Everyone wants to be beautiful and believes that makeup is associated with beauty. In today’s post we would like to look at the common make-up mistakes and find answers to them and how to avoid them if possible. In fact, makeup is a must for many women. Various skin problems, pallor, acne or other things can really affect self-confidence. Although you can get useful tips from professional make-up artists on the Internet, there are still many faces on the street who urgently need advice on the subject of make-up.

Many pretty faces can become even prettier if a woman knows her skin and facial features well. Last but not least, the colors and intensity of the make-up should be matched to the light and the given occasion. You’ve been trying to look younger and more beautiful for ages and skillful application of make-up can help enormously.

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The line between true art and make-up mistakes is a razor-thin one

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What make-up mistakes happen when applying makeup and how can you avoid them?

Let’s add up to 10 the most common make-up mistakes you can make. But before you talk about mistakes, you should learn to know the peculiarities of your face and your skin.



In general, something can be called wrong if it is exaggerated.

Intensive skin care should become a daily ritual and the longer you observe your face, the more likely it is that you will find the right shade and amount of colour.

First you should learn to determine your skin type correctly and to know your own facial features inside and out

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The right shade is important, but you should also be careful with the quantities

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The number one mistake is choosing the wrong shade of foundation. Immediately followed by the second mistake of applying way too much of it. The foundation is the basis on which to build the rest. Make sure you apply evenly and a shade that closely resembles your skin tone.

Wanting to cover up the little blemishes or spots is the third mistake. The concealer is designed to hide tiredness and mask imperfections. If you try too hard to do this, the makeup can look weird and make your face look sick.

Once you’ve properly applied the base, you can move on to the blush. This is already the fifth mistake that can happen very quickly. More and more professionals are recommending cream rouge, because it’s easy to apply and you can also use it as a lipstick at the same time.

The motto “less is more” can also be used to counter make-up mistakes

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From the rough to the fine, once you’ve laid the right foundation on your facial skin, you can proceed with the fine arts of sensuality

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What is important if you don’t want to make make-up mistakes?

If you want to make yourself flawless, you should learn to avoid the first five mistakes. When everything is done down to the blush, one can proceed to the fine art of eye makeup. Even if you think you know your eyes well, you can quickly get up to mischief with them. The sixth mistake that people often make is to buy the wrong mascara and apply it extensively to the eyelashes.

If you want to achieve a dramatic look, you should buy the right mascara and not compensate with large quantities of the wrong ones

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The eyebrows should be emphasized – delicately and carefully in the colors of the hair

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Many ladies would like to look dramatic by drawing plenty of kajal on the eyelids. Here the pen should only emphasize the eye. The same applies to the eyeshadow, which should be applied evenly and, as a complement to the kajal, gives the eye a mysterious depth.

Unfortunately, while applying the kohl is not a difficult task, it is also a difficult task to make

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Unfortunately, the ninth and tenth errors are experienced very often. If you want to emphasize your eyebrows, you should carefully trace the slight arch above the eye. The color should definitely harmonize with the rest of the make-up and hardly differ from the hair color. We can only advise against the thick applied black.

Mistake number 10 is the lipstick. We speak with our mouths and we also like to eat and drink when we have make-up on. In addition to the fact that the lipstick is absolutely in the right shade, it should also be applied to the lips correctly and as long as possible.

It is always an advantage to watch instructional videos and always listen and see what the pros show and tell

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For party nights you can go overboard with your make-up

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The right make-up for the right occasion Make-up mistakes are not allowed

What does a properly made-up face look like? We have the answer! It looks as natural and fresh as possible. Strive for a healthy skin tone and a charmingly accentuated eye area. The incorrect timing of the make-up can also be described as a make-up mistake. Use darker and intense colors when going out at night. When you go to the office in the morning, try to look as natural as possible.

In the office and in daylight, one should rely on naturalness

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