In the summer we travel a lot and travel a lot. We go on vacation and laze on the beach or go to the mountains with friends and do our best. But autumn and winter are usually a period of stagnation. We move less and less, go back to work and spend most of the day sitting. As a result, we have no energy and begin to feel unfit. So today we have prepared 4 simple exercises that you can do at home with a ball. Here’s what they are and how to do them effectively!

Exercise Ball Exercises for a New I-Image!

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A lack of exercise for several months can have adverse effects on the back and lower back. This carries the risk of obesity and arteriosclerosis. Our back will suffer the most, but we can save it.

With an exercise ball! How do these balls work? They promote so-called active sitting and strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, back and legs.

They also have a positive effect on your overall balance and posture. According to experts, however, an exercise ball does not replace a desk chair. Sitting on the ball for too long, on the other hand, can overload the muscles, which then react with tension and pain. The 4 versatile and easy-to-perform exercises with the stability ball will enrich your training program at home or in the gym. You also train your coordination. If you are wondering what time of the day you should exercise, you will find interesting information about it in our article: Should you exercise in the morning or in the evening?

Exercises with gymnastic ball in the gym

Gym ball exercises for seniors

Fit with the exercise ball

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strengthening of the muscles

If you’re looking for easy home workouts that will tone your whole body, you’ve come to the right place!

This is important:

  • If you need it, also clean up to keep the floor from spilling.
  • If you feel comfortable and confident on a mat, use it.
  • Best with sneakers for more stability when stepping on the ground.

The exercise ball exercises are suitable for both seniors and young people

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#Exercise 1: Squats on the wall

Tip: Your back should hold the ball well against the wall to keep it from falling.

  1. Take the exercise ball and place it between the wall and your lower back.
  2. Place your feet hip-width apart.
  3. Bend your knees and crouch, moving the ball along the wall with your torso.
  4. Hold for 5 seconds when the ball is at its lowest point.
  5. Stand up straight again.

Do 8 reps, two sets at a time.

Top exercise ball Exercise for back, buttocks and legs: squats

exercise ball exercises back squats on the wall

#Exercise 2: push-ups

  1. Lie prone on the ball and move your body forward with your hands on the floor.
  2. Now only your feet are on the device.
  3. Place your hands at shoulder level. Your body should form a straight line.
  4. Now bend your elbows and lower your torso down.
  5. Hold this position at the lowest point – with your face almost on the ground – for 5 seconds.
  6. Raise your body again.

Do 8 reps of 2 sets.

Push-ups with a difference – the effect is amazing

exercise ball doing push-ups

#Exercise 3: folding knife

Tip: The best way to do this exercise is to use your physical strength and perform the movements with as little pressure as possible.

  1. Lie on your back and stretch out on the mat.
  2. The arms should be stretched overhead.
  3. Grab the ball with your hands while simultaneously lifting your torso and legs.
  4. Your hands are at ankle height. When your hands and feet touch, squeeze the exercise ball between your legs and return to the starting position.
  5. Do the same exercise with the ball between your feet.

Do 8 reps x 2 sets.

Experiment more with this awesome fitness accessory!

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#Exercise 4: Diagonal Crunch

This is one of the most enjoyable exercises you can do with this multifunctional exercise ball.

  1. Lie sideways on the ball. It should be mid-body, below the waist.
  2. Cross your arms behind your head.
  3. Raise your torso at a 30 degree angle. This is an ideal exercise for the abdominal muscles.
  4. Stay in this position for 5 seconds.
  5. Relax the body.

Do a total of 8 reps for 2 sets, switching sides.

Where do you prefer to train?

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