Summer is soon coming to an end. Is it getting colder and more uncomfortable outside? No reason to get in a bad mood! Because gardens and courtyards have a lot to offer in autumn, including beautiful autumn bloomers that will continue to bloom until the first hard frost. Autumn landscapes can include a variety of shrubs, annuals and perennials that return annually. Mix all three types of plants together to add structure and depth to your autumn garden and balcony. Autumn bloomers also provide shelter and food for pollinators, making your garden or balcony a welcoming place.

And believe it or not, fall is a great time to plant perennials and evergreen shrubs, when temperatures are less extreme and rain is plentiful. Just make sure you give the plants enough time to take root before winter. That’s about six weeks before the ground freezes, or usually no later than mid-October for most of the country.

Autumn bloomers can be perfectly combined with each other as well as with ornamental grasses

beautiful autumn flowers in the pot



Today we are happy to present our TOP 10 favorite autumn flowers. Let yourself be inspired and choose the ones that appeal to you the most!

#1 Cosmea

autumn blooming garden cosmea


The delicate cosmea, also called cosmos, have something simple and irresistible at the same time. It is not for nothing that they are used so often in bouquets and floral arrangements. These delightful autumn bloomers also look great as cut flowers. You can place them in vases around your home and add fresh color accents.

#2 Hardy fuchsia

autumn blue common fuchsia

These fuchsias are incredibly eye-catching. They captivate with their sweet violet color and are relatively robust and easy to care for. When it comes to the potting soil, they are a bit picky. Don’t let the soil get too dry and avoid waterlogging.

#3 Goldenrod

plant autumn-flowering goldenrod



Its deep yellow color makes the aptly named goldenrod flower a great choice for any fall garden. But be careful: because of its propensity to reproduce, it is sometimes considered a weed.

#4 Ornamental Cabbage

ornamental cabbage as an autumn blueher

Who says cabbage can’t be beautiful? The unique ornamental cabbage has ruffled edges and swirls of green and pink leaves in the center rosettes. As a strange autumn bloomer, it looks beautiful in the garden or on the balcony. A great idea: you can combine it with other cool-weather lovers, such as pansies, and admire its robust beauty for a long time.

#5 Chrysanthemum

caring for chrysanthemums autumn flowers

Probably the most iconic flower of fall. They come in all shades of the rainbow. Chrysanthemums are hardy and cold-tolerant, so if you stick them in the ground early enough in the planting season, they’ll come back next year. Chrysanthemums planted in the fall, on the other hand, are generally considered annuals because their roots don’t have time to establish before winter. Enjoy them now and then plant new ones next year.

#6 Aster

asters autumn blueher

Asters are another must-have for your fall garden or balcony. They bloom around the same time as chrysanthemums in pretty shades of blue, lavender, pink or purple. They are easy to care for and relatively long-lived, making them the perfect perennial for late-season color.

#7 Marigold

marigolds autumn blueher

Marigolds are old favorites that your grandmother probably planted by now. They provide reliable, consistent fall colors and are rarely plagued by pests. These hardy annuals bloom well into fall. They even survive a light frost.

#8 Sweet Alyssum

sweet alyssum autumn flowers

Smelling faintly of honey, these charming, low-growing annuals look best hanging down from window boxes and baskets. They also tolerate light frost, so you can enjoy their color and gentle scent for a very long time.

#9 Sedum

sedum plant

When many other plants have withered, sedum (also called stonecrop or stonecrop) offers beautiful muted tones that contrast well with the bright colors of fall. By the way, the cut flowers last for weeks in a vase.

#10 Dahlia

dahlias autumn bloomers in the garden

These beautiful flowers look almost fake. They are available in countless colors and are also ideal as cut flowers. In northern gardens you will need to dig up and pick up the bulbs after the first frost sets in and then replant in spring.

Well, do you now have your absolute TOP favorites when it comes to autumn bloomers? We are absolutely sure!

Put together in a large planter, autumn flowers become an atmospheric eye-catcher

planter raised bed autumn flowers

Chrysanthemums should not be missing in gardens and on balconies in autumn

planting chrysanthemums in the garden as autumn flowers

Celebrate the golden autumn with a symphony of colors from magnificent autumn flowers!

beautiful autumn flowers garden balcony