Vegan lightning recipes that also fill you up and are healthy? Does that sound like something suitable for you? If so, then stay tuned and learn more about our 3 variants for quick recipes without animal products? Because our recipe ideas convey, among other things, some important principles of healthy vegan nutrition. You will soon learn more about how to eat healthily and without animal products when you are short on time. We’ll give you some concrete examples, but we won’t stop there. In a moment we will explain why they are so healthy and how you can easily replace the selected ingredients. If you do this in accordance with our tips, you will always have something tasty and simple on the table.

Sometimes just a few ingredients are enough to get a healthy vegan dish

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Vegan lightning recipes with Mediterranean-style pasta

The increasing number of vegetarians and vegans has led to a revolution in the food industry. We find more and more types of pasta on the market based on the most diverse products. That’s why these kinds of recipes aren’t so one-sided anymore.



The most popular of the healthy kind are whole grain or rice noodles. But there are also an incredible number of other variations, such as those made of lentils. You could achieve a healthy and Mediterranean taste very quickly. For example, combine your healthy pasta with capers and sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil. You determine the amount according to your taste!

This pasta recipe may vary slightly. For an equally Mediterranean and healthy taste, you could use arugula and fresh tomatoes, for example. Vegan Parmesan would make this variation even tastier.

Capers add a unique and healthy flavor to your healthy pasta dish

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Products that can be combined with each other are:

  • Parsely,
  • Garlic,
  • pine nuts,
  • Zucchini pickled in olive oil,
  • Vegan Almond Paste.

Important tips! In no case should you take two or more products with a lot of fat at the same time. In total, the selected ingredients should not be more than three. Otherwise, these Mediterranean recipes will be too spicy and irritate the stomach!

You will find a wide variety of vegan mayonnaises on the market. With these you can quickly make very tasty sandwiches!

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Healthy sandwich with vegan mayonnaise

One of the reasons why quick vegan recipes are so much easier is because we have more and more different types of mayonnaise. Both the almond mayonnaise and this one based on oats are very tasty. The second variation is a little easier on the stomach. Take the vegan mayonnaise as a healthy spread. A wide variety of vegetables or salads go very well with it.

Tips for combining: In order to provide yourself with as many good ingredients as possible, you should choose a healthy type of bread. Also, you should prefer to access appropriate types of vegetables according to the appropriate season. Pickled cucumbers or tomatoes are a particularly good idea in winter. Avocado or olives don’t go so well with it because they make the sandwich way too greasy together with the vegan spread.

If you want instant vegan recipes, you should definitely try some soups with seasonal vegetables

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Simple cream soups as vegan lightning recipes

Simple cream soups are clearly considered great vegan lightning recipes. Use vegan cream, soy or coconut milk and rely on seasonal products. So, at least during the warm season, use vegetables that you can buy fresh from organic farms. With such ingredients and spices, you can make something quite healthy and achieve a very delicious taste. Three great videos with delicious vegan soup recipes are coming soon for you!

Tip: If you include crumbs, make sure they’re made from a healthy type of bread! The vegan milk and cream types shown in the videos below can be substituted with others that you like better!

Thanks to innovative vegan products, you can quickly prepare something healthy

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The vegan noodles can be made from lentils or wholemeal flour. Not only are they delicious, they are also healthy!

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Vegan Parmesan tastes delicious! You could try amazing vegan recipes with it!

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Seasonal cooking is easy to integrate into a healthy vegan diet

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Choose a healthy type of bread for your sandwich with vegan products!

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If the ingredients in your instant vegan recipes are healthy and tasty, you will feel full faster!

simple sandwich with mayonnaise - vegan lightning recipes

Vegan quick recipes just keep getting easier! We wish a good appetite!

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