Jeans trends 2022 are really fascinating and they are a reason to look forward to autumn. It was really fun looking at all the tendencies to give you a piece of this one. They are really practical and suitable for different body types. Casual, but at the same time super stylish and yet they give us scope for emphasizing our own individuality. These are the jeans trends for this year, which will now be picked up again in autumn. Surely you will find something for yourself, which you will also combine with other tendencies.

Jeans that accentuate the waistline are super trendy

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Jeans trends 2022 for an elegant retro look

Very long jeans in a straight line are super trendy this year. They spread a certain retro flair on the fashion podiums. This now spreads to the streets in autumn. With these models, the variety of colors and textures is very striking.



One likes to carry out the jeans in saturated nuances. Tight, asymmetrical tops, also off the shoulder if you like, go wonderfully with it.

Some 2022 jeans trends are inspired by great artisan looks

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artisan style

We just invented this term, but it ideally describes the next trend that we will come to. There are many jeans models with many different pockets. They remind us a bit of the craftsman trousers. In some cases very much so. However, the provocation of this type of jeans trends 2022 is that it manages to combine this rough type of design with incredible elegance. It is best to pair such trousers with tops with few details. This way you avoid mistakes in your fall look. However, sometimes you could experiment with the opposite. The tops could also show eccentric details and accessories. Make sure that the decorative elements of the two garments harmonize well with each other.

Do you like wearing denim skirts? In 2022 they are super topical!

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Emphasize the waist in your own way

Emphasis on the waist has been a major theme in fashion for the past few seasons. But it took a while before this trend was integrated into denim fashion. This year, the models with a very high waist are up to date. This can sometimes be emphasized with an interesting belt shape or original pockets underneath. Such jeans models are often preferred by creative and self-confident women in their thirties and forties. Hip jeans, also known as baggy jeans, have a low waist and are wide. They are ideal for really slim ladies in their 20s and also for teenagers. Model-looking women of all ages could benefit as well. Which of the two variants would you prefer?

Two great trends are combined here – the high waist line and the jeans in a straight line

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Fancy a denim skirt?

It’s felt in recent years that denim skirts are something for people from the last century. We hardly found them on the fashion podiums anymore. Hardly anyone dared to wear them on the street. But jeans trends 2022 bring them back. There even seems to be a kind of revenge. We find denim skirts in a wide variety of lengths. However, what is particularly striking is that they also have attractive side slits.

Many retro looks were revived this year

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The matching jeans accessories!

Yes, we also deal with a large variety of jeans accessories! What is striking is that these are consistent with the second trend shown. They are just a bit coarser and in the craftsman style. We found it particularly provocative that many denim jackets have shoulder pads. Although such models are not suitable for every figure, they are often ideal in combination with tight dresses and pants. So give it a try! There are great bags, as well as denim hats!

Wide and with pockets – such jeans models are also super in!

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The 2022 jeans trends also confirm something that applies to fashion in general – timelessness. You can wear anything, so to speak. Adhering to a certain current fashion line is not as urgent as it used to be. A current look works well when you combine classic denim pants, skirts or accessories with good-looking modern clothes!

Our videos and pictures will give you even more inspiration on this exciting topic.

You don’t necessarily have to follow current trends! You can also combine them with other modern ideas!
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Rediscover the variety of denim skirts in 2022

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The jeans are ideal for the transition from summer to autumn! There are so many great models this year!

combination of fashionable jeans and great accessories

Combining modern creative and traditional elements is up to date

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Combine saturated and bright colors in your trendy jeans look

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Stay seductively beautiful in autumn with great trendy jeans

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Do you find the current jeans trends for 2022 just as great and exciting as we do?

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