Many women used to fear gray hair. In the last few years, however, we are seeing a drastic change. Nobody already associates gray hair with aging, and it is gaining such popularity that today both mature and younger ladies choose this unconventional shade of hair. Gray hair can be attractive and interesting. The most important thing is to choose a good haircut. 2023 offers many modern options, but we really liked one of them! In the next few lines, we explain more about the trendy Gray Lob hairstyle and give you some photos for inspiration!

Many ladies today opt for a Gray Lob!

gray lob hairstyle long bob gray hair shoulder length

Gray Lob – what you need to know about the hit look?

What is praise?

You may already know this practical and super modern hairstyle. The length of the long bob haircut, commonly referred to as “the lob” (bob + lob), falls somewhere between the chin and the collarbone. The biggest advantage of this hairstyle is that all hair looks thick and healthy. Also, the strong lines draw attention to the bone structure and help frame the face. As a result, you look much younger and fresher. This is a haircut that every lady should definitely try at least once in her life!

Gray Lob is among the hit hairstyles of 2023

gray lob hairstyle long bob black hair with gray highlights

Whom is praise good for?

The long bob is the most popular hairstyle in Hollywood. Modern ladies have long appreciated this universal hairstyle, because it suits any face shape. Consider the texture of your hair when deciding on a lob. If you have fine, thinning hair, opt for a blunt lob. This will make your curls look thicker than ever, plus blunt is super chic!

Hair that has already been lightened with ombre, highlights or balayage pairs really well with a long bob as the color gives the hair some much-needed movement and dimension to keep it from looking limp. However, as you will see in the picture gallery, this is not absolutely necessary. Because a gray lob works well even in its own gray nuance. An experienced hairstylist can achieve any effect you are looking for without much effort.

The Gray Lob is also suitable for mature women

layered long bob with bangs hairstyle ideas ladies 2023

Who doesn’t deserve praise?

The great thing about lobs is that they work universally on all face shapes. All you have to do is match your hairstyle to your face. For example, if your face is long, adding bangs will balance proportions and soften your features. Find out more about the topic: Which haircut suits me?

Long Bob Hairstyles 2023

long bob hairstyles 2023 gray hair with highlights

What are the trendiest shades of gray in 2023?

Dark Gray Magic

Really, there are very few hair colors that we find as unique and intriguing as dark gray! Unlike the often-repeated shades of blonde and brunette, this is one color that is sure to set you apart. With its bluish or violet undertones, this modern gray shade can be worn in all four seasons. Here’s the added benefit of such a dark gray color: If you’re a natural brunette who isn’t afraid of visible roots, you can make this shade last for a very long time.

How to wear Gray Lob in 2023?

layered long bob with bangs gray lob

Oyster Silver

If this is your first time taking the gray hair plunge, we’d like to suggest starting with a light silver. Inspired by the inside of an oyster shell, this pearlescent color trend creates a holographic illusion of silver by bringing together platinum blonde and shimmering silver tones and is simply ultra modern. While the shade may seem best suited to little old ladies, it’s versatile and youthful. Just note: the glossy shine takes this color to the next level, which means hair masks and shine treatments need to become part of your hair care routine. In both grooming and execution, silver hair is surprisingly similar to light blonde. They will even use the same purple shampoo.

Also read our tips and recommendations on the topic: Dyeing hair gray.

A super hot trend among the gray shades

bob hairstyles 2022 silver lob with bangs

Shades of Gray

To mimic one of the natural ways hair goes gray, try a deep gray base with lighter silver highlights. The light strands can flatter your complexion—especially when they’re layered around your face. Use hair conditioner for gray hair to ensure these silver pieces stay brass free. Try this silver and charcoal look to channel the movie stars of yore. Ask your colorist for a light silver balayage over a very dark gray base, then watch the magic happen.

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Movies and TV may not be black and white anymore, but that doesn’t mean the popular combo has lost its charm

haircut long bob hairstyle ideas 2023 medium length

Gray praise care

Like all good things in life, gray hair color requires time and attention to stay beautiful. Here are a few tips:

  • If you go gray or silver, be aware that you will likely need to tone your hair every to three weeks to maintain the color.
  • With cool tones, your main concern should be to keep yellows at bay. Using a purple shampoo on gray hair can help remove brassy hues, leaving you with a flattering silver undertone.
  • Short hair needs more regular trims to keep its beautiful shape. Get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks if you want to enjoy the modern look longer.

A beautiful shade for ladies with brown hair – Soft Brown Gray

gray lob hairstyle long bob trendy haircuts 2023

If you’re ready to make gray a part of your life, scroll down. Our favorite gray hair looks will make you want to head to the salon right now!

Gray hair with bangs looks so chic!

layered long bob with slanted bangs

long bob haircut gray hair trendy hair colors 2023

Silver strands on dark gray add dimension to the hair

hairstyles 2023 medium length lon bob lob gray hair

A modern stocking cut silver lob will help your fine hair look fuller

blunt lob hairstyle lob hair styling dyeing hair gray