The combination of Red and shades of brown is infinite. This multi-tonal color goes beyond the classic red and takes it to the next level for a more eye-catching and richer blend that can instantly brighten and refresh your look!

Auburn hair has a wide range of colors, making it a very versatile shade that suits all skin types. Tones that are more brown than reddish pair well with fair skin, while tones that are more on the red side of the spectrum pair well with fair to dark skin.

For your next hairdressing appointment, let yourself be inspired by reddish brown hair color tones to inspire!

Sexy Wavy Red Brown Balayage
Instagram @kl.hairartist

#1: Sexy wavy auburn balayage

Full of warmth and fullness, balayage leaves you feeling fresh. The resulting dimension creates a natural, glossy look, especially when you finish your style with bouncy, sleek waves.

#2: Chocolate and Merlot

Dimensional Auburn Wavy Long Hair
Instagram @hairby.maggiee

#3: Dimensional Auburn Wavy Long Hair

Stunning copper red brown blunt cut
Instagram @nicolasbeautystudio

#4: Stunning copper stump cut

A blunt cut is great for creating an intense and daring hairstyle. Copper hair works well with pale skin tones as it warms up the features and complements most eye colors. Paired with a blunt cut, copper colored hair diffuses the light and makes your hair look thicker and fuller, making it a great option for thin or fine hair.

Gently wavy auburn hair
Instagram @sergeyshapochka

#5: Softly wavy auburn hair

A classic hairstyle with softly wavy auburn hair is effortlessly romantic and chic. If your hair tends toward the warmer tones, adding more warmth can be a big risk, but the result is worth it. Ask your colorist if auburn suits your skin tone before committing. A great way to transition to red is by adding pops of red and blonde color to brown hair. Soft waves can be done with hot rollers or a curling iron and finished with a pomade for added shine.

Cute burgundy highlights on brown hair
Instagram @beautybyrain

#6: Cute burgundy highlights on brown hair

Burgundy highlights on your natural dark hair can create a stunning contrast that you can’t achieve with anything else. This is a great idea if you want to enhance your natural color but don’t want to go all out on the maintenance effort.

Warm reddish brown for curly hair
Instagram @beautiful_by_natalie

#7: Warm reddish brown for curly hair

If you have curly hair, you should choose a warm auburn. This rich, gorgeous shade leaves your tresses looking silky and velvety. Ask your stylist to consider a demi-permanent color to help your curls grow out softer and smoother and not dry out.

Medium brown hair with fun copper highlights
Instagram @lastylstudio

#8: Medium brown hair with copper highlights

The base is a dark mahogany brunette (think red wine) with subtle coppery balayage highlights, and it’s the perfect fall color. The cut is blunt and slanted with some structured layers that add dimension. This auburn hair color is for the woman who works in the office and wants to wear a fancy color but may not be allowed to wear unnatural colors in the workplace.

Vibrant mahogany red and brunette balayage
Instagram @boss.hairmom

#9: Vivid mahogany red and brunette balayage

Try a mahogany red and brunette balayage with deep red tones and coppery babylights. This auburn hair is ideal if you are looking for a low maintenance hair color and only want a root touch up every 6-8 weeks.

Gorgeous auburn caramel ombre
Instagram @salonmetta

#10: Beautiful caramel red to brown ombre

Try copper and golden honey blonde tones to add some dimension and brightness without losing your natural red hair. Most care for this auburn hue is some tone and color balancing.

Two tone red on brown hair color
Instagram @mandyshairandspa

#11: Two tone red on brown

This sweet coppery bright red and brown shade has warm undertones that make it look so defined and contrasting.

Beautiful dark brown to red ombre
Instagram @taylermadehair

#12: Beautiful dark brown to red ombre

I’m obsessed with this fiery mix of bright brown and red hair colors that are toned down towards the end for a lighter finish. The balayage adds a sweet dimension to your natural chocolate roots.

Red to brown ombre on short hair
Instagram @aldikalemi_hairstyles

#13: Red to Brown Ombre on Short Hair

Show off your ultra cool pixie with a cherry red and chocolate mix! This cute red-brown ombre coloring adds incredible dimension and depth.

Pretty red balayage on dark brown hair

#14: Pretty red balayage on dark brown hair

This brownish red hair is a stunning combination of deep and auburn balayage on brunette hairline.

Bold red highlights on dark brown hair
Instagram @cyn_haas

#15: Bold red highlights on dark brown hair

Red highlights on your dark brown hair are the best way to try your hand at being a redhead without making a commitment.

Reddish brown and dark reddish brown balayage
Instagram @sokiestylist

#16: Reddish brown and dark auburn balayage

Feel warm and cozy with dark reds and browns with dark roots for effortless growing out. Dark auburn ombres also look great on straight hair, especially if the transitions are seamless.

Dimensional dark red and brown hair color
Instagram @aubrey2355

#17: Dark red and brown wine in dimensions

Get ready for fall with this gorgeous dark reddish brunette hair that has been paired with a shadow root. Painting your tresses a bright and shiny brown and red hue will define your hair and enhance its shape.

Delicious red chocolate brown hair
Instagram @hairbyohheyheather

#18: Delicious red-chocolate brown

Have the colors of the leaves and natural wood on your mane for a gorgeous red chocolate brown hair color.

Classic red and blonde highlights on brown hair
Instagram @andreavarga_hair

#19: Classic red and blonde highlights on brown hair

Swap your classic light brunette hair for a combo of honey and strawberry balayage for the perfect reddish brown hair color.

Elegant light reddish brown
Instagram @hairbyannastacia

#20: Elegant light reddish brown

This light reddish-brown shade is ideal for warm and tan skin tones. Show off your wonderful vibrant copper color with hair straightened to perfection for a super smooth and shiny finish.

Stunning reddish golden brown hair color
Instagram @nicoleblanck_hairbytonizambito

#21: Stunning reddish golden brown

A reddish golden brown is a more subtle and easy-care color compared to lighter reds. A light auburn shade is easy to rock and can be easily manipulated to make cool changes to your hair.

Flattering brown, chestnut and red balayage
Instagram @jaynewallacehair

#22: Flattering maroon and red balayage

This maroon and red color has been hand painted using the balayage technique. It has been matched to the natural root color so it will grow out seamlessly into a beautiful ombre. This color really suits many skin tones, so ask your stylist if it suits you.

Seductive auburn hair with highlights
Instagram @hair.wizard_

#23: Seductive auburn with highlights

This straight auburn hair is a dark chocolate brown that fades to cherry red with copper highlights and a long layered haircut. In order for a bright auburn hair color to last as long as possible, you should always use a sulfate-free shampoo.

rich red brunette
Instagram @_danielledoeshair

#24: Rich red brunette

A rich brunette red creates a lovely warm base that suits almost any skin tone. Deeper colors like brunette require less maintenance and can be refreshed with a color conditioner. Brunette is great for contrasting with fair skin tones without blurring out the fair features.

I tried to introduce you to all types of auburn hair. If you go to the hairdresser, you can show your hairdresser your desired hairstyle and you can auburn hair have what suits you best. Don’t forget to contact me if you are curious. Please share this post on your social media and support our growth.