I discovered all the ways to have brown hair with highlights. If you want to add a little more life and style to your brown hair, you can’t skip the highlights.

When done right, highlights have the ability to transform the look of your hair in the most flattering way.

By adding light and dimension, these colored stripes can create a radiant look. Whether you’re adding subtle, barely-there highlights or something much bolder, you’ll love how they enhance and complement your base color.

Of course, some combinations naturally look better than others, so picking the right highlights for you is important.

When wearing your straight chocolate hair, make sure to blend the blonde highlights well to avoid a streaky look.

Brown hair with caramel highlights

Pair a warm brown or auburn hair color with caramel highlights for a gorgeous, feminine look.

Brown hair with warm blonde highlights

Get the bombshell look by adding lots of warm blonde highlights to your brown hair.

Dark brown hair with light blonde highlights

The combination of rich dark brown hair with ultra blonde highlights creates a bold and edgy look.

Dark brown hair with light brown highlights

Adding medium brown highlights to dark brown hair creates a naturally radiant look.

Brown hair with red highlights

Jazz up your medium brown hair color by adding blonde and red highlights.