corona has become a fixed everyday companion in 2020 and the virus does not seem to want to give way in 2021 either. This tense and uncertain situation can get us in quickly restlessness offset. A good at dealing with stress and anxiety is essential, because in the long run this depression can also make us ill.

So that you this time make it as positive as possible I want you some today tips show who can help you Cope better with corona stress.

Corona has currently become a fixed everyday companion. On the blog you will therefore find 10 tips for dealing with stress and anxiety due to Covid-19.

Corona has currently become a fixed everyday companion. On the blog you will therefore find 10 tips for dealing with stress and anxiety due to Covid-19.

10 tips for dealing with stress and anxiety

When our feelings and thoughts overturn, when fear and stress spread through us, then it is high time to change something. With the following tips I will show you how you can during this difficult time deal with yourselfyours lighten a depressed mood and so for more positive days can take care of!

1. Do not follow the news in the live ticker!

The news sites are exploding and one headline follows the next. We are constantly confronted with new numbers of infected and dead people, vaccinations are hotly debated – especially on social media, you can no longer escape this topic.

It’s easy to say, however Don’t let such news overwhelm you! Of course it is important to stay informed and up to date, but especially in uncertain times it is advisable to take certain Consume media wisely. Pick up if possible trusted sources back and follow the headlines on social media less. In certain discussions on Facebook, Instagram and Co. you can quickly lose yourself and negative feelings like fear or anger expand in one. It doesn’t have to be!

Also live ticker or minute-by-minute updates on the smartphone tear you out of your regular everyday life again and again. Don’t let it get you down! You can for example Time window think, in which you want to consciously consume news. For example, the time during which breakfast be where you read the newspaper or listen to the radio, or that early evening programwhere you consciously follow the news on TV and get up to date.

Be aware: sooner or later you will learn everything important, but Don’t let yourself be negatively influenced by negative reports and headlines!

2. Relax with these exercises

Relaxation is in these challenging times and dealing with stress The A and O. Right now, when for many an unfamiliar way the Work merges with private life in the home officeit is important that you set aside time for relaxing moments and exercises take.

Various breathing exercises, for example, in which you specifically attention to your breathing judge and thus trigger relaxation in you. Breathe in and out deeply several times in a row with your eyes closed, feel your stomach and chest rise and fall and how your breath always accompanies you (even in difficult times!). That conscious, slow breathing signals your brain that you can relax and you will find out that it really is the case!

Especially when yours thoughts and feelings overflow, you can make sure that you perceive them very consciously. take yours Worries, concerns and feelings come truebut don’t rate them. Tell yourself it’s okay to feel and think like this sometimes and consciously let go of all negativity. Better times will come again. Promised!

3. Do yourself a favor every day

In the possible chaos of private life and home office, make sure that you something good every day do be it one read a booka Watch a movie, go swimming, do yoga, go for a walk,… There are so many ways to reward yourself and this is especially important right now. That’s how you learn one positive Dealing with stress and keep yourself happy.

4. Maintaining social contacts

Even if our social life is currently very limited, it allows us to TechnologyNevertheless in touch with our loved ones to stay. Corona should not be a reason that you have to neglect your social contacts.

So stop weekly meetings with friends, for example simply online off, or let yourself through long, honest phone calls with your best friend cheer up. With enough safety distance nothing stands in the way of a walk together outdoors!

Corona has currently become a fixed everyday companion. On the blog you will therefore find 10 tips for dealing with stress and anxiety due to Covid-19.

5. Develop routines

If you no longer have to commute to and from work, it is important that you new routines into your everyday life. Decide when you want to get up and when you go to bed, when you take your lunch break and when you take coffee breaks. On too conscious times without a screen you shouldn’t forget!

Especially having a good morning routine balanced breakfasta little bit movementthe favorite music or the favorite podcast can sweeten your start into the day. That contributes more relaxation and is very important if you want to perfect your stress management skills.

6. Take care of your body

Even though it’s the most normal thing in the world personal hygiene should not be neglected even in Corona times. We currently spend most of the time at home, work from home, relax in our own four walls – and yet that should not be an incentive to take less care of ourselves.

Because that’s the time of the day when we consciously take time for ourselves. So treat yourself to one every day extensive showertake your time for facial care, paint your nails… This time belongs to you alone and helps you to hide everything else! See normal personal hygiene as a kind of relaxation ritual which will also make it easier for you to deal with stress.

7. Dress up

Even if we anyway only at home are, we shouldn’t let ourselves go and leave the scepter to rotten looks. A cozy outfit with nice loungewear is definitely legit, but the old sweatpants with a hole might not exactly be the right outfit for the home office.

Make sure you’re comfortable with your clothes anyway can feel like you are in the office. This makes your everyday work much easier and frees you from thoughts of how I’d actually rather be lounging on the couch in my jogging pants.

Corona has currently become a fixed everyday companion. On the blog you will therefore find 10 tips for dealing with stress and anxiety due to Covid-19.

8. Accept good days and bad days

Not every day is good and not every day is bad. As in everything else in life, in times of Corona there are days when you will feel better and days when things are not going smoothly. But that’s ok. It’s perfectly okay to not feel good at times.

However, if you notice that your bad mood, anxiety and stress been dragging for several days and weeks, it is time to to change something about it. Listen carefully to yourself! There is no shame in admitting to yourself that you are overwhelmed by the current situation and that you may want to seek professional help. Because it is often precisely discussions with outsiders that help to best cope with the current situation.

9. Accept help

There are people who are there specifically to help you deal with stress. If you notice that you just can’t handle things on your own anymore, or everyday situations overwhelm you, accept help.

That’s exactly what there are help hotlines and Health care workerswho are trained to do so. It is absolutely OK to seek advice and a helping hand from others. Some things you can’t and shouldn’t even have to do on your own!

10. Look positively into the future!

Even if times are difficult right now, I promise you: IT WILL BE BETTER! Everything passes, new things come and old things go. So life is. And faster than you think, you will be able to look back on this Covid-19 time and think to yourself: “Wow, that was a tough time, but I made it!“. You can do anything if you want. And you’re going to rock this one too!

How do you deal with the stress caused by the Corona crisis? What are some tips for dealing with stress and anxiety? You can also find further helpful input directly on the WHO website.

Corona has currently become a fixed everyday companion. On the blog you will therefore find 10 tips for dealing with stress and anxiety due to Covid-19.