5 golden rules from celebrity hairstylists!

How to keep curls longer: 5 golden rules for lasting curls

how to keep curls longer tips and tricks from the hair stylists of the stars

Curls are adorable, attractive and super trendy right now. Unfortunately, they lose their resilience after just a few hours. However, hair stylists have a few tricks to help curled hair hold its shape longer. They are also not complicated at all.

Curls don’t hold? What can you do to enjoy your curly mane longer?

how to keep curls all day professional tips for beautiful curls

How do curls last longer?

Curls can breathe new life into any drab look, they can spice up any hairstyle and make us stand out from the crowd. But is it difficult to keep the popular hair styling longer. Celebrity hairstylists share 5 simple rules for longer-lasting curls:

#Always curl your hair the day after you wash it

We all want to have perfectly clean hair every day. As a result, many women make the mistake of washing their hair early in the morning and then curling it. Don’t expect to succeed if you do something similar. Simply put, when hair is slightly greasy, curls not only last longer, but are also easier to achieve. Day-to-day hair is ideal for curling because the accumulated natural oils from the scalp make it easier to style with a curling iron.

Make curls last longer

how to keep curls longer with thick hair

#Do not use conditioner when washing

Another helpful tip is to skip the conditioner when washing. Conditioners contain fatty alcohols, humectants, and oils to make hair soft and flexible. Some have protein to temporarily tame split ends and others have thickeners to make hair feel fuller. While these products are good for hair, they can make them slippery and heavier. As a result, curls last much less. Make sure you don’t use shampoos and conditioners that create wax buildup on your hair and therefore weigh down the curls. The selection of products you choose can make a world of difference!

This is how curls hold up better

how to keep curls hair curls curl hair style

#Use products to your advantage

Products to build volume and improve texture are a must if you dream of beautiful, long-lasting curls. They are also very necessary because they nourish the hair and protect it from frequent heat treatment.

For the best effect, also use hairspray or another hair styling product after styling the curls. No matter how you curl your hair, it won’t last all day if you don’t give it a little styling.

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Set your curls in place with hairspray so they last longer

curl preserving products curly hair

#The right technique plays a key role

When curling your hair, keep these 2 key things in mind:

  • Curl smaller sections of hair: Sections of hair about 1 inch wide are perfect. The more hair you have wrapped around your curling iron or in your curling iron clamp, the longer it takes to curl, the less evenly your hair heats up and the easier the curls fall. So keep the strands of hair small.
  • Use a curling iron with a smaller barrel: the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls, and the tighter the curls, the better and longer they hold. A 1 inch barrel is about the perfect size to hold your curls tight enough. Also learn how to conjure up curls without a curling iron.

How do curls last all day?

how to keep curls longer hairstylists reveal their secrets

#Do not touch the curls

Some women have a habit of playing with their hair all the time. Others touch them constantly to check if all is well with the curls. No matter what the cause is, this error will lead to going out. Touching your hair constantly will completely ruin the beautiful curls.

Note: The length also plays a role. The longer your mane, the harder it is to keep the curls due to the weight of the hair.

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Style your hair and please don’t touch it all day

make curls last longer tips for lasting curls

How to keep curls overnight

If you want your curls to last overnight, there’s a trick you can try: pull all your hair up and pile it on the pillow over your head. This avoids twirls at the back of your head and keeps you from squishing your tresses at night. If you move around a lot while you sleep, use a scrunchie and pull it up into a high ponytail or bun. This will also give your mane more volume in the morning.

These 4 professional tips guarantee a long-lasting result

how to keep curls best professional tips curly hair

If you dream of permanent curls, you can also opt for perm. This proven method has been gaining popularity lately.

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